Friday, 21 December 2012

The Boss in the Kitchen

I know I've said this before but probably quite a while back so newer readers may not know it but my husband is a decent cook. He comes from a line of chefs/caterers and we have had our share of catering businesses in the past and, although he doesn't do it any more professionally, he is nevertheless genetically programmed to cook. Well.

So at Christmas, if we're at home Christmas Day which we will be this year, he's definitely the boss in all matters culinary. As it draws closer P tends to spend more time in the kitchen and our meals leading up to Christmas tend to get more glamorous, perhaps it's his version of getting into training. We can't use granulated stocks, thickening agents or proprietary additives to make life easy at this time of year, it's all rouxs and meat bones, fish heads and jus. Bought-in brandy sauce? Forget it, start off with butter and plain flour, he tells me, if it's worth doing it's worth doing properly. Yes I did say he tells me, because you see I have to act as commis for him and he chivvies me around to keep me on my toes and he expects me to get things right.

I don't mind actually, I've learned loads from him over the years and I like him telling me to do this and that and how to get it right, and stopping to explain something if I do it wrong. And then there's the pats on the bum to encourage me and threats of more than pats if I get the same thing wrong twice. 

That hasn't happened yet but a girl commis can imagine.

Have a fun weekend.



Michael M said...

She doesn't look too unhappy - maybe a bit like you really when faced with a spanking - smiling on the inside.
Don't let that custard curdle.

MrBBSpanker said...

Cooking can be so therapeutic and relaxing. Have a very Happy Holiday Season!

bobbsroom said...

Hi Ronnie

I can identify with that completely. We nearly always stay home on Christmas day and have family around, 14 this year and I make sure I do all the cooking. P’s exactly right it must be all roux and meat bones, no cutting corners. If my better half gets a good spanking for interfering too much then Happy Christmas all round.Just got to make sure I keep my eye on the Yorkshires while see is squirming over my knee.

Have a good weekend, and even better Christmas and a happy new year.


Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like more than one dish gets cooked this time of year.

Julia D. said...

I have to agree with P: I'm nothing like a professional cook, but I do prefer to cook from scratch myself. And isn't it wonderful when two people can cook together, without getting in each others' way? For me that's the sign of a good relationship.

Hugs, Julia

Bas said...

P seems to be a very severe chef.
So he does actually know how all those kitchen utensils are originally meant to be used.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Any chance of P publishing one of his roux's here?

How about a picture of his Christmas dinner table?

Hermione said...

We always cook from scratch too, as much as possible, although we are nowhere near P in terms of expertise.

My favourite fantasy is to have Gordon Ramsey in the kitchen ordering me around and spanking me for not cooking the scallops perfectly. "They're RAW!" WHACK!


sunnygirl said...

Hoping your commis duties earn you a love OTK reward. Happy Christmas to you all

elle :) said...

That would be great! I would love if my hubby cooked like that!! Or even if I knew how :) lol

ronnie said...

Michael - No chance of curdling custard. Brandy sauce with my Christmas pudding, made by P. Hope you enjoy the holidays. Thank you Michael.

MrBB - You too, MrBB. Thanks.

Bob - That's my job, keeping an eye on the yorkie puds and god help me if I let them burn but I'm safe this year, were having turkey:) Have a wonderful Christmas. Thanks Bob.

Mick - I do like an extra roasting at this time of the year:) Enjoy the family Mick. Thank you.

Julia - We do get on well in the kitchen. P says I'm a good commis:) Have a good Christmas. Thank you Julia.

Bas - LOL. He does indeed. P likes to use them what they were intended for, rarely for the other. Enjoy the holidays with family. Thank you Bas.

OBB - Picture of table before or after the meal?:) Enjoy the festivities. Thanks OBB.

Hermione - P wouldn't have him in his kitchen if he was paid:) Have you ever had fresh scallops? Hope you have a lovely Christmas Thank you Hermione.

SG - More like a few swats for not getting a move on:) Happy Christmas to you and yours. Hope it's a good one. Thank you SG.

Elle - Hes a guy with many talents. I'm a lucky girl. Enjoy Christmas. Thank you Elle.


Kaelah said...

It's very cool that P is such a good cook! Have a great weekend, you two. :-)

Anonymous said...

Ugh, you make me feel inadequate..I swear by a book called '4 ingredients ' by two Australian mothers..guaranteed only 4 things in each recipe.Mind you we do have a constant flow of people. Peter cooks on Christmas Day.Nothing sexier than a husband that can cook. Sarh,LD,UK

Ami Starsong said...

It would be my dream to have a husband who could cook. I shall be shackled to the cooker again this Christmas. (Well, there have to be some things to look forward to don't there?!) And I do have a new pinny and some suspenders to wear under it! Well, what do you know!!!

Happy Christmas, and hugs, Ami

Anonymous said...

I always like to prepare fresh foods including home made meatballs, sauce, baked clams, etc. Once in a while I get a few pats from LD as encouragement.

Have a terrific weekend.


PK said...

Nick does most of our cooking too, but nothing like this. Sounds wonderful, good food and the possibility of a spanking if you don't listen.


ronnie said...

Kaelah - He's one in a million:) Have a good weekend yourself and I hope Christmas is wonderful for you. Thank you Kaelah.

Sarah - A man that can cook, of yes, sexy indeed. Even though P has taught me a lot, I use a cookbook if I want to do something special but don't tell P that:) Have a wonderful Christmas. Thanks Sarah.

Ami - I hope you don't tell your starman what you have under your pinny else he wont be able to concentrate on his dinner:) Hope you have a great Christmas. Thanks Ami.

Joey - I'd love to taste your meatballs and sauce. Have a good weekend yourself and hope you have a lovely Christmas. Thanks Joey.

PK - I bet Nick's good in the kitchen:) Thanks PK.