Friday, 14 May 2010

Better Bum

Apparently these knickers instantly transforms your flat, shapeless bum into a bottom with astonishing shape and gives you a more curvy bum like J-Lo

Personally I thought they might be useful for us girls to wear after a spanking because they've got built-in padding for those hard seats, but then again maybe not......the product information does say keep away from direct heat,



PK said...

LOL! I don't think I need anything to make my rear look any bigger! Now I know we all love spanking and we want to feel it but I could see this coming in as handy for those that get serious discipline! Provided they could keep their panties on.


M:e said...

As someone who submits to being spanked, but definitely doesn't go looking for, I want to know if I can have these implanted under my skin! ;)

love and hugs xxx

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Enjoyed the picture. Just the thing for a woman who has to go into work after a morning spanking. LOL.

And thanks for posting the spanking clip in your previous post. Hope you post the French one. I;m sure we could get somebody to translate.


Indy said...

Well, I'd say they'd be better to wear *during* a spanking, except that they don't seem to come down quite far enough, with the inevitable result that the top would be tempted (more than usual) to focus on the sit spot & below. So maybe it's better to make the naturally padded portions of the anatomy more visible to them!

mouse said...

LOL Ronnie...

Never considered the benefits of having something like that...maybe it's best to put it on after the spanking...


Anonymous said...

Here's my concern Ronnie, If you combine this with a water bra, the Spanx for your tummy, and the colored contacts... It could make for a vulnerable 'revealing' moment. In which case your personality best be phenomenal and the room dimly lit! But I'm all for the during and after spanking!

ronnie said...

PK - I'd love a pair but knowing P if I did wear them they wouldn't be on for long and I'd get a harder spanking for being cheeky enough to wear them in the first place :)

M:e - Instead of breast implants, bum impants LOL. Could catch on.

FD - I will post the French one and yes I think someone out there could translate for us. Thanks FD

Indy - Yes I did notice they don't come down far enough but still I think could give some relief sitting on those hard chairs.

Mouse - Oh yes, definitely after, I like to feel my spankings.

KayLynn - LOL, all I need then is the coloured contacts, got the water bra and the Spanx tummy knickers.

Thanks and hope you all enjoy the weekend.


Hermione said...

Wearing them would be quite enticing for the butt man in your life. I wonder how comfortable they are for sitting down while you are wearing them.


Lady_Karen_Rebel said...

Lol!...It looks too much like a nappy too me...

Karen x

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that you don't need to wear anything like this to make your lovely bottom look curvier, Ronnie. And what a disappointment for the spanker if, on lifting your skirt, he found that your bottom was not as smackable as he first thought.

You would probably agree that Mrs.A doesn't need to wear any such aids to make her bum look more spankable?!

Best wishes.

Allan x

ronnie said...

Hermione - I can't image what they'd feel like and I don't think comfortable to sit.

Karen - LOL, yes a little.

Alan - Thank you. If P found me wearing them, he'd get a laugh but I'd get a sore bottom.

Thanks all.


BabyMan said...

I saw a girl at the gym with a pair of those on. The fact that I noticed it probably means it's too obvious. It looked like she had 2 defibrulator pads stuffed in her shorts. Nothing beats the real thing. And nothing beats being real.

sixofthebest said...

The type of knickers that I like to take off a naughty ladies bottom, is a pair of 'directoire knickers'. This type of old-fashioned bloomers, to me are erotically sexy, and pulling them off her bottom, before giving her a well deserved caning, is pure joy.

widgets said...

When you are flat in the butt they do give you a good figure and are not too hard. My husband bought a set for me and they do add where you do not have curves.
Although I am HOH and do spank aj they are a turn-on for him.

ronnie said...

Babyman - A website I saw showed a women wearing them in a very tight fitting skirt and the blurb said wear the tightest skirt and you will be the envy of all women, I don't think so. Thanks.

Sixofthebest - Hi. In white and flannel or silk?

Rachel - Welcome. I couldn't imagine wearing a pair, what are they like to sit?

Thanks all.


redxxx said...

Looks more like padding for the spanking, but that would remove all of the fun. Good find

ronnie said...

Red - Thanks. P wouldn't be too happy if he found me wearing a pair of these.