Friday 26 October 2012

Vintage Spanks

Officer or a Gentlemen?

Is it me or does the cane seem rather long? 

Seems the girls haven't been saving.

Not my usual type of black and white pictures but hope you enjoyed them.

Have a fun weekend.


Pictures from vintagespank


Michael M said...

Some of these "gals" had to be very athletic and supple to take their spankings.
The girl with the hat on, bent over the chair, is from a Janus related magazine or Janus itself. It was a photoshoot of an Air Hostess being caned and she was/is gorgeous.
Thanks for digging these out.

PK said...

One of the reasons I like these old pictures is that many of the girls look like real people - not skinny a$$ed models! Makes me feel better.


Malcolm said...

I don't think the cane is unusually long, the ones used on us at school were about like that but were not crook-handled; the cane photos look very much posed and as is often the case the caner is standing too near his/her victim to be effective. The last but one photo is the best, I think, that with the paddle, but she also appears to have been struck with a cane, judging from the marks.

Hermione said...

The first one looks rather uncomfortable for the girl. The guy in the second one is using the wrong hand.

Spanking has come a long way since those early attempts:-)


SNP said...

Great vintage pics! PK's comment cracks me up. I know what she is saying--no photoshop or editing, but real. Have a great weekend Ronnie:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ronnie.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

A suitably deviant chap adapted a folding chair to make the elevated position shown in the first photograph. It was a great party hit. He was a master with a cane. [I have no idea what is behind her head]

Air Hostess? Now Michael, you are showing both our ages. The days when the Stews were hired based on their looks and their uniforms were designed to show off their assets. Cute hat.

The three lined up must be a pro shop, but I rather like the see through panties...err knickers.

ronnie said...

Michael - My pleasure. All new to me. I think they are all photoshoots Thanks Michael.

PK - I know what you mean:) Thanks Pk and enjoy your weekend away.

Malcolm - Never caned at school. We have a few canes but none that long. Thanks Malcolm.

Hermione - Or she should be the other way around:) I like to see old spanking pictures. Thanks Hermione.

SNP - Thanks SNP you too.

Joey - Always a pleasure. Thanks Joey.

OBB - I much prefer the old black and white drawings than photoshoots but these were all new to me. I like the picture of the three girls lined up. It's and F/F. Thanks OBB.


Anonymous said...

Love the vintage spanking pictures...and references to spanking that used to be in movies.
thanks for the pictures
bottoms up

Aimless Rambling said...

The pictures are wonderful. I don't know how you find them but very glad you do and then share them with us.

Have a good weekend.

ronnie said...

Red - Always a pleasure. Thanks.

SG - I enjoy searching for pictures to share. Have a good weekend yourself. Thanks SG.