Monday, 9 March 2015

Yoda got me Spanked

I imagine everyone knows Star Wars, well we were in Birmingham the other day and bumped into Yoda, one of my favourite characters. That's him in the picture and he's apparently floating above the ground, can you see that? 

There is a clear gap of about two feet between him and the pavement, I've no idea how they do that, P was bamboozled too, we walked past him slowly and couldn't figure out how he did it, presumably he performs his little illusion regularly because he didn't have a crowd around him so I guessed regular shoppers were used to him (or her)

Anyway P stopped after we'd walked past and looked back and said it was impossible, so I said why don't you go back and ask him. My husband went back, threw some money into Yoda's bowl and I saw him speak to him. Yoda didn't appear to answer, in fact he didn't even look down towards P and I could tell by P's body language that he was starting to feel a bit awkward, then he just left Yoda and came back and joined me. I asked him what the trick was and he said "The bugger wouldn't tell me, in fact he didn't say anything." I laughed and asked him how much he'd put in Yoda's bowl, he said he'd put a quid in, I said it wasn't enough so go back and put some more in and ask again. My husband said if he went back at all it would be to get his quid back. I laughed again and said at least take his photo, which he did.

When we'd moved on, P asked me if he really should have put more money in and I said I thought he probably should have but still wouldn't have got an answer in my opinion, Jedi don't communicate with any old Tom Dick or Harry, especially mean ones. My husband said I should watch who I was calling mean or I'd get a good spanking. I made sure to refer to his tightfistedness a couple more times while we were out and sure enough when we got home I was spanked. It wasn't what I'd call a 'good' one but I'm not complaining.

Thank you Yoda.

Have a good week.



DelFonte said...

How does he do that - strong arm muscles holding him there?
Calling your husband mean is a guaranteed spanking!

Roz said...

LoL Ronnie, any excuse for a spanking :) Love Yoda!


Anonymous said...

Ronnie you are so lucky. How many people can claim that Yoda got them spanked. Now what you need to do is next time you see Yoda you should thank him for the spanking you got.

PK said...

If only it was that easy for me. Seems like Star Wars just keeps on giving.

Hermione said...

Careful with his money, your husband is. And a lucky girl you are...yes.


an English Rose said...

Oh Ronnie, any excuse, you are as bad as us!
love Jan,xx

Leigh Smith said...

Such a lucky girl that you can blame Yoda for getting you spanked. Imagine what would happen in you saw Darth Vadar?

Minelle Labraun said...

That Yoda always causing trouble or blessing you with a spanking!

ronnie said...

DF - I've no idea how it's done. I'd love to be there when he/she sets up Thanks.

Roz - I will take any excuse:) Thanks.

Archedone - LOL. I wonder if he would say something if I did. Thank you.

PK - You have to take every chance you can:) Thanks.

Hermione - He's very careful with his money:)

Jan - Any excuse, my middle name:) Thanks.

SG - Gosh, he's my second favourite. I shall be on the look out for him:) Thanks.

Minelle - He's a little darling:) Thanks.


Janey said...

Wow! I've heard some excuses, but blaming Yoda?
I've seen these in London too (and I know how it's done - I had to stand and stare until I figured it out) Sort of spoils it when you know though!

Ni Na said...

Hi Ronnie, funny idea, I have never seen this before. Too bad that P couldn't find out more. I am not a star wars expert but do know Yoda because he has a funny language use. Great that Yoda helped you getting a spanking. :)



Cat said...

LOL Ronnie...any excuse eh? ;) Maybe he will give you a 'good' one if you refer a bit more to his tight-foisted ways. *snicker*

Hugs and Blessings...

DtBHC said...

Google answers all -

ronnie said...

Janey - Really, you know. Please tell
then I can tease P and it may even get me another spanking:) Thanks.

Yoda - He's my favourite so funny that he got me spanked:) Thanks.

Cat - I can try:) Thanks.

DtBHC - Thank you. I'll take a look when I have more time.


Enzo said...

Hats off to Hermione's comment as I think she said it best.

Thanks for the laughs - Who would have thought you could combine two favorite things in such a classy way; Spanking & Star Wars.


Red said...

funny. As soon as P threatened a spanking, I think he knew that once he stated it, that you would prod him enough to make certain you were spanked. Makes shopping together definitely worthwhile
bottoms up

Janey said...

It's always a character in long flowing robe and long sleeves. He always holds the solid metal rod from the stand in front because it continues up through the sleeve of the gown and down inside the robe to a platform that the performer stands on a foot or so above the base on the ground that you can see. Sometimes you see these attractions unmanned when they have popped off to lunch etc and they have to leave the robe there as it's sewn around the apparatus.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Well, all's well that ends well, right Ronnie? lol

ronnie said...

Enzo - Star Wars Spanking. Maybe that should have been my title. Thanks.

Red - I like shopping when I get spanked after:) Thank you.

Janey, thank you. Now to tease P a little:)

Grace - It ended very well:) Thanks.