Monday, 29 March 2010

Cute little figure

Last night I was selling some damaged stock on ebay and spotted this cute little figurine, I'm very tempted to buy it, I don't want to be caned by a female teacher, give me a man any time, but it's unusual and I just like it.



Anonymous said...

Hmmm - sexy and cute!

Since I only take the cane from a woman she looks just right :-)

Basically I don't like such figurines but that one is special ...

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: How can you pass it up? Hope you get it. If you find out who made it, maybe they have a matching set with a guy.


PK said...

Very interesting - but I really can't think of many places in one's home where it could be displayed - LOL!

I like FD idea of checking to see if they have a matching 'headmaster' now that could have a place of honor in my bedroom!


Hermione said...

That is such a unique figurine. I agree, I'd rather it were a headmaster, or at least the breasts not so very prominent. It's a great find.


Lessa said...

mmmmmmmm, if that's a teacher I can imagine why men like going to class... *winks*....

hugs and love, Lessa


"I don't want to be caned by a female teacher"

Fine, so you get the cute figurine and I will go out and look for a real (pretend) female teacher to cane my old hide instead. Deal :-)


Daisychain said...

Sometimes I wonder how many hours you spend searching the net, before something just happens to jump out in front of you?? LOLOL
Well done Ronnie, great find, as usual.... xxxxxxxxx

ronnie said...

Andy - Hello and welcome, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I'm the same I don't like figurines, the only one I have is one my son bought me when he was away with friends, he was 7 at the time now 21 but this just caught my attention.

FD - Now that would be good. I think I'll have to do some more ebaying.

PK - Your right,where would I put it, I don't want to buy it and put it away in a draw.

Hermione - Thanks. Breast intentional I'm sure :)

Lessa - LOL Lessa.

Prefectdt - LOL, it's a deal. Thanks.

Daisy, you'll be surprised how little time I spend on my blog and internet. If I spot anything anywhere on my travels I make a note or snap a picture. My friend sent me a billboard she spotted, I'll put it up tomorrow if I have time, nothing to do with TTWD but amusing.

Thanks, appreciate you all stopping by.


Lil Sam said...

Hi Ronnie
,that is a cute figurine,I don't remember teachers looking like that, Welcome Andy
Hugs to All
Lil Sam

ronnie said...

Lil Sam, Hello and thanks for stopping by.

Hope you are well.