Friday, 5 October 2012

Mrs Barker Disciplined

As school secretaries go Mrs. Barker was exemplary but she had taken on a position with a high salary, high expectations and high level of personal discipline which she repeatedly failed to achieve.

The penalty was a trip to her headmaster's office where she was subjected to a sound bottom warming from the headmaster's cane.....a situation which occurred with alarming frequency. 

Not unusually would her bottom be tenderised two or even three times in the same week..... 

...and she amazed her headmaster with her stoic bravery, presenting herself for correction without complaint and always immaculately turned out... 

The Head showed no fear or favour, punishing his secretary quite as severely as he would any naughty senior girl and sending her back to her office, frequently teary eyed, after he'd dealt with her. 

Andrew Barker had initially had doubts about offering his wife the position of school secretary but her presence certainly added colour to his week, not to mention her bottom, and their domestic life had never been better!

I enjoy re-visiting some of my older posts and sharing them with my new readers.  My loyal readers may remember this one.

Wont be around over the weekend (no, P's not whisking me away on an exotic break) family commitments but I'll be scheduling a post for tomorrow with the answers to my spanking party questions given by bloggers who have first hand experience at attending these parties.

Have a fun one. 



sunnygirl said...

I really liked this Ronnie. An unexpected twist.

Have a good weekend even if it isn't a an "exotic" place,

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ronnie. I also like the twist at the end of this really fun caning story.

I hope you have a good weekend.


PK said...

Great story and pictures. It also made me laugh as we are in the process of hiring a new secretary at school!. My partner sat in on the interviews, I'll ask her if discipline was part of the interview questions.


Minelle Labraun said...

Yes...very nice story and pictures!

SNP said...

Have a great weekend, Ronnie and hope you get everything accomplished with your family commitment. Thanks for the story and pics.

Anonymous said...

Have a great weekend.

Bas said...

I enjoyed re-visiting this post too.
Have a nice weekend.
Maybe, if you behave, next weekend the exotic break?

Anonymous said...

Ronnie: you and P have a terrific weekend. Thank you for a wonderful story and illustrations. I will try this with my husband only in role reversal. Have an enjoyable weekend.
Rachel Widget

ronnie said...

SG - I think I will. Thanks SG

Joey - My pleasure. Cheers Joey.

PK - Go on I dare you:) Thanks PK.

Minelle - Glad you liked them. Thank you Minelle.

SNP - Have a good one yourself. Thanks SNP.

Mick - Hello to you. Hope you have a good one. Thanks Mick.

Bas - I always behave myself:) Thanks Bas.

Rachel - Lovely to see you. I hope it works. Thanks Rachel.


Hermione said...

Sigh! You just can't find good help these days!

Have a lovely weekend.


sixofthebest said...

Yes, mature secretaries like Mrs. Barker, can be very naughty, just like the school-girls it was only right and proper, that the headmaster should make an example of her, by caning her. Yes, I was very pleased that the headmaster, subjected her bare bottom to this pliable corporal punishment implement. And I loved her bare bottom that was encased in suspender-belt and stockings.

ronnie said...

Hermione - LOL. You certainly can't. Thanks Hermione.

SOTB - I've found myself many times in that exact position:) Thank you SOTB.


1manview said...

I enjoyed this Ronnie, you really should write more.. My apologies for my absence of late. My computer had a sudden heart attack and died. I just received a replacement. Boy how I miss all my bookmarks and not entering a password. I'm putting all that on a flash drive so it doesn't happen again. I had that computer for ten years, who can remember all those passwords, and yes I wrote them down somewhere... hehe ..

Have a spanking good weekend

Red said...

fun to read... seems like you wish you could be P's secretary/...
bottoms up

ronnie said...

1MV - Your very kind, thank you. You sound like me - writing passwords down and then forgetting where you put them:)

Red - Well I am in a way. Bottom up to you. Thanks Red.