Friday, 24 April 2015

Positions for Spanking

I like the cane but wouldn't like it in that position.

How on earth could you keep still for a caning in that position?

Have you ever been spanked in an unusual position?

Have a fun weekend..



an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, omg some of these are ghastly and no thanks . It's all very ordinary over here!!
love Jan,xx

MrJ said...

There is some creativity here, but it makes me wonder what these people wish to inflict: a sense of having been properly spanked, or muscle pain at the wrong spots.

Anonymous said...

Compared to the pictures displayed our spanking positions are rather boring. She likes to spank me in many different positions she says it gives her practice with the different implements but nothing this strange.

Mutual DD couple said...

Our spanking positions are also very boring. Over the knee or lying face down on the bed. It's our bottoms that hurt.

Also, some of those positions look impossible to hold. You'd just fall over.

Roz said...

Wow Ronnie, some very interesting positions ... not for me lol. Definitely nothing unusual here compared to those! LoL


Leigh Smith said...

Most of these positions look horrible and there is no way I could get any pleasure out of them.

We're pretty basic here, at least we are when it happens.

Michael M said...

I love these photos. Very janus from the old days some of them.
The hardest position I have been made to adopt is on the bed and on all fours, with my hands coming back through my legs and holding a broom handle which was locked across the inside angle of my knees. This forces your head and chest down into the pillows and makes it hard to breathe but it pushes your bottom into a splendidly accessible position for the cane.

TurnAroundBendOver said...

Yikes! Some of those look very uncomfortable! The first one looks doable though. Maybe we will try it sometime. I enjoyed the pictures. Thanks

Baxter said...

Wow what a collection. I might like to try #2 once. But how did the person get into the position in number 4?

My typical position is bare bottom on top of a pile of pillows on our bed so that my wife has clear view of the target and she never misses. :)


Ni Na said...

Hi Ronnie, wow, these positions are for the very advanced players I'd say. I have been on my back and legs up, but that's so not awesome and I am glad that hubby likes over the knee best. :)



Cat said...

Good gravy! These all look uncomfortable if not downright painful.

Hugs and blessings...

Hermione said...

Not been spanked in any of those positions, and I wouldn't want to be.


Red said...

I agree with Hermione that this would not be our cup of tea, but fun to look at.
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Jan - Ghastly indeed. Thanks.

MrJ - Creative yes but a couple of them just totally unsafe. Thank you,

Archedone - I don't mind dfferent positions either but nothing like these. Thank you.

Mutual DD - Maybe boring but they work perfectly well. I like both. Thanks.

Roz - Traditional is the best. Thanks.

SG - I wouldn't be able to get into some of the positions:) Thanks.

Michael - Yes I like the photos. I think I've seen a picture of someone in that position, it wasn't you was it:) Thank you.

TABO - Yes the first one would be doable but wouldn't like the blood rushing to my head. Thanks.

Baxter - That's a good position. No 5 would be doable. Thank you.

Nina - I've been spanked in the diaper position, wasn't too keen on it. OTK my favourite. Thanks.

Cat - Especiall the one where she is in the coffee table:) Thanks.

Hermione - I've been spanked like the lady in the 5th pic. Thanks.

Red - She's right. Thank you.


Pepyssam said...

Great pics -- thanks! And many of those positions quite effective when well-deserved.