Monday, 27 August 2012

Sent to Bed

I saw this picture and was wondering.....

Have you ever been brought back home from a night out and spanked because of your behaviour when out and then sent to bed teary-eyed?

Bank holiday here in the UK today and we are off out for the day, with umbrellas I might add!!, so catch up with you soon.

Have a good week.



Michael M said...

No -but I have plenty of experience where my wife retires to bed with any icy frost in the air and I then have to work hard the next day to win her over.
hope you have a good day off. the weather looks to be set fair - maybe.

MrJ said...

No, I have not - but yes, I did. That was pretty effective, I must say, in getting across the point.

Anonymous said...

Honestly..happened last night.And entirely because I'd been moaning about the weather and being generally 'off'.As Peter pointed out as I was over his knee, we got 10 days in the sun and many people can't afford to go anywhere this year.So I'm up bright and breezy, getting all the jobs done and if it rains we'll all go swimming.And I'll put a brave face on it.Sarah,LD,UK

PK said...

LOVE the picture! Hasn't happened to me, but it does make me think of early Cassie and Tom!


PK said...
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Anonymous said...

Not me.

Have a great holiday.


Dee said...

No, not yet :)
It's not a bank holiday for me but I will need an umbrella!

Dee x

Hermione said...

Not me either, but I wish it would rain here. Have a fine day out.


sunnygirl said...

Love the picture. Never happened here but it would be such fun.

Enjoy the holiday.

sunnygirl said...

Love the picture. Never happened here but it would be such fun.

Enjoy the holiday.

sunnygirl said...

Love the pic. Never happened here but I bet it would be fun. The aftercare is always worth it.

Enjoy the holiday.

1manview said...

No, but she has stormed to the bedroom after getting home from being out, pouting over something. It's a tough job going into the freezer and thawing it out. But worth it. :) Every time I look at that picture I chuckle...

I got soaked yesterday being the gentleman by keeping ML and my daughter from getting soaked in the rain. Sat in the restaurant all wet in that air conditioning. Was wondering why I woke up today feeling a little off.

Have a good one.

Peace and love

Cowgirl Up said...

Nope, hasn't happened to me yet. It's probably just a matter of time though.

Minelle Labraun said...

No not me, but I agree with PK. Probably early Cassie and Tom. ha ha.

dancingbarez said...

I have been spanked for behaviour when out and sent to bed but it is usually preety late by then anyway and he comes with me.

Daisy said...

No...and I doubt it would happen; once spanked I am absolutely forgiven and get cuddles and togetherness... he would not send me to bed afterwards in that way.

However, he has ordered me to bed, left me there thinking about my behaviour, THEN come in and spanked me...but after the spanking I am comforted and reassured, as always. xxx

Cute pic, though! xxxxx

Daisychain said...

Oops, the above was written by me; I thought I was signed into my blog but was writing from Daveys, for some reason! xxx

Emen said...

One of my earliest fantasies, the earliest I can remember, was waiting in bed. In a high, tiny attic bedroom, waiting for the sound of footsteps on the stairs.

What IS bank holiday? Everyone's happy because the banks are closed? I think here it would be a holiday if we were allowed to burn the banks down.

Sara said...

Hmm, not spanked and sent to bed, but spanked taken to bed. Does that count?


Julia said...

Love the pic! And no, never been sent to bed. Sometimes I think it would work wonders though if he were to do it.

ronnie said...

Michael - Day was good thank and didn't need the umbrella much. Thanks Michael.

Mr.J - I can imagine it would be very effective. Thanks Mr.J

Sara - LOL. No I'm not laughing because you were spanked but I had the same treatment from P beacuse of my moaning about weater and holidays though I wasn't sent to bed. Thanks Sara.

PK - Yes I think remember the early Tom and Cassie days. Thanks PK.

Joey - Day was good thanks Joey.

Dee - Not yet:) Sorry you were having to work. Thanks Dee.

Hermione - Want to swop for a week;) Thanks Hermione.

SG - Don't know whether I would:)Thanks SG.

1ManView - TTWD helps with thrawing out very quickly, I can assure you:) A true gentlemen looking after your girls. Hope you didn't come down with anything. Thanks 1MV,

Cowgirl - I hope you'll tell us when it does:) Thanks CG.

Minelle - Yes Cassie did and still does get herself into trouble:) Thanks Minelle.

Dancingbarez - I've been spanked for behaviour many a time but never sent to bed. Thanks Dancingbarez

Daisy - I think I'd prefer to be spanked and sent to bed than having to think about my behaviour and THEN spanked. Thanks Daisy.

Emen - It goes a long way back when banks closed it was classed as a Bank Holiday for everyone. Should be changed now to public holiday. LOL, yes, the banks have a lot to answer for. Thanks Emen.

Sara - Yep that counts:) Thanks Saara.

Julia - Would work for some definitely. Thanks Julia.


Red said...

Ronnie: not happened here, but sounds like the perfect solution for any problems when we are out that annoy Cindy...
bottoms up