Monday, 4 February 2013

High Intensity Spanking

Does anyone remember me mentioning that dieting/lifestyle technique where you deprive yourself quite ruthlessly of calories for 2 days per week but eat normally 5 days per week? It's getting a lot of media coverage now, some with variations, some with special recipe suggestions, some looking for subscriptions to 'help you through it'. It doesn't take long for something to gain traction, if it's good, and it doesn't take long for the commercial outfits to try and make money out of it:) 

For me it works, and the weight loss is almost a by-product because I took it up for other reasons which I posted about. Anyway the same BBC journalist, Michael Moseley, who researched the 'diet' has just produced another documentary which is related but slanted towards your fitness. In a nutshell it infers that you can forget all your jogging and gym memberships and all those hours of hard work every week and replace them with 3 minutes of high intensity exercise each week and, for most people, get the same benefit.

Unbelievable? I was sceptical at the start of his programme but he put himself up as guinea pig and tested the method over several weeks, under the auspice of university scientists and doctors, and it worked! He also went through the science behind it, which is still developing, with the guys who are right at the cutting edge.

My husband came into the lounge towards the end of the programme, quickly got the drift of it and said to me 'Wonder if it would work with high intensity spanking'.

"What do you mean, P?" I enquired, barely containing my excitement. 

"Well, if a spanking intensity was ramped up several times 

but the duration shortened, would it need to be done less frequently. Perhaps I'll email Michael Moseley and ask him." 

I didn't answer him, just smiled. But inwardly I was panicking, I mean I don't mind the intensity getting ramped up but for goodness sake don't mess with the duration or frequency, not downwards at least:)

Busy day for me so wont be around much and out this evening for a special dinner.

Have a good week.



Anonymous said...

Oh yes,less in duration would be a travesty.

Special meal indeed...

Sarah,LD,UK xx
PS My Mum has tried the diet and it does work (with her nursing background she doesn't do faddy diets)

PK said...

Glad the diet is working for you. Let me know if you try the three minute exercise and what you do. Yeah, don't mess with the spankings, whatever you all do seems to work.


findingsara said...

The food diet sounds reasonable. The Spanking diet...not so much!


Our Bottoms Burn said...

You need a signaling button for your high intensity spanking. As long as you hold the button down P spanks. It could have a timer, so you could try to beat your best time.

Hermione said...

I would find the short, high intensity spanking difficult as I prefer a nice long one, not that I wouldn't mind the intensity part.


Anonymous said...

I also prefer a longer spanking.. especially if there is a good warm up.. I need it to clear my headspace!
I don't think I want fast n furious on my backside for 3 minutes!

BUT, as far as diets - I also follow a diet plan similar to the one mentioned and I've always had good success with it.

ronnie said...

Sarah - Interesting your mother has tried the diet. Thanks Sarah.

PK - Once I get back into the swing of exercising I will be trying it. I will do 3 x 20 second intensity biking 3 times week.

Sara - Hopefully if was just P's sense of humour. Thanks Sarah.

OBB - The problem with that is I wouldn't want to let the button go. Cheers OBB.

Hermione - Intensity part good but definitely not shorter spankings. Thank you Hermione.

Emi - A 3 minute fast and furious spanking could be interesting but not all the time. I'm finding the deprivation plan quite easy and with success. Thanks Emi.


Anonymous said...

This is fascinating. I know some of the girls in blogland were on this diet. I thought about it, but didn't do it, maybe I should give it a try and add a couple of vigorous 3 minute spanking sessions. Where I spank Ian, after all I am the one that needs the exercise...

abby said...

I love my warm-ups...but the exercise program sounds interesting.

Terpsichore said...

The eating and exercise sounds interesting...I like a nice warm up for my spankings :-)

Anonymous said...


Yikes. I hope he will not limit spankings to three minutes.


Turiya said...

Hmmm... I think it would just make me want more. LOL

Congrats on the diet!



Michael M said...

For a while we had a fitness exercise routine where a number meant a position, say 2-squat, 3-star shape,
4- on your front for a press up. My wife would call out a number and I had to jump into the position. Any slowness would result in a cane stroke. It worked for a while and was quite a lot of fun.

kiwigirliegirl said...

lOL i like the way P thinks. I do my step aerobics for 40 minutes 3 days a week and thats high intensity - how high are we talking about lol

Roz said...

LoL Ronnie, Gotta hand it to P. Interesting question though isn't it? Not sure I would like it, I like a nice warm up and longer spanking.

Glad the diet is working for you. The exercise thing is very interesting.


ronnie said...

Lillie - I think Ian would have something to say about that:) The diet is good and easy to maintain. Thanks Lillie.

Abby - Haven't started it yet but I will. Thanks Abby.

Terps - I normally do as well. Thanks Terps.

Joey - Just his joke, I hope. Thanks Joey.

Turiya - I know I would. Thanks Turiya.

Michael - Interesting exercise routine but does sound like fun. Thanks Michael.

Kiwi - That is high intensity aerobics, great. I couldn't do that. Thanks Kiwi.

Roz - He can try it but only once:) Yes the 3 minute exercise routine sounds good to me. Thanks Roz.


Blondie said...

I don't like the short and intense spankings, it usually means we are rushed and that stinks