Monday, 1 June 2009

Naughty little fiction

What a lovely weekend, weatherwise and all otherwise really, nothing major to shout about, or scream about, just relaxing and that's okay. I think a holiday got a bit closer but still not definite, we can't fix a date till after next weekend so I'm in suspense, pretty certain we'll organise something though.

I want to thank PK, New Beginnings for publishing a naughty little fiction of mine in her Fantasy Friday feature, I don't do fiction generally the thoughts are often there but they don't flow to the keyboard as easy as real life stuff, anyway I enjoyed writing it and actually the thought - the thought, mind you - of it really happening did appeal to me. Perhaps I'll send it to P and wait and see.



Lady_Karen_Rebel said...

I enjoyed reading your story...{Commented there too}

Karen x

Tiggs said...

I'm so glad you're writing fiction... it does really help to keep real life even more edgy and exciting! And you are a very good writer!!!!


Lessa said...

I loved your FF story... and I wanna read more... much more...

hope you had a wonderfull weekend...

love, Lessa

PK said...

I'm the one thanking you. Your story was great and everyone loved it. I've found writing fiction a great way to explore and play with things I might not want to try or experience in real life but it's still fun writing. I really hope you'll try some more.


ronnie said...

Karen - Thanks.

Tiggs - Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. I agree but I find it so hard to write fiction.

Lessa - Oh thank you. I am certainly going to try another one sometime.

PK - It was fun and I did enjoy writing it and will try another one :)

Thanks all.