Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Flip Flop Spanked

And it hurt, and it was my own fault because I persuaded him to have them. Corrupted him to have them actually, that was his choice of words in the car as we drove home from town.

You see my husband is not highly fashion conscious, certainly not when it comes to himself anyway, so he balks at paying what he always calls over the odds for nice stuff. Now we're going away somewhere warm next month and his beach flip flops from the last several years are looking a bit ragged to say the least.

so I convinced him, against his better judgement, that he should upgrade to a new pair especially now with the summer (what summer?) sales on. I persuaded him to try on a nice leather pair, told him they looked great, pointed out they were on the sale shelf blah blah blah, and even said I'd pay for them (because honestly his old ones are an embarrassment. (A little likes these. They were broken but P glued them) which I did without telling him the price.

Later in the car I did tell him the price and what a good deal it was and he momentarily lost concentration and nearly knocked someone of a cycle he was so outraged, he said he normally pays about a fiver for them in beach side shops and even that's too much. So we exchanged a few words, he said we'd been ripped off which was ridiculous I'd known exactly what I was doing, and when we got home he said he'd try them on properly which he did. He found faults which he hadn't realised in the shop - they were leather so he wouldn't be able to splash through the surf, the heels were uncomfortable, they would fade in the sun, he did go on.

Eventually I told him he should just shut up and accept them and be glad someone cares how he looks, I said I was throwing his old ones out with the rubbish. He thought about it, didn't say anything, went upstairs, I heard him bumping about, then a few minutes later he was back in the lounge wearing his old flip flops.

"See my old ones are fine, perfect for my needs," he said.

"They need to go in the bin, P," said moi,"really they do, they're disgraceful, you'll have to have your own beach space if you insist on wearing them."

"Well they're not going in the bin, but those poncy leather ones are going back to the store."

I told him I wouldn't take them back, he'd change his mind and see sense. Unfortunately I think he saw red instead of sense; he picked up one of the new flip flops, pulled me off my seat and over to the dining table where he told me to take my jeans down and bend across it for him to spank me. I said no way, it wasn't fair it was getting out of proportion, so he put his flip flop on the table and took my jeans down for me, then after bending me easily across the table and securing me there with his left hand he spanked me for several minutes, pausing only to yank my knickers down towards the end, with the damned flip flop and it hurt as much as a paddle hurts.

I struggled as I always do when it's unfair, I may have called him some names too, he said I did and he said I was lucky he hadn't gone and fetched the cane to me.

I immediately apologised for calling him anything even if I couldn't remember what it was I'd called him. He seemed satisfied, threw the 'implement' on the floor and re stated his earlier instruction that they were to go back to store and this time I didn't argue. Then he went and made two cups of tea and said he was going to watch some a wildlife documentary on TV and I could join him if I wanted.

I did join him but not until I'd made a show of packing tissue round the flip flops and putting them back in their box as a clear sign of obedience (I did remove them later for this photo shot.)

So guys, any of you in the UK who have the good taste to buy a pair of leather flip flops from Jones in the coming weeks be aware that they have a powerful dual use (I should say girls be aware too!) and someone, size ten, is likely to be buying a pair which has my DNA all over the right sole.


Let me know if the picture is yours so I can give credit.


Anonymous said...

I avoid going into shops entirely with Peter.I swear by George at ASDA because he would neither notice or appreciate a better product.Entirely with you on this one and he was looking a gift horse in the mouth.Can only begin to imagine how wiffy the old ones are too.Just hold fire...a meesly cup of coffee on the beach in the South of France was 7 euros this year...he'll end up paying over the odds at a beach shop.THEN you can crow...Sarah,LD,UK

MrJ said...

And... was the shop actually willing to take them back after such use?

Lea said...

Those do look like nice sandals you picked out. I think most men are silly about what they wear and as long as it doesn't have a huge hole, they'll keep wearing it.

Fondles said...

oh but they are gorgeous looking!!

Heck i'd wear them myself!

and yes, would the store take them back after such "use"? LOL

PK said...

I love the sandals you picked out! You should never have told him the price. Then again would he have minded paying that much for a good paddle plus a spare? Men! If you could have auctioned them off here in blogland think of the money you could have made a fortune on them.


Anonymous said...


I always enjoy reading about your shopping experiences. If you buy something for yourself, you get spanked. If you help your husband, you get spanked. You are a brave soul to continue to venture out on your shopping adventures with P.

Considering the dual use, I would suggest the new slippers are a bargain. Also, easy to pack in carry on. But, I doubt you need a new implement. LOL.

Thank you for sharing another terrific spanking.


Susie said...

Oh dear. I can keep my husband looking nice in the clothes category by simply buying things and hanging them in his closet but he is insanely frugal and silly about shoes. I think he has 3 pairs and he REFUSES to even buy flip flops.

How can (generally speaking) men and women be so completely opposite on the need for shoes?

Sorry about the terrible swatting!

Our Bottoms Burn said...

We do like our old clothes.

Used to race sailboats. One club had a contest for the "worst" looking sailing shoes. I never won, not even close, and my shoes did show a tad bit of wear and duct tape.

I think P should buy you a pair of wooden sole sandals.

Minelle Labraun said...

I too think the sandals were a good buy. Maybe he wouldn't have returned them if he thought more about the future use in a colder climate.

sunnygirl said...

The sandals looks great-should have auctioned them off as someone said and then you could have a nice little nest egg you could spend on you. LOL

I never tell hubby what I've paid for something because no matter was the number is it was just too much. We have an agreement - it's a don't ask don't tell policy.

ronnie said...

Sarah - I shall make sure we head for the first beach shop we see and stand back and smile as I hear him say xxxxxx:) Thanks Sarah.

MrJ - Going back this weekend. I'm certainly not going to tell them they've been used once and what for:) Thanks MrJ

Lea - What is it with men and clothes, beats me. Thanks Lea.

Fondles - LOL Yes. Though I did take a look at the right sole just in case there were any marks left:) Thanks Fondles.

PK - Yes he would have. P doesn't like to spend money unless it's absolutely necessary. Though he did say he was thinking of buying a new paddle but we'll see, thinking and buying are too different things. Thanks PK.

Joey - I'm a glutton for punishment:) Your welcome, Joey and thank you.

Susie - I couldn't get away with hanging something new in his wardrobe, It would be - what's this, I don't need a new shirt, t/shirt.... back to the shop it go. Wasn't too terrible a swatting:) Thanks Susie.

OBB - I can see whose side your on:) Sail boat racing, that's must have been fabulous. Thanks OBB.

Minelle - No, his decision is made and back to the shop they'll go. Thanks Minelle.

SG - I like that policy but just wouldn't work in our house. Thanks SG.


Emen said...

Ow. Ow ow ow ow. They're nice but good riddance.

Anonymous said...

I like the new flip flops! You have good taste, Ronnie!

Too bad P doesn't appreciate your fine taste in shoes, lol!


Hermione said...

The leather sandals are lovely! You have good taste in implements:)


Cowgirl Up said...

They were nice sandals, you do have good taste. I have heard in several places now about the dual use for flip flops. I don't think I'll be getting Blue any! :)

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I ever considered flip flops.

Is it my imagination, or were you looking to get a spanking? Or is that a fair question?

There are cheaper ways of getting one... :)

Julia said...

DH hates shopping, and flip flops, so I don't have to worry about this. But kind of funny, sorry!

Michael M said...

Take them back and get a nice pair of hard soled sandals for yourself. You may as well the money is spent now. Once you are on holiday you can fess up and take your spanking with the sandal.

Erica said...

Men! John will wear his t-shirts (under his collared shirts, so they don't show) until they're practically in rags. I don't get it.

Are they allergic to newness, or what? :-)

Kaelah said...

I'm surprised, Ronnie, the fact that these flip flops obviously can't only be used for one but for two purposes didn't convince P to keep them? I mean, they are surely cheaper than many other spanking implements, aren't they? I would say that makes them good value for money. ;-)

ronnie said...

Emen - I agree now:) Thanks Emen.

Kitty - Thanks Kitty, shame P doesn't think so yet when he is choosing something for me he has excellent taste. Thanks Kitty.

Hermione - LOL but I'll pass on this type of implement. Thanks Hermione.

Cowgirl - Yep stay clear of flip flops/sandles and slippers:) Thanks Cowgirl.

Mick - Fair question to ask me but this time it's your imagination Mick:) In my opinion he really does need a new pair of beach sandles. Thanks Mick.

Julia - Your safe from flip flop spankings then:) Thanks Julia.

Michael - I'm happy to buy myself a pair of sandles but I don't want to be spanked with them:) Thanks Michael.

Erica - LOL. That's whay P does in the winter and yep they are almost falling off him before he decides to throw them out. Just beats me. Thanks Erica.

Kaelah - I never thought of that. I'll point it out to P as he does like value for money:) but then again I don't really want to be spanked with a flip flop again. Thanks Kaelah.


Dee said...

They are really nice new flip flops. I wonder if the old pair could meet with some sort of accident? :)
No glossing to be done?

Dee x

ronnie said...

Dee - I don't think my bottom could handle his flip flops getting lost:) Thanks Dee.


Anonymous said...

My wife uses leather sandals on me all the time. She enjoys watching me bounce up and down when over her knee. She will sometimes reach around me with hand cream in her left hand and paddle me with her right until she spanks the cum out of me and I collapse across her knees. markiee

1manview said...

LMBO... DNA ...
I don't wear flip flops because even new, to me they are a ugly piece of rubber under my foot. Bt those I would wear. Good eye young lady...

ronnie said...

Markiee - Your wife looks after you very well:) Thanks Markiee.

1MV - It would have:) Thanks. Have a lovely weekend.


Red said...

Ronnie: love the adventure. Nice to know that you have both good girl spankings, and discipline spankings. I can see your attitude being different at the start of being spanked as this being unfair, but it does solve the problem admirably... and you have a sore bottom to revel in later..
We use both types of spankings, and they both work.
bottoms up

ronnie said...

They certainly do work. Thanks Red and sorry for late reply.