Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My Kind of Reading

In last Sunday's Times, by which I mean references to my passion for TTWD. I read other stuff too, selectively, but I'm always drawn to references to spanking, bums, SandM, you know the sort of stuff, I have a nose for it even if it's not clear from the headline what it contains. I'll give you a few examples of what I spotted....

"Under the swish of Grey's cane is comfort reading posing as porn" - by Minette Marin
Her article was a bit high brow to be honest, going on about feminism and quality (or lack of) and concluding that the book isn't porn at all except for a few mild bondage references and a caning towards the very end. Well I can't agree or disagree with Minette's detailed dissection of the book because I haven't read it (naughty aren't I) but I would certainly not regard mild bondage or caning as pornographic so I suppose at the end of the day I do agree with her conclusion. 

The Travelodge hotel chain claims that of the 21,800 books left in its rooms last year, 7,000 were Shades of Grey.

"Grey Matters"
British screenwriter, Kelly Marcel, is charged with the task of turning Fifty Shades of Grey into a movie. 

She states "It isn't going to be Twilight." Well I suppose that's a given. She (Kelly) has no BDSM research planned , but says she likes to immerse herself in the world she writes about so will be definitely looking into it. She was asked about her own sexual preferences and replied "She's never been averse to a bit of spanking (yay good for her). Had sex with British and American men and couldn't say there was a difference
but sex with a Frenchman - was amazing. Well perhaps E.L. should have made her star a Frenchman:)

"The author Wilbur Smith"- This Lion Sleeps Tonight, an interview by Camilla Long
This was a full page job, well written as always by Long and, unusually, she seemed to like her subject. The bit that amused me was how Smith first met his very attractive wife, 39 years his junior, He was, he said, attracted by her lovely cute little bottom which he followed into a W.H. Smith store and then asked its owner if she'd like a coffee. Needless to say its owner accepted.

"The World's Fastest Interview" - Davina McCall -
I don't particularly like Davina or the shows she's been associated with but her 'interview' - which is a quirky quick-answer thing which the Times runs with a different celeb each week - revealed that Davina has a ‘taste for mild bondage and it’s a great way to spice up a 12 year old marriage’.

I always make sure I've absorbed a few significant news items too, and maybe some snippets from Culture or food ideas from Style, so that I can share with my husband but the little raunchy references always give me a pleasant buzz.


Pictures from Sunday Times


1manview said...

I tried reading the book, but got so disgusted with it not being what they said it was, I put it down. It's not a porn book you can read while riding the bus or train, It's not even a a great erotic book, I will give credit to the publisher for some great skills of selling the book. I saw the author a few days ago on TV. It was obvious she knew nothing about what she wrote. She didn't answer anything direct, she just smiled and let the host and audience do all the talking. Even my wife said she looked like a rat caught in a trap. I had to laugh because it takes a lot for ML to see through people. But she was out selling her coming movie... As far as comparing men and country, it's not the country, it's who know what the #@$ they are doing. Oh you guessed it, I'm sick of Shades of crap..(laughing) I guess you and others have me hooked on reading about the real deal... :)

Turiya said...

Well I liked the story, but the writing itself left a lot to be desired. She needed a better editor. Or maybe she needed an editor. But yeah, whoever made that quote obviously didn't read the book either. There was no caning at all. Hand spanking mostly and one incident with a belt. Lots of light BDSM, but nothing too major. Mainly it's a story about a guy who is a Dom/sadist/control freak who meets and falls in love with a girl who is not a submissive or a masochist. It's all about how they find a balance within their relationship because of their differing needs. I quite like the story, but it's a shame the writing wasn't better.



ronnie said...

1MV - Having not read the book I am not qualified to give an opinion but I must say, I have seen the author interviewed once and would agree with ML, she was a little lost. Maybe because of all the limelight suddenly thrust upon on. I am still not sure if I will read it. Thank you 1MV.

Turiya - As I said to IMV, I haven't read the book so I can't really comment other than hearing and reading what others have said about poor writing.

Regarding the cane - in the article, Minette writes "It's not until the final pages that the suspense is ended: at last, even though Anastasia has not signed the contract Christian goes much, much too far with the cane and Anastasia rushes out in pain, rage and grief." then goes on to say " This assault makes her see finally that Christian is incapable of love." Thanks Turiya.


Roz said...

Hi Ronnie, I have read the book and agree with Turiya. There certainly was no cane, in fact they were a hard limit for Ana so were thrown out! Either a misrepresentation or simple misprint.


Hermione said...

Turiya, there's only so much an editor can do with crap, and the author has the final say.

"The Travelodge hotel chain claims that of the 21,800 books left in its rooms last year, 7,000 were Shades of Grey." Very interesting statistic.


Turiya said...

Yeah that was with a belt that, that happened. He wanted to punish her and she was refusing. So she decided to see what all the fuss was about and she failed to use the safeword when it became too much, so she freaked out and ran off.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I read both books. She loved the many erotic scenes in the book, but did not find that the writing was good. I was disappointed about how the author portrayed the scene.

As I said before, you spanking stories are better written, more fun and also very erotic.


Turiya said...

Lol Hermione. Yes definitely an interesting statistic. Being an editor and writer myself, I would be able to turn that story into something pretty amazing. I'm actually kinda sad that they didn't even really bother. It was self-published to start so it was never properly edited.

SNP said...

Interesting tidbits to share with us! Thanks.

sunnygirl said...

50 Shades is still getting a lot of play. I agree it was not the literature in any sense but it is a love story with some really "hot" aspects. I loved the text messages back and forth. I thought they were as "hot" as other aspects.

I loved Wilbur Smith's books and they usually contain some spanking with very good stories.

Ronnie, thank you for being the "watcher" for the erotic tidbits.

Anonymous said...

I prefer the spanking stories too...especially the collections of short stories that you can get your teeth into very quickly and can leave a nice warm glow.I've read one written by a London Solicitor...which made me smile.Perhaps an alternative career is yet a possibility ! Sarah,LD,UK

ronnie said...

Roz - Mmmm, I'm surprised a cane was mentioned then. Could a misprint. Did you like the book? Thanks Roz.

Hermione - I thought that an interesting statistic. Thanks Hermione.

Turiya - I bet she's had a few letter from readers telling her she's mistaken with the cane. Didn't realise the book was self-published.

Joey - You really are so very kind. Thank you Joey.

SNP - I like to share my finds with friends:) Thanks SNP.

SG - My pleasure. I think I may have to read the book or at least skim through it. I saw Wilbur Smith being interviewed today and thought what a nice guy he was. I haven't read any of his books. Thanks SG.

Sarah - Was the book by the London Solicitor (or ex now I think) Peter Jones? Thank you Sarah.


Bas said...

I do think a lot of DD women would also fall in love with a 39 years older man if he reacted like this:
"After they married, Niso asked her husband Wilbur Smith what was her ‘budget’. ‘What’s a budget?’ he replied."

MrJ said...

Hopefully, Kelly Marcel has the same nose for the right webblogs as you have for Times articles.

Dawn b said...

Well I certainly hope that the movie is better than the books...sheesh!

Blondie said...

Okay, gotta comment. Personally, the book was mildly erotic with some suggestions toward BDSM, only in reference to his past submissives and his Red Play room. I would allow my daughter to read book two and three. The entire trilogy reminded me of the movie Pretty Woman with a higher level of sexuality. I think that the only good that came from the book is that it might have opened a few minds to diversity in the bedroom. And maybe it spiced up some marriages. Did nothing for ours. I think that the book was PG compared to most of the stuff I enjoy reading. But if a few women get their bottoms spanked during sex, well then the book helped someone's sex life.

Minelle Labraun said...

I enjoyed the story but agree the writing isn't fantastic. I look at it like I do when you pick up certain types of literature based on your desire of the moment! Frankly sometimes you want trash, other times you want to be inspired to think.

Turiya said...

It was originally self-published and became a best seller as a self-published novel. Then she was approached by a mainstream publisher and signed with them (not sure which publisher though). I've only read the self-published version of the books, which was supposedly edited by a writer friend she had or something. But it was full of so many grammatical errors and stuff. Stuff any writer should have been able to easily spot. Stuff even a novice reader could easily spot.

I hope the mainstream published version was a bit more cleaned up, but I haven't read that version yet. I do want to though.



Michael M said...

Regarding the Sunday Times, there is frequently a little nugget in there which catches a spanko's eye. Even if it is just a pair high heeled boots, or a tight pair of trousers.

ronnie said...

Bas - Yes, I read that but didnd't add it:) Thank you Bas.

MrJ - I think she will. Thanks MrJ.

Dawn B - Hello. Usually the book is better than the film but this time I think it will be the other way around:) Thanks Dawn.

Blondie - I agree. If it's spiced up someones marriage, good. Thank you Blondie.

Minelle - Yes, agree with you there. Depends on the mood on what you choose to read. Thank you Minelle.

Turiya - I have the book so I will skim the end to see if cane was changed for the belt. Thanks Turiya

Michael - A little more than usual last week. Cheers Michael.


Abby Sage said...

I knew I should have bought the Sunday Times this week!
I bet there are tit bits like this every week, especially with spanking etc being in the zeitgeist. Whatever else 50 Shades has done it has made spanking more mainstream (for a few months.)

Anonymous said...

It was indeed ! And such an unassuming name.He certainly relished his 'job' Sarah,LD,UK

Ami Starsong said...

I've read lots of 'spanking' fiction since 50 Shades and I still love it the best, even better than Bared to You. It was certainly what 'opened' my eyes to possibilities that I had previously had no idea about; and ultimately it has had a very big hand in 'probably' saving our marriage - in more ways than one! So, if you are lucky enough to have always lived a certain 'lifestyle' please go easy on us who haven't up till now. I'm just glad we didn't leave things too late! Heaven only knows how they will film it though! And another thing, while I'm daring to make such a comment - I wonder how many people are simply being green-eyed because they didn't come up with the idea first? Let's face it, would we all like to suddenly become rather more well-off than we'd ever dreamed?

Oh, also... there's an advert out at the moment Ronnie where two people are stuck in a lift, and the woman suddenly starts spanking the man to pass the time! Have you seen it? I have completely forgotten what it was about because I was so overwhelmed!

Hugs, Ami

ronnie said...

Abby - Usually something that catches my eye, though I don't share it every week. Thanks Abby.

Sarah - I thought it was. He emailed me once before his book came out. I've looked for the email since but must have deleted it. Thanks Sarah.

Ami - There are certainly a few eye monsters. I wished I'd thought of it. I must skim through it.

No, I haven't seen the advert. Is it on TV? I'll see if I can find it. Thanks Ami.