Monday, 16 September 2013


I mentioned to you, some time before our holiday, the discussion we'd had about carrying implements. In the end P made the choices, kept it down to a sensible number and popped them in the hold baggage right at the last minute so that I wouldn't see what he'd brought.

He revealed them by placing them on the edge of the pool before breakfast so that I'd see them when I joined him to eat.

I didn't know exactly why he made the choices he did so I asked him. He said he'd taken into account size (getting them into the bag), weight (Ryanair's un-generous limit), efficiency (speed and effect vs effort) and noise (not my squealing, the noise of applying). I more or less believed him too, the thin green plant cane is a favourite of his since he first used one in Ireland a couple of years ago, the rose paddle is a favourite of mine, the short cane is efficient and the strap is extremely stingy. The green cane snapped towards the end of the week, the other three performed well and the recipient of all of them did her best to provide just the right blend of provocative cheek, attitude and licentious enticement to have them all given a good workout.

I will recount at least one of my encounters soon.

Have a good week.



Michael M said...

Wowsers. Very thoughtful of your hubbie to have packed that selection. I am sure you were pleased. Bet the pool was cooling after a sizzle spank in the sun.

bobbsroom said...

Hi Ronnie

Good choice of implements, ideal for a travel spanking kit.

will be very interesting to here an account of there application.

Have a good week


Anonymous said...

Very good selection of implements to apply to your bottom. I'm sure you did your part and gave a good presentation of your bottom so he could apply them. Hope to have an account of at least 2-3 of the spankings.
On a side note, my wife applied our implements to my presented bottom yesterday and took her time giving my bottom a nice red glow and heard many Ows and ouches, along with kicking and wiggling.

findingsara said...

Doesn't it make you feel good that P is so thoughtfully prepared to meet your needs? I hope the vacation was wonderful!


Roz said...

The traveling spanko kit eh? LoL

Good choices! Glad there was some spanking action on vacation :) Hope the vacation was wonderful. Looking forward to reading more about it.


Elis said...

From the look of the pool and the implements I'd say it looks like you had a great vacation.

Hermione said...

The perfect assortment of thud and sting! You lucky girl!


Our Bottoms Burn said...

just the right blend of provocative cheek, attitude and licentious enticement - you express so well, what makes spanking so special, that gives us guys some extra motivation. You are without a doubt a delight to spank. And I would love to hear his response to that.

Anonymous said...

A very nice variety of implements.

I am looking forward to one of your detailed accounts.

Glad you had fun.


sunnygirl said...

He is so thoughtful.

Glad they all got a workout and RIP green wand.

ronnie said...

Michael - I think he picked the perfect combination. Cheers.

BOB B - Travel spanking kit:) like that. Thanks.

Archedone - And what implements did your wife choose to use? Thanks Archedone.

Sara - Hello. P's very thoughtful like that:) Holiday great. Thanks.

Roz - I was glad there was some spanking on holiday as well:) Thanks.

Elis - A great one indeed. Thank you.

Hermione - Good chooses I thought. Thanks.

OBB - I'm sure P agrees that I'm a delight to spank, well I think I am:) Thanks.

Joey - I don't think I could have made a better choice. Cheers.

SG - P's already gone and got a new garden cane. Thanks.


morningstar said...

I think we have an identical paddle - a few years back Sir decided it was to be a "blue" Christmas - the house decorations not the mood :) I found an online shop (if memory serves me right) that custom made rose paddles... custom as in colour choice. I picked blue of course. I have to say it is my favourite paddle.

Glad you had such a "spanking" good holiday :)

Dee said...

:) sounds fab

Dee x

foothills1981 said...

Sounds like such a fun vacation. My wife and I need one, alone together...

Underling said...

Nice selection there, ronnie. I do believe I've drawn that very paddle, or its twin, in a picture I did for Suzanne over at her 'All Mine' blog (excuse the plug - I'm not sure whether it's for me or her :)).

I'm not sure I'd dare to pack such a clearly kinky collection of toys - I prefer to play safe and rely on innocent-looking gear like the hairbrush and the belt, or maybe a slipper or two. On a side note, I always feel self-conscious taking off my belt before walking through the airport metal detector - even though everyone else is doing the same thing I imagine people are looking at me and thinking, I bet I know what that gets used for!

It is a shame you can't transport your whole set, but knowing Ryanair they'd have been very happy to sell you an 'implement allowance' at some exorbitant rate.

Glad you had a good time, and that the two of you managed to get your spank on when you were away! xx

sixofthebest said...

Ronnie, I liked all the spankable implements, that were taken to good use on your vacation. I especially liked the two canes, that were used so effectively on that sumptuous voluptuous naked rear end of yours. What a pleasured treasure it must have been for your husband to make use of them.

MrJ said...

Traveling light (especially given that they were carried for P), yet well equipped.
Excellent choice

ronnie said...

Morningstar - Hello. I think you are right, you could choose the colour. P bought it as a surprise for me, I love it, one of my favourite. I don't think John makes them anymore. Thank you.

Dee - Not long enough. Thanks.

Foothills - Hello and thanks. It was a well needed break Hope you and your wife manage to get some time together.

Underling - Hello and plug away:) I will pop over as I love your drawings. We've been lucky not to have been searched with hold baggage, goodness knows what I'd say if we were. P usually finds and implement of some sort when were away but he still prefers to take his own. Thanks.

SOTB - They were definitely used effectively:) Thanks.

MrJ - I couldn't have chosen better. Thanks.


Lea said...

The strap looks very similar to one I have from Cane-iac. Is that where you got it? Nice of P to be so logical in his choices. ;-)