Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Maid

Looks quite cruel. Note sure why she is being whipped. Please feel free to translate for us.

Hope your week's going well.


Sorry not sure where the photos came from had them in my file for a while. Please let me know if they belong to you.


Lea said...

I don't know how to translate it but I suppose the drawings are self explanatory. ;-)

Riley said...

Thanks for the cartoon post! I speak French, this is what the blurbs say...

- Ah! Here are my cousins!
- Hello my little one.
- Jane, how are you?
- Oh no!
- You have no right to...
-Shut up!
-No, not the whip, nooo.
- Would you like for me to maybe speak with Mr. Davidson about your behavior?
-Ouch! no, enough, enough!
- Ah! You're hurting me. I...I...I wasn't thinking about what I said...forgive...forgive me!
- You are going to learn to obey.
- From now on, you are our slave, don't forget! May this be a lesson to you. Little b!tch.

Anonymous said...

Riley got there before me...thanks.But that served as a little brush up of my French ...knew that A level would come in handy one day ! And it's somehow so much more alluring in French. So,'Vive la France' and as for spanking I think it is 'chacun a son gout ' but stand to be corrected... Sarah,LD,UK

Dee said...

Ha! I'm not sure translation is really required :)

Dee x

dancingbarez said...

Thanks for the translation. May not have been needed but it was fun to watch.

ronnie said...

Lea, Dee, DB - Your right no words needed but still nice to know what was actually said. Thanks.

Riley - Thank you so much, your a star. Poor girl though.

Sarah - Each to their own. I really should have paid more attention in French class:) Thanks.


Anonymous said...


I took one semester of French, but it's been so long ago. Thanks Riley, for translating.

Loved the cartoon!


kiwigirliegirl said...

way to go Riley, thanks for teh translate.
Cool cartoon Ronnie, thanks for sharing
love and hugs kiwi xxx

Hermione said...

LOL I thought the man with the whip was called Noon!


ronnie said...

LOL. Yes it does look like that. Thanks Hermione.


Galwaygiirl said...

That looks quite painful. We dont have a whip thankfully.

ronnie said...

Galwaygirl - We don't either:) Thanks.


Olivier said...

"Le dressage de jane" par Chriss