Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Borrowed Meme - come and have a read

Daisy posted a great meme last week so I thought I'd borrow some of it :) Come on and have a read and find out a few more facts about me.

Your favourite fictional character - Gandalf, THe Lord of the Rings
Your favourite villain - The Joker in Batman and Bill "The Butcher" Cutting, Gangs of New York
All time comfort food - Mashed potato, yes mashed potato, don't ask
Your favourite family - The Waltons, do they do repeats of this series now?
The name of your first ever crush - My parent told me when I was at primary, there was a boy called Roger who I used to follow everywhere so I suppose he was my first
Your favorite non-masked character - I have to go with Daisy on this one Johnny Depp, Pirates of the Caribbean
Your favourite movie - Schindlers List
The first record album you ever bought - I think it was the Small Faces
Your favorite implement, and favourite place for a spanking - Right now the riding crop and I love to be OTK

The first writer you were hooked on - Same a Daisy again, Enid Blyton, The Famous Five.
A person you wish you could bring back - My Dad
Your favorite flower - Daffodils
Your most important friendship - P's my best friend and my friendship with my son is very important to me
The hobby that takes up most of your free time - I can't say it's a hobby but I do love to blog but it doesn't take up most of my free time
A game you enjoy playing - Chess, have played it since I was in primary school
Your favorite singer - Lionel Richie
Your favorite artist - I have a few but I do like Lowry's scenes of life

Your favourite TV show - Don't watch a lot of TV, I do love nature programmes
Your all time favorite TV double act - Got to be the double act of Morecambe and Wise.
Your favourite game - To watch or play? To watch Tennis or Rugby, I do like to jog, Ok, I know that's not a game.
Something that makes you sad - Losing SIL and BIL to cancer so young leaving 7 children without a mother and father.
Something that makes you ANGRY - If I start I wont stop but people who are rude and lateness. Also everytime I hear of a child being abused.
Something you worry about - The huge debt that we are leaving our grandchildren
Your wish for the world - World peace
Your favorite weapon - What? Words I would have to say
Your first ever pet - German Shepard called him King
Your favorite form of transportation - Has to be an aeroplane because it takes me the ocean where I feel so at home
Your childhood ambition - To be an athlete, specifically a runner

At what age did you achieve it (if at all) - I represented my county on numerous occasions and was thought of very good but not good enough to go the whole way

Your "happy thoughts" from childhood - Family holidays with cousins and aunts in Llandudno, Wales. Oh we had so much fun
The most memorable death in your lifetime - John F. Kennedy and Princess Diana
The words you dread hearing - Fetch me my cane
What stone(s) would you like in a ring? - Blue Sapphires, my birthstone
If you won £50,000,000, lottery, what would you do with it? - Easy, spend it :). Obvious things, new house, car. family and a few close friends would be looked after. One lady would be high on my list. Also my favourite charity
What would you like to do this very second? - Say to P, lets just pack the car and take off
The next holiday you have planned? - Nothing actually planned but hope to go somewhere where there's an ocean later this year. I think you may have guessed I love the ocean :)
Your most dreaded implement, and worst position - I would have so say at this very moment it's the new implement I bought P for his birthday. Worst position, can't say I have one

The blogs you like to check out first - So many, here's a few Hermione, PK, Bonnie, Daisy, Poppy, FD, Katia, there are other great blogs I check out as well.
An ex-blogger who you miss? I would have to say the same as Daisy and that'sAndrades girl. She just up and went. If she still reads around the blogs, I hope all's well for her
Something you would love to do - Load of things, far too many to mention. To meet two bloggers here in the UK and visit America and meet some of the wonderful bloggers I read and email and then to Canada to meet Hermione, that's what I would love to do.

Sorry some of my writing seems to have gone smaller.

Pop over to Daisy's blog and have a read, she wont mind if you borrow it, I did :)



Anonymous said...


PK said...

Thanks Ronnie,
I love memes! I think that they are a great way to get to know each other better. I'm with you on the mashed potatoes one of my favorites. My family used to go to a dinner for ice cream after supper - I would order mashed potatoes!

I may be trying this one too.


Hermione said...

I wonder how many others will say JFK's death is the most memorable one. And I agree completely about mashed potatoes!

I must get my skates on and finish my meme!



Nice one. I haven't done a meme for a while, do you mind if I steal this one.


Anonymous said...

It was wonderful Ronnie to read learn more about you! I love the part about you and P being best friends and wanting to just pack up and go!

Daisychain said...

Great meme, Ronnie, loved your answers! Jogging eh? I'm out of breath jogging from my front door to the car!!! heehee!
I love mash too; one of my close friends made the most wonderful mash I ever tasted; one day I was there as she did it, OMG!!! Enough potatoes for 3 of us, her, me and her hubby. Yet, in went about half a cup of double cream, and a whole HALF POUND of butter!!!!!!!!!!!! No wonder they were so lovely...heart attack city! xxxxxxx

ronnie said...

PK - Thanks. Daisy found the meme but your right it's a great way to get to know each other. I hope you do it.

Hermione - I'm sure most English bloggers would probably say Princess Diana but JFK I remember (even though I was young) distinctly where I was and running to tell my Grandfather about it.
Look forward to reading yours.

Prefectdt - Of course you can but pop over to Daisy's, Daiyschain (link in my blog list) and steal it as she has the full 50 questions. Look forward to reading your answers.

KayLynn - Thanks, he always has been my best friend ever since I've have know him.

Daisy - OMG I've gained 2lbs just reading what went into the mash.

Thanks all for stopping by and thanks to Daisy for finding the meme, I enjoyed doing it.


sixofthebest said...

The most beautiful words in the Englsh language that I could say to you, are the words that you DO NOT like, and they are "Fetch me the cane", and when you have done that, "Take your knicker's down, way down, for I am going to give your 'six of the best', the very best, on your bare bottom."