Monday, 2 February 2009

Never Say Never

It’s a snow day for me today :) P is down at the office but texted to say he will be back early to work from home, switch the phone over, hardly anybody in and heating not working properly.

Been snowing quite heavy, UK tends to grind to a halt when we get snow although some areas really have had it bad, not like some of our friends over the pond even so.

It’s lovely and snug here in the house watching the snow fall, I’ve turned the heating up and plenty of time to write up this account from Saturday.....

A few years ago I told P I would never ever accept the cane as an enjoyable addition to our repertoire. On Saturday just gone I asked for more of it.

As usual P spent a few hours at the office, phone on machine, tidying loose ends, calling a few clients but definitely not taking calls - it's amazing how clients like being called on a Saturday (I should point out many of our clients have to work Saturdays), for one - they're more relaxed and receptive and, for two - they feel good that one of their providers is also working and not on the golf course.

I have my own jobs to do around the house, a few personal things, sometimes shopping online, sometimes a friend round for coffee or vise-versa. But Saturday, towards lunchtime, I wasn't doing any of those things ........... I was fishing thought my underwear drawer looking for my one and only set of suspenders and stockings to see if the clasps still worked and if the stockings were intact. I felt horny, don't ask me why because I wouldn't be able to tell you, but on a scale of one to ten I was over eight and I thought it would be a nice surprise for P to come home and find his wife in a skirt and blouse instead of faded denims and maybe perhaps with a little encouragement might just notice the stockings or give her a squeeze and detect the presence of under clothing hardly suited to Saturday housework.

When he got home, a bit earlier than usual, I was so excited I'm sure I was grinning from ear to ear, he must have thought something was up because he came straight up to me pecked me on the cheek and asked me what I'd been doing, squeezed my waist at the same time. He didn't wait for an answer, no need to, I felt his hand linger at my waist then his fingers started tracing the outline of my suspender, ''Aha,'' he said, ''somebody's been entertaining naughty thoughts instead of getting on with their chores.....unless of course you always dress like this when I'm at work and then slip into jeans before I get home?'' ''Oh no,'' I said, '' I just thought you might like to come home and find your wife in very womanly mode, all chores done, coffee on, lunch sorted.....and reward her for being such a good girl.'' I tried looking demure, P slipped his hand inside my blouse and squeezed my right nipple which went hard instantly, he groaned approvingly and slid his hand down under my blouse bursting buttons open on the way, inside the waistbanded front of my skirt, straight down to my crotch where I felt an immediate dribble escape me. ''Mmm...damp knickers...definite sign of naughty thoughts...hardly the sort of thoughts a good girl would have,'' P mused, ''I believe someone may even have been playing with themselves, do you have anything to say?''

I didn't. He took me firmly by the arm and marched me upstairs telling me en route that he took my silence as an admission and he was going to put me over his knee and cane me. Ooh the otk sounded fine but the cane is another matter, still I was hot and I wanted attention and his taking control like that always gets me going so I just 'Oh but please...'d' and trailed off feebly as we entered the bedroom.

He made me stand at the window, facing out, while went to his drawer, thank god I thought, if it comes from his drawer it must the short cane he bought from cane-iac, which is bad but not as bad as the long English one with the curled handle. He came over, sat on the bed and pulled me across his lap, up came my skirt, out came a gasp from me, I like that bit, quick turn of head to wardrobe mirror to glimpse naughty girl in stockings panties and suspenders across her husband's lap, another dribble, then Ouch! as the cane landed hard across the fleshy part of my bottom followed quickly by several more strokes above and below until I was wiggling and lifting my legs off the floor uselessly attempting to dissipate the sting.

Pause for rubbing, not to ease the pain, he said, but to help stop the flesh bruising so that he could cane me harder, which he did after a minute or so but this time with my knickers lowered. Quick look in mirror to glimpse naughty girl in stockings and suspenders panties down with very red bottom across her husband's lap, I felt deliciously wicked, then the cane resumed its work and I resumed my struggle/ wiggle/ leg kicking display for a couple more minutes.

When he stopped he tossed the cane onto the duvet and told me to get up on the bed on my knees, skirt fell over my punished bum, he lifted it over my waist, I heard his fly unzip, quick glimpse in the mirror told me a well spanked girl was close to getting penetrated by an urgent looking male appendage ''Stop!'' I said, reaching for the cane and handing it back to P, ''Put some real stripes on my naughty bottom before you take me...please..'' And he did. But then he didn't take me in the way I'd expected at all, he told me to turn round facing him, he'd moved nearer the bed and his manhood was directly in my face, I gulped delightedly and did what any good girl would do under the circumstances and judging from the noise he made I'd say he enjoyed it. He recovered his composure and had me sit on his face where I gushed an indecently fast orgasm to the thrill of his tongue; later after lying a while we made love in a more orthodox fashion, minus the spanking, I think my bum had had enough for one afternoon.

So never say never is what I say, even though I would still urge caution with the cane, it can raise powerful emotions, not to mention the odd welt or two.


Jflame said...

Wow, you lucky thing. I can't wait for the day when I get to experience this kind of thing.
Hugs, Jay.
Hey, just a thought but why not build a snowDom and stick that cane in his hand. just to see what P thinks of course.

ronnie said...
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ronnie said...

You will, just need the right one but he's out there and you'll find him.
You skiving, though you were clearing the paths. It's lovely here.
Haha, fab idea but as Ps home now early he's arranged for a couple of people to come round and see him and I have to be a good girl, no snowdoms or no more snowball fights with the kids next door, boring.
Would make a good pic, snowdom with a cane :)

Love to you.

Dante d'Amore said...

Ahhhh. Gotta love the cane! Well, Tiggs doesn't "gotta" love it. It's more fun sometimes if she doesn't. ;)

Tiggs said...

A definite love/hate relationship, me and that cane! But I do tend to like the shorter ones a little bit better, lol.

Big hugs... glad you had such a great experience to ease your fears and make you feel good all over!

I love the snowDom with a cane in his hand idea! That's great!

Big hugs!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie:
A Snow Day for you, lucky you!!! And oh my the cane. Your husband sounds very proficient with the cane. I love the way he lectures you a bit,and takes you by the hand and leads you upstairs...fantastic. I hope you get to enjoy more days like this one. You are such a lovely writer. I just love reading your posts
Take care,

fabsterrant said...

Wow, that was a sexy read. I've been lurkin' and love your writing. Wish you the very best.

Greenwoman said...

Lovely read!

ronnie said...

Dante - loads of us girls dont like the school cane (me included) and yes more fun for you boys when we dont like the implement used.

Tiggs - we sure do have a love/hate relationship with the cane. This shorter one was OK and would like it to be used again. Dont use the school cane now, which I'm happy about.
Jay's snowdom with cane was a great idea, would have loved to have built one and took a pic.

Andrades - never had a snow day before :)
I did like this small cane, it's not like the long school cane which I really do hate.
P's very good with all of our toys, thank goodness. Thanks for your lovely comment.

Fabsterrant - hello, your very welcome here and thanks, please stop by again.

Thanks all.


ronnie said...

Dear Shannee, lovely to see you here, thanks for coming by. We must have been writing at the same time :)

Daisychain said...

WOWWWWWWWWWW, Ronnie, shame we don't have snow more often, eh?? ;)
Great post, very sexy! Wish Davey were here.... to snuggle up in front of a roaring fire, and let him toast my bottom as my face toasts in front of the flames....

M:e said...

I've been singing 'let it snow, let it snow, let it snow' ever since AG's snow day....and now you too!!

I have a definite love/hate relationship with the cane....its such a deep and intense feeling, almost as if the pain travels from the inside out.

love and hugs xxx

PK said...

What a great post! And it sounds like you had a wonderful afternoon!! Now the cane - we haven't tried that and I really don't have any desire to. But at the same you do make it sound very interesting.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie:
Just me again...I totally agree with PK, you make it sound very sexy and enticing, but I think I will just enjoy the cane in your posts!
I LOVE your writing.
Take care

Lady_Karen_Rebel said...

I enjoyed reading your description...Very erotic...

I love being caned OTK...

The mirror sounds like it adds to the sensations...but I would prolly be looking at which bits wobbled lol...

Karen x

ronnie said...

Daisy - thanks, I wished he was there with you as well Daisy.
In front of a roaring fire with your bottom being roasted sound lovely.
Note to myself - be sure to ask P if he could change our fireplace so we could have a log fire :)

M:e - thanks. I would have loved to hearing you singing let it snow. What is it with us girls and the cane?

PK - hey, this OTK cane was not as bad as I had feared. The long English school cane, we dont use now.

Andradas - hello again. I love it when you come back with another comment. Just said to PK we don't use the long SC, P says this OTK cane much more acurate on the bottom and I can vouch for that.

Lady_Karen_Rebel - hello, your very welcome here, thanks for coming by and for "following". .
My favourite position OTK. I certainly didn't think of looking at my wobbles.
Haven't had time to pop over to say hello but will


Anonymous said...


Loving your post! I must admit that I've never been caned, but you certainly made it sound like a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon ;-)

Take care,

ronnie said...

Kitten hello, your most welcome here.
I never thought I would ever ask for more of the cane but never say never :)

Thanks for stopping by.