Monday, 15 June 2015

Whisk of fingers across a childish bottom

"Discipline is a tricky and contentious business, and it renders virtually all parents mad in their own peculiar style. Still, I don’t think the reprimanding whisk of fingers across a childish bottom in extremis is the end of the world, and I can see why — were light smacking to be criminalised — many perfectly good parents would be unjustly demonised by the law."

I read the paragraph aloud to my husband and asked him whether he agreed. He asked me if I was serious, then asked me to read it again which I did. He didn't know what it was all about and I didn't put it in context for him. He knew I was reading the ST so he sussed it was part of somebody's article or a reported story of some sort, he thought briefly and then said he would have to agree with the words I'd read out but he would want to know in what context they'd been used. He made a point that as parents were involved he assumed children were also and that made it a tricky subject, but he also made the point that a 'childish' bottom was the object of reprimand not a 'child's' bottom and that was odd wording, he thought. 

The paragraph was taken from an article by Jenny McCartney in the Sunday Times, it was really about the mistreatment of children through corporal punishment and other physical abuse, which I agreed with 100%, but there seemed to be a hint of sympathy for parents who smack proportionately (how could you measure it?), anyway later in the day I asked P if he'd read the whole article and he said he hadn't, I only wanted to tempt him into spanking related talk really, not having had one for a few days. Then I said "So do you think a reprimanding whisk of fingers across a childish bottom in extremis could apply to an adult too?"

"Oh most definitely," my husband replied, "but why only in extremis and why limit it to a whisk of fingers?" Oh good he was getting my drift. "So when I've been childish...." I said, well you can imagine what I was angling for and luckily so could my husband. We had the house to ourselves and he spanked me there and then and told me off for beating about the bush. Lovely.

Off to Queen's Club in London for a whole day of tennis (watching not playing)

Have a good week.



Blondie said...

Hope your childish bottom gets what it wants/needs soon (and not with fingers). Here in California, spanking a child in any way, sort or fashion is considered to be horrific. And now we are seeing the results from not spanking our children. Now they are misbehaved, rude young adults all over. Spanking the way I get spanked would be child abuse but a bop on the bottom would get a child's their attention and let them know that what they are doing is wrong. Why does the bandwagon always have to be swing so far to one side or another?

an English Rose said...

Blimey Blondie, say it like it is!!!lol
Hope you enjoy the tennis Ronnie,
love Jan,xx

Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, glad P got what you were angling for and gave it to you :) We have anti smacking laws and it has proven somewhat tricky to police.


PK said...

So happy P picked up on the conversation and you got what you needed. I hope your day is tons of fun watching tennis.

Spanking a child isn't illegal here and is even allowed in school with the parents permission - although its RARELY used in schools. According to my students it's not so rare in the home. As long as we're talking about sane, reasonable adults using a mild form of spanking (a couple of swats to the bottom of a three year old continuing to run toward the road) I think it's a useful parenting tool. Unfortunately you don't have to be a sane reasonable adult to have a child.

Leigh Smith said...

Glad P caught your drift and you had your spanking.

Hermione said...

We have a law against it here, and that's too bad. One swat, and a delinquent child can report his parents to the authorities, who come down on the parents like a ton of bricks. Sadly, most children have no concept of what good behaviour is; they can get away with anything now.


Baxter said...

Also glad P figured out what you were angling for and you got your bottom roasted. Surely the rest of your day was great.


Minelle Labraun said...

I am very happy you got your spanking! I am sure you can find plenty of discussions leading to the next spanking episode!

I agree that public opinion always goes so far to the right or left. Ugh common sense is so hard to find these days!

Ni Na said...

Hi Ronnie, this made me giggle. I am glad you got this spanking, it sounds like a wonderful time. Wishing you a wonderful day watching tennis.



abby said...

Glad P caught your 'drift'...and that your goal was attained...and enjoyed.
hugs abby

ronnie said...

Blondie - Right there Blondie. Thanks.

Jan - And she's right:) Yep really good day. Thanks.

Roz - It is a very tricky subject. Thanks Roz.

PK - You are totally right there PK.Day was good. Thanks.

SG - Me too:) Thanks.

Hermione - I think a few swats on a youngsters bottom doesn't do them any harm. Thanks.

Baxter - It was Baxter thank you.

Minelle - I'm sure I can as well:) Thanks.

Nina - Thanks. Tennis was good. I wished I was there today though as the two players I wanted to see are playing today.

Abby - He doesn't always catch on that fast:) Thanks.