Wednesday, 11 January 2012

My Carpet Beater Beating

Remember that lovely carpet beater I bought. I'm sure you do.

Well I got my carpet beater beating........

and I have to say it was a let down. A bit disappointing after the mini taster I had at a friend's house a few months back.

Why? I don't know, maybe the carpet beater I bought is too light, too heavy, too much surface area, too many points of contact, I really can't say, it just didn't suit me.

Maybe it's a state of mind thing and I just don't have any fetishy feelings towards carpet beaters, not in the way I have towards paddles canes and riding crops, not to mention my husband's hand.

So do I try it again? Probably not.

Looks like I'll be selling it on EBay.



saffy said...

We had a light weight one to start off with... That was a walk in the park , and the only part of it that had any reaction from me was whe MK used the handle.....and it wore out prety quick lol. We now however have a rattan one from the antique shop... a little more moeny but alot more bite.
sorry to hear you are not getting on with yours

PK said...

Oh well, you were right to give it a try, other wise, how will we learn. Trying out new implements is one of my favorite pastimes. I wonder where one could get a job as a tester? Do let us know if you try again.


Dee said...

Ah well, at least now you know. What I want to know is...... have you tried that cane yet and what you think of it? :)

Dee x

Hermione said...

That's too bad, and after all the good, ouchy things you have hears about them. Oh, well, live and learn!


Anonymous said...

It looks fearsome, but I prefer leather or the cane. Sorry it did not work out for you.


Anonymous said...

What a shame.Was hoping it may result in an interesting criss cross imprint.Move on too short and all that ! Sarah,LD,UK

Aimless Rambling said...

Sorry it didn't work out. But it looked good.

Unknown said...

I would give it one more shot before selling it...

abby said...

Hmmm, I never thought it was something I would like. But the pattern it would leave intrigues me. Better luck with your next experiment. abby

ronnie said...

Saffy - Hello. Ours is made of rattan and looks exactly like the one in the picture, maybe just me. Thanks Saffy.

PK - Your right. Let me know if you find that job:) Thanks PK.

Dee - Yep I know now it doesn't do anything for me:) I've hinted in around about way about our new little topy but no it hasn't been used yet. Thanks Dee.

Hermione - A big disappointment. I can't even put it on the wall - would be so out of place in our house. Thanks Hermione.

Joey - C'est la vie. Just wanted to try something different. Thanks Joey.

Sarah - Some implements just don't work. Thanks Sarah.

SG - It is lovely but not for spanking or at least not for me:) Thanks SG.

Vixen - Maybe but probably not. Thanks for stopping by Vixen.


ronnie said...

Abby - Seems everyone who has used one likes it. I wonder if it does leave a pattern on the bottom - maybe someone will let us know. Thanks Abby.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review...not that I was going to rush out and buy one, lol!


sarah thorne said...

I've always wondered how they felt, but always had a suspicion that they were not that great. Thanks for your report on the matter, and for being a willing test subject!


Spankedhortic II said...

I really like receiving a good "Carpet beating", it is a shame that you did not like it but I suppose that not everything is for everyone. It might be worth one more try before you give up on it. Even if you do not like it then, remember that they are still very good at getting the grot out of rugs and might be worth hanging on to for that purpose.


poured out said...

I think you're very brave for trying that contraption! Better luck on the next implement.

Rogue said...

And here I was so afraid for you, Brave Girl!!! If it truly isn't that bad, maybe I should buy one and practice my "ouches" so he thinks it's truly horrible. :)Sorry you were disappointed.

Lea said...

I'd like to add one to my collection one day, I like that it's lighter but can still sting a bit. But for a cane connoisseur such as yourself, it probably isn't enough!

ronnie said...

Kitty - Not much of a review. You might have different thoughts on one. Thanks Kitty.

Sarah - I'm very willing to testester:) Not great for me but others say they like them. Thanks Sarah.

Prefectdt - It's obviously me then. I may ask P to try it again but he didn't like it much either. Thanks Pref.

PO - Thanks. The next new implement is the Senior cane:( Thanks PO.

Rouge - Were all different what suits one wont suit another but you may find that it really does hit the spot (excuse the pun) I can't really explain why I didn't like it. Thanks Rouge.

Lea - LOL I wouldn't go so far as saying I was a cane connoissuer but I do find them very effective:) I hope you share us if you do ever get one.


Florida Dom said...

Sorry to hear the carpet beating was a disappointment. I guess it is better at carpets than bottoms. LOL.


ronnie said...

FD - Never mind I say to myself there' always the new cane to look forward to:) Thanks FD.


Simon said...

From the picture in the previous entry I would say that the handle is considerably shorter than the handle of the carpet beater my Mistress has used on me to great effect. Hers can leave very interesting marks and stings in a most satisfying way. I'm sorry that you didn't get any enjoyment from your experience but as other comments have observed you never know until you try something how it is going to be. Lets hope your new experience is better.

Anonymous said...

That's too bad it was disappointing.

mouse said...

Oh what a shame! We have's old. It was odd, the noise it made when the wind rushed through it was more impressive than the way it felt. Actually, the sound was way more ominous.


ronnie said...

Simon - I've taken another look at our CB and I think probably it's too large, not sure. I was intrigued what marks it would leave. Thanks Simon for sharing your experience with a CB.

C'est la vie Temptingsweets. Thanks for stopping by.

Mouse - I just tried it hitting a pillow:) and yes the noise was quite impressive. Thank you Mouse.