Monday, 22 December 2014

From an Admirer

I got this card in the post (yes I mean hard mail post),

from an 'admirer', all it had on the front was this code and inside Seasons Greetings the aforementioned admirer. It was machine printed so no clues there. I showed it to P, he asked me what it said. I said how the hell would I know it looks like a puzzle. Then he got his phone out and scanned it and laughed. He wouldn't tell me what it said but he clearly thought it was funny, then he asked me where I'd got it from and I told him I hadn't bought it, it had come through the post. Then he told me I must have been outed and laughed some more, he still wouldn't tell me what it said though but he told me which app to download so I did, and now I know.

After he'd had his bit of fun (bugger) he told me he'd sent it.

If you've got one of those scan apps you can read it, it works from the screen I've tried it.



Roz said...

LoL Ronnie, the stinker :) Hadn't heard about the screen app.


PK said...

Someone needs a spanking and not necessarily you! But you could take it for him I suppose. Funny man you have there! Have a wonderful Christmas - and I mean you whole family.

Hermione said...

Very clever! I can't usually get those funny codes to work, but I could read this one.


smuccatelli said...

Don't have a smart phone, or the apps (I know, I'm a Luddite). For the uninitiated, what did it say?

Leigh Smith said...

Will have to check out my smart phone.
Happy Christmas

an English Rose said...

This is all a bit beyond me, What does it say?
love Jan,xx

Red said...

I also am a Luddite. But wonderful idea from P to suggest you have been outed, as it had your name and address. (Do let us know what it said!
bottoms up

Minelle Labraun said...

Gosh, I hope you share what it says!!! I am beyond curious!

Merry Christmas to both you P and family!!

Ami Starsong said...

I have a smart phone but am technically handicapped so I wouldn't be able to use an app if I had one! What does it say?

Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!


Blondie said...

Please share what it says. I would love a good laugh too

Anonymous said...

For the first time someone found a way for me to put the app on my phone…
I am just to curious!

Ni Na said...

LoL,I had hubby tell me what it meant. I think this is cute, because P did this to tell you that he is your admirer, well and funny, of course. I hope you have a wonderful and merry Christmas.



ronnie said...

Roz - Stinker indeed. Thanks.

PK - I'll tell him he needs one:) Hope you all have a wonderful one. Thanks.

Hermione - Glad it worked for me. Thanks.

smuccatelli - Mine is a smart phone but not an all singing and dancing one so had to downlaod the app. Thank

SG - Think you have to download the app, I did. Thanks. Merry Christmas. Safe travels.

Jan - P had to tell me what to download and it worked. Thanks.

Red - I didn't:) Thank you

Minelle - He thinks he's funny:) Thanks. Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas.

Ami - I'm the same, have to ask son and P for any technical. Thanks.

Blondie - I didn't think it was that funny. Thanks.

Ara - Hello. I hope it worked. Thanks.

Nina - Happy your hubby was able to help:) Thank you. Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas.

smuccatelli, Jan, Red, Minelle, Ami, Blondie - Not much just...... Bend me over and spank me.


Cat said...

LOL Ronnie...P is very clever. Merry Christmas to both of you and your family.

Hugs and Blessings...

ronnie said...

Cat - Thought it was amusing. Have a wonderful one yourself.


Red said...

but what does it say?

ronnie said...

Red - Bend me over and spank me.