Monday, 17 November 2014

Ancient Art or Modern Lust

"A magazine shoot of Kim Kardashian naked has caused a sensation. It echoes classical depictions of the female form, but far from celebrating women, it panders to male fantasy, writes our chief art critic Waldemar Januszczak" ran the headline in yesterday's Sunday Times.

The article is very well written and at one point says."I reckon what we are witnessing here is a power struggle that is now being enacted in US culture — a buttock-grab — between the scrawny white Caucasian hindquarters, tucked neatly into some slacks from Saks, and the billowing, bulging buns sported and preferred by more recent arrivals to the American dream" mentions J-Lo amongst others. It  also refers to Freud's explanations about male sexual fantasies and traces butt fascination back to ancient times and cultures.

After five minutes reading and a further five trying to digest the article to make some sense of it, I gave up and told my husband about it hoping he'd read it and have something meaningful to say. He said he wasn't going to read it, no need, he said he had no interest in Ms Kardashian per se but he'd long since identified the importance of the female backside and predicted its rise to prominence and it didn't need any highfalutin article to over complicate it. There was a pause while I waited for his further enlightenment.

"It's there to be spanked, simple," he said, "the West has temporarily lost its way with politically correct feminist movements etc and asses have taken back stage but they're on their way back, you'll see, and spankings with them."

"Really, P, you're so knowledgeable," I said tongue in cheek, making a mental note to double check my jeans in the mirror later to make sure I was displaying prominently enough.

Have a good week.



bobbsroom said...

Well as the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Never been a great lover of billowing, bulging buns as they put it. Pert and perfectly formed does it for me every time. size 6 to 8 seems to sit over my knee perfectly.

Have a good week


Anonymous said...

Every generation feels they have discovered something new. Out of the blue Bollywood says lets show some nude butts. Like it's never been done before. They were just so busy doing drugs and changing marriage partners they forgot about sexy butts. I have to agree with P.

Roz said...

Love P's response Ronnie, very succinct lol


thefolkswholiveonthehill said...

The hotel owner of the small hotel we stayed at over the weekend had a bigger bottom than that. MrsB thought she had 2 independently sprung bums, perhaps she was keeping one for a friend.
Wonder what Kim does to the Richter scale when she cracks on off?
And why do the Americans use the word ass?
WE get confused between donkey and bottom., though it makes the Bible story about Jesus riding into Jerusalem on an ass far more interesting?

geekie kittie said...

This is the one picture I was sick of seeing after it first popped up on my facebook feed. Not cuz it's an ass.

I just really really REALLY hate anything to do with the publicity whores that are Kardashian.

If I could get past THAT .. I might even like the article.

PK Corey said...

Your picture of her ass is so much more lovely that the version I have at my site. Her's is a lovely ass, no doubt - but I'm glad she's not my mother or daughter.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

I find nothing attractive about her, in fact, she is a turn-off. Would not spank her. Just trash.

Katie said...

LOVED P's response here Ronnie!! And yours at the end too! LOL! Thanks for starting my week off with a good laugh! Hope yours is nice too! Many hugs,

<3 Katie

Hermione said...

P is absolutely correct. I like the way he thinks.


morningstar said...

LOL love this piece... and love the double checking your jeans bit ...

ronnie said...

BobB - Had to look up those sizes. 6-8 sizes 10-12 in the UK. Thanks.

Archedone - Thanks. I shall tell him.

Roz - He does come out with a few things. Thanks.

Tfwloth - I like that the US and UK have different terms but yes it does get confusing.

GK - The picture not much to my liking either but went with the post. Thank you.

PK - Apparently her bum's been photoshopped. Thanks.

OBB - I don't like her much. Thank you.

Katie - He does make me smile. Thank you.

Hermione - I do most of the time. Thanks.


ronnie said...

Morningstar - Whenever P mentions bottoms I always have to check mine. Thanks.


Leigh Smith said...

Love P's reaction. I think her 15 minutes of fame was fading and she needed to generate some more publicity. Poor thing. :-). Wonder what North will think when he's grown.

MrJ said...

And... did it work?

King Marshal said...

I actually like all manner of bottoms. Each are eminently spankable in their own way...but have to agree...really tireing of the K brand of nothingness


Cat said...

In my opinion, P has the best reaction. Have no use for the Kardashian clan and feel very sorry for the children of these fame wh*res.

Hugs and Blessings...

Baxter said...

I really have no idea who the Kardashians are and don't care either. But would love to take a strap to her butt. Other than that I have no use for her or her family. But what is this distress about the West in some of these comments? Wow.

ronnie said...

SG - North, at least the name isn't as band as some celebrity choose for their children. Thanks.

MrJ - It did indeed:) Thank you.

King Marshall - Not sure how she ever got so well know. Thanks you.

Cat - No time for her either. Thanks.

Baxter - I don't know too much about her. Apparently the picture has been photoshopped quite a lot which I don't like. Thanks.


Minelle Labraun said...

I do not care for the Kardashians myself. However, her backside puts me in mind of early fertility symbols, which I appreciate!
I agree Ps response is the best!

ronnie said...

Minelle - :) I did like his response. I'll tell him thanks.


Blackbird said...

My T says I have the bottom of a teenager. That's enough for me! I am comforted by the thought that as the rest of me is ageing rapidly, there is one arena that is still bouncy! How lucky.
Hi Ronnie. Have just got it through my head you are English... duh!! Meant to de-lurk the other day but missed the boat with you. Never mind! I haven't tried Aldi, but my best friend goes there. I might have to find one in my corner of London.
Best wishes to you.

Blondie said...

P is smart. His reasoning sounds good. Ty loves butts and would love me to have a butt like the one in the picture. But I really doubt that that picture isn't photo shopped. Either way, it should be spanked as should all female bottoms.

ronnie said...

Blackbird - Hello to you. Yes English:) Happy you stopped by today and left a comment. Check Aldi out, some things OK. Hope you stop by again. Thanks..

Blondie - You are right the photo has been photoshopped so we wont know know big her bottom looks. Wished the wouldn't do that. Thanks.