Friday, 13 February 2009

Paddled, Poleaxed, Posts

P was poleaxed yesterday by some mystery bug, I think Fri 13th came a day early for me, couldn’t post, I was worried all day. Think it’s OK now but it overshadowed the lovely evening on Wednesday and I’m here at the office today on my own but relaxed enough now to tell you about it.

Wednesday evening we were going out to eat as I told you, I was getting changed in the bedroom just about to slip a pair of jeans on when P came into the room said don’t bother, I’d like a little word with you, and steered me into our home office. To cut it short, he’d read the post I made on Wednesday, I could hardly believe it he doesn’t read me very often it was just by chance. Anyway he caught the flavour of it, seemed to be mildly amused, a bit intrigued and said he’d detected an underlying inference in my post that perhaps he wasn’t attending to me well enough. Well I wouldn’t say he got it exactly right but I wasn’t going to debate it at this point because I know how P works and this was definitely building into something interesting.

Noting wrong with the post, he said as he dragged me across his knee on the futon seat we keep in the office, but he didn’t want me to feel ‘under-spanked’ as he put it so out came the rose paddle, which he’d tucked down the side of the seat, and he brought it down sharply on by pantied rear making me jump OWWW! again and again OWW OWW OWW as it rained down on my bottom, so damn hard I couldn’t help shouting, which I try not to do at home, but my distressed pleas were ignored anyway. My backside felt so hot I’m sure I could have fried an egg on it. He stopped, I let out a gasping breath PHEW! and made to get up but he held me in place, pulled my panties down to my thighs and gave me another minute or more of solid meaty THWACKS from that wonderfully evil implement. When he stopped for real he gave me a moment to recover then patted by bum and said now go and finish getting ready and we’ll discuss the content of your post over dinner, I’m sure it will be very fresh in your mind after that.

Now don’t get me wrong this was done with good humour but my goodness it hurt and as I wriggled into my jeans and I knew he was right it certainly would still be fresh in my mind.

So we drove into town, had dinner and talked openly about my little post and the reasons for it and it all went very well and I do think he’s got the gist of things. The only problem, he said, was that I don’t do anything genuinely wrong all that often so it made it kind of difficult but he’d keep an eye on things but not to expect any big changes. Fair enough by me.

Now the bad bit starts. We went to bed later after catching a late night news programme I felt horny and shuffled by bottom into P’s groin shortly after he got into bed but he didn’t take me up at all, he said he felt tired, unusual for P, and he was out like a light.

Next morning off goes alarm 6.45 am, P goes to get up, stops, sits on side of bed, I know there’s something wrong he says he’s OK, goes to stand up and nearly collapses and has to lie flat. Totally weird, P doesn’t get illness, not even man flu, he was in a cold sweat now, nauseous, tingling arms, and couldn’t raise his head off the pillow, think there might be something wrong he said, you’d better call a doctor. So that was the start of my Fri 13th (a day early). To cut it short, several phones calls, a nurse, emergency doctor and then our own doctor, indicated he’d picked up some kind of viral vertigo, he wasn’t dying after all but it was very frightening at the time. He got medication in the day to mitigate the effects but the virus has to work its way through his system which could take several days. He does seem a lot better this morning, he slept about 10 hours last night instead of his normal 5 -6.

So I’m running the shop, passing message to and throw, he’s not supposed to move about too much because it’s movement that aggravates it.

Relieved, thankful, happy how things turned out eventually, fingers crossed it doesn’t last long.



M:e said...

Poor P...sounds like a nasty virus, and frightening for you both till you worked out what it was!

I hope he's feeling better soon.

love and hugs to you both. xxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Ronnie,
What a story! I do hope he is all better very soon. I like the way you, ahem, say you don't mind, ahem, being "set straight." I could enjoy that, too. Big formal punishment is a bit much for me. I'll be interested to follow this story!

Lady_Karen_Rebel said...

I hope he gets better soon...{{{Hugs}}}

The bit you wrote- "The only problem, he said, was that I don’t do anything genuinely wrong all that often so it made it kind of difficult" That sorta relates to me...When I think about getting into a DD relationship...I wonder if I would end up doing things JUST to get a spanking...I am learning a lot reading other peoples blogs Ty for sharing...

Karen x

Jflame said...

Oh no.. poor P. and poor you too.
Get well soon hugs to P and Big hugs to you for being so brave.

ps, that paddle sounds lovely.

Dante d'Amore said...

Great story. I felt my heart start to pound when you described him falling back into bed. Yikes. I'm glad it's not serious.

Daisychain said...

OMG, Ronnie, I bet that was scary!
WHen you described it, especially the tingling arms I immediately thought heart attack....
I am SO glad it turned out to be a virus; and that he is on the road to recovery.
Hugs to you both, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie:
Oh my you had such "mixed bag" these past few days. I am so sorry to hear about P. I too am glad that it turned out to be a virus,I hope he recovers very quickly and very soon he's making sure that you are not underspanked!

Take care

Hermione said...


You were so lucky to get one last spanking before the bug took over.

Hope P is up and around soon. It sounds very unpleasant.


Tiggs said...

Much like Dante, I read to the end of the post with more than a little dread. I'm VERY relieved that he is much more OK than he was when it first hit! And especially glad it wasn't something worse!

As for the talk, and the spanking, well, baby steps are good, too. You guys are still adjusting to this in your own ways. Sounds like he's very much enjoying it though, as are you!


PK said...

You and I must be a lot alike. Nick and I agree on most things and we are both mature reasonable people - a wonderful way to be but not a way to earn tons of real spankings.

I am so sorry you had such a scare and that P has to feel so bad. I hope he is already much better. And you can get back to your converation.


Anonymous said...

You are very lucky to have a hubby who can keep you in line and warm your bottom ;-)

I'm sorry to hear that he isn't feeling well, but relieved that it's not too serious. You had me worried when you wrote about him sitting on the side of the bed & the tingling arms..

Take care,

ronnie said...

M:e, thanks, P feeling a little better this morning.

Maryann - I've been hankering for some more "setting straight" since before Christmas when he dealt with me unexpectedly in a way over and above our normal playful exchanges and it was rather nice in it's own way. Hoping for more but dont want to ask outright.

LKR - hi, I know what you mean, you don't want to loose the genuineness, that is what I'm mindful too.

Jay - thanks Jay, quite frightening. The paddle is superb lovely leather from John at Leatherthorn Paddles. Posted and put picture of it on one of my posts, has a rose on it. One I would recommend.

Dante - hello, mine too, I honestly thought he was having a stroke or heart attack.

Daisy - hiya, thanks, glad it's only a virus but gosh came on so quick. Tingling arms, yes that was the frightening part.

Andrades - thanks, I will certainly be under-spanked this weekend :) but so thankful that it's only a virus and will eventually clear up.

Hermione - thanks for coming over and following, yes, thats some consulation, he got one in.
P is just never ill, this came on so suddenly, quite nasty. I totally agree with you, over dinner out always best time to bring something up your not quite sure show he will react :)

Tiggs - hope your car is fixed.
were constantly adusting Tiggs, we've been doing it quite a while, as you know, its just recently I've got this urge to mingle more...mmmm...mmmm punishment in with our regular play, it's a fine line, I hope we get there, if it doesn't work, no problem.

PK - sounds like we are. What can we do but try and not loose the genuineness. Thanks PK.

Kitten - thanks, would like him to keep me in line more often.

P says thanks very much for your good wihes. My thanks to you all as well.

Have a good weekend.


lessa said...

ohhhhhhh Ronnie... I do hope he is feeling better by now... I can imagine how scared you were... it is very scary if the man we love gets sick... we are used to building and leaning on them...

I did love the first part of the story *winks*

hugs, lessa

ronnie said...

Hi Lessa, he's feeling better today, thanks.
I sometimes maybe lean a little too much on him :)


Jean said...

Ronnie, Nice way to start dinner, lol.

I am sorry the next day started out so bad though. That must be some nasty virus. I am so sorry it happened, but very glad thats all it was. Hoping for a very speedy recovery. I am thinking of you both.

ronnie said...

Hi Jean, nice to see you here, yes, perfect start to dinner :)

Just don't know where he picked it up, very scary but he's much better todays thanks.