Monday, 8 October 2012

Granny approves

I just love the way Granny sits there with that smile on her face, half way between amused and satisfied.....and maybe bringing back memories:)

Maybe someone knows the name of the film and actors.

Happy Thanksgiving to Hermione and all our friends in Canada. Have a wonderful day.

Film is called Bunker Bean (Thank you Richard)

Jessie Ralph as  Granny. Owen Davis Jr and Louise Latimer as the couple.

Never heard of the film or the actors

Have a good week.




Richard Windsor said...

Bunker Bean. :)

Too tired to look up the actors but I am sure it is Chross' database.

Bas said...

I miss the part where they kiss and make up.
Wasn't that customary?
Grannies smile gives hope for the future though.
No idea about the actors.

PK said...

LOL, usually I love the spanking part of a scene but I just loved Granny in this one! The only one in the family with good sense!


Hermione said...

She obviously has been a brat all her life, and Granny is pleased she finally got her comeuppance.


Minelle Labraun said...

I have seen this on Chross. I cannot remember the title. I am so glad you pointed out Granny. I never noticed before!

ronnie said...

Richard - Bunker Bean. Never heard or seen it before. Will Google for the actors or look on Chross. Thanks, appreciate you stopping by.

Bas - It was Granny that made the video amusing. Thanks Bas.

PK - Granny's the star. Thanks PK.

Hermione - Once a brat always a brat or so they say or I think that's what they say:) Thanks Hermione.

Minelle - New to me. Glad I pointed her out. Thanks Minelle.


sunnygirl said...

Granny is definitely the star of this clip. Thanks Ronnie

ronnie said...

SG - Your welcome. Thanks SG.


Anonymous said...

Great little movie. I love the look on the face of the grandma.


MrJ said...

Yes - she's the heroin!

Emen said...

No idea but Granny's fabulous and absolutely the best spank dance ever in a movie!

Anonymous said...

Wise old bird ! Just wish he did not look so contrite and shell shocked after the event.Kind of takes the edge off the fact the little Madam deserved all she got.Sarah,LD,UK

ronnie said...

Joey - Look said it all. Thanks Joey.

MrJ - A good one. Thanks MrJ.

Emen - Spank dance was good. Thanks Emen.

Sarah - I was waiting for Granny to say something but funnier that she just say there laughing. Thanks Sarah.