Monday, 19 April 2010

What does your man bring you?

Some men bring their women lingerie

Others flowers

Some even jewellery

What does my man bring me...... can you guess

Canes, yes canes

Saturday son had gone into work and P had gone to the DIY store to get some shelving for the spare room and came back with two of these

They are some kind of hoop things which gardeners use, goodness knows what for, they stick it in the ground obviously but I don't know what they grow with them.

Anyway later in the day after fitting the shelves he came down stairs proudly brandishing one of the hoops transformed into this.

What a difference a cut makes, now this was something more familiar to me and my poor bottom knows their use well enough. He'd made 2 of them actually and even smoothed down the knobbly bits with sandpaper.

"Assume the position," he said, now you all know I'm not one to miss out on an opportunity for a spanking but the cane is different, I have a real love hate relationship with the cane.

"Don't worry" said P laughing "I'm not going to cane you, well not right now, unless you want me to of course." Did I detect hope in his voice? I ignored the comment and asked him if he wanted a cup of tea, which he did. And nor did he use either of them later, he put them away somewhere but I don't think I've seen the last of them. We used to have a curly handle cane in the house but P took it to the office ages ago and it doesn't often sees the light of day, somehow having the curly handle adds a little something.



Hermione said...

Oh, the anticipation! Will he? Won't He? When?

Very creative. I must look for some of those.


Sara said...

What devotion! You're going to have quite the collection Ronnie!

Elysia said...

Who needs flowers or jewelry anyway?
Your man knows the way to your heart is through the garden store,lol!
He could just say, "Tiptoe through the tulips with me"- A garden spanking, hmm, sounds interesting.
Must say, they do look ouchy though!

M:e said...

Very creative of him! I too have a love/hate relationship with canes....much prefer broad thuddy to thin stingy.

love and hugs xxx


The object in question is usually used for supporting plants, for a short time (bamboo is no good for a long term supports as it tends to dry, crack and rot after about a year). This kind of thing can be used for taller herbaceous plants during the summer (I prefer netting myself though).

Careful using a bamboo cane, they can have nasty sharp edges that cut, if they split during play. Rattan is so much better.


Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Is he teasing you or is he just going to make you wait until he thinks the time is right to use it on you.

I'm sure all your readers can't wait to find out the answer.


Measha said...

Although, I'd rather get a dozen roses than a cane , I think the thoughtfulness of it is equal.

Now, find them and burn them! LOL :-)

ronnie said...

Hermione - Do you really want a garden cane?

Sara - I'd like to take Measha's advice and burn them but don't think a good idea.

Elysia - LOL, way to your heart through a garden store, very good. I can vouch they are very stingy.

M:e - I wish somebody would actually explain exactly why the love hate relationship. I much prefer leather.

Prefectdt - Thank you for letting me know. I agree Rattan is the best. He has smoothed the edges but I will let him know that they could split. Maybe he wont use them :)

FD - I can't wait to find out either LOL

Measha - the saying goes "it's the thought that counts" and I know I will be counting before long. Burn them LOL. I certainly would be in trouble then.

Thanks all.


Daisychain said...

Ronnie, my dearest friend....
I have to admit often suffering with the greeneye syndrome reading your blog; especially as I have an indefinite wait for my Davey and I to be together.... but, this post, well, LOL, rather you than me, is all I will say!
Those loopy things are supports for taller plants; they are less dangerous than sticks, as you could do real damage gardening if you bent down and forgot a stick was there amongst the shrubbery! The rounded top stops you poking your eye out! Some people use sticks but fix an upturned pot on top...
hugs, xxx (and, best of luck...I'd be inclined to be incredibly nice re: the mother in law if I were you....)

ronnie said...

Daisy, sorry only just noticed your comment.

Thanks for letting me know what the canes are for other than for a naughty girls bottoms and yes I think your right, I'd better be nice to MIL.