Monday, 9 April 2012

Masturbation before, or after, your Spanking?

"Did you know Juliette Binoche masturbates in her new movie?"

No I'm not asking you, it's a question my husband asked me on Sunday, he was reading the Sunday Times Culture magazine and he just asked it out of the blue. I told him no, sorry P, she didn't tell me she was going to masturbate in her latest role, and asked him why he was asking anyway (I know my husband fancies Juliette Binoche) but he just said 'Oh just reading about new film releases, it's called Elles, wouldn't mind seeing it'.

Ah, when P spots a film he likes to look of Ronnie's expected to say yes please that sounds great but when the converse happens P usually says hmm, sounds interesting why don't you see it with one of your friends:) Anyway I googled the movie and it does sound ok and I think Ms Binoche is a great actress, might be a great masturbator too for all I know, perhaps I'll find out and in case you're interested here's a view.

But here's the funny thing, within minutes of P's question I flipped over a page of Style magazine and there was a full double page feature on guess what.. Female Masturbation. It was well written, witty and insightful, exposing the hypocrisy espoused by many women that they don't do it and questioning why it's so all right for men but something secret for women. I asked my husband, being as he appeared to be in a communicative mood, and tuned in to the subject of female masturbation, whether he thought it was a good or bad thing for women to do it. He said he thought it was good, in fact very good. So I asked him if he thought it was good that I should do it and first he looked quizzical as he considered his response, then he said 'why would you need to' followed by 'so do you then?'.

"Would you like to see me some day?" I asked.

"It'd almost certainly get you spanked." Said my husband.

"Before or after?" I was pushing my luck now.

"I'll come back to you on that." Said P and that was the end of it.

I hope he doesn't forget, and I think I will certainly be going to see that film with him, in fact it will probably be me reminding him rather than the other way round.



Little Butterfly said...

A lot of guys somehow think that doing it ourselves makes us want them less. I know that, for me, the more I do it, the more perpetually aroused I am, and the more I want HIM!

Great post, and now I am interested in that movie! :)

Anonymous said...

You would have to have a pretty arid unconscious mind to not let your thoughts (and fingers) do a little wandering.Surely? I fear it is regarded as rather 'unclean'.Better to be in tune with your own body, I'd say.If you go with him to the film the quid pro quo has to be 'A dangerous Experiment '.Think on ! Sarah,LD,UK

MrJ said...

I guess after is best: having deserved it, and in a special state, it seems more enjoyable to both of us.
When she is traveling, I make her do so daily, upon waking up; and send me an e-mail upon completion.

Anonymous said...


I really enjoyed the exchange between you and P. I hope there is a blog post on this experience I am sure you will soon have. But, why before or after, how about before and after. :)

Enjoy the movie,

Hermione said...

Long, long ago, I told my very first boyfriend that I masturbated. He went red, laughed nervously and said, "Oh, you don't do that."

It's perfectly normal for both men and women.

I'll have to keep an eye out for that movie.


PK said...

Before I came out to Nick, the idea of getting 'caught' and then spanked was one of my favorite fantasies. It's still one I use occasionally.

I still know women who swear they never have and would never masturbate. My only question to them would be 'Why not?'


sunnygirl said...

I agree with PK "why not". I've never thought about getting a spanking for masturbating. Might have to suggest that to hubby.

faerie said...

Can I answer the why not? I don't masturbate mainly because it is never as good as when I'm with Musicman and I find it more frustrating then satistfying.

Anonymous said...

I was going to answer the why not, too, but faerie beat me to it, lol! I don't and I have a great sex life. To me, it's just not the same as when Daddy does it, plus the orgasms he gives me are way, way, way more intense. I think it's bizarre that everyone is expected to and if you don't you're thought of as a freak.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ronnie:
We both masturbate together either before or after love make and spanking each other singly or sometime together. We find that it makes us more loving and our time together more loving. Please tell us of other good films to look for. Love your blog. Kindest regards to you and P.

Rachel & aj Widget

Michael M said...

I can't imagine why a couple would not masturbate either when they are alone or together. My wife enjoys a starter with cunnilingus and then takes over herself. As she says, she knows where all the best bits are located.

Michael M

ronnie said...

Little Buttlerfly - Yes sometimes make me want him more:) Thanks.

Sarah - Why do some women deny it. If you masturbate say you do, don't deny it. Not a dangerous experiment at all:) Thanks Sarah.

Mr.J - I prefer it after. Quite erotic being made to masturbate
Cheers MrJ.

Joey - And in between:) Thanks Joey.

Hermione - What happened then, did
you stay together for long? Thanks Hermione.

PK - Funny, that used to be one of my fantasies being caught masturbating and being spanked for it, thanks PK

SG - It's quite erotic being caught doing it and then spanked. Thank you.

Faerie/Kitty - I must admit my orgasms are more intense when P does it than on my own. I don't think there's anything bizarre or being thought of as a freak if you don't masturbate but if you do say you do, don't deny it. Faerie/Kitty, thanks.

Rachel - Thanks your very kind. That's different masturbating together, I can see how that would work. Thanks for sharing that. There is another film but it escapes me at the moment. I'll come back to me so keep watching this space:)


Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Didn't there used to be something of a taboo back in the day that "nice girls'' didn't masturbate? And do vanilla women ever talk about this among themselves?


Charlie1986 said...

In answer to your Q, no I don't masturbate before or after, it just doesn't turn me on! He often makes love to me as, half the ultimate sign that he is in charge, but half to make us close and to make it all better again!

In response to this weeks Times, love it! I did the same, told me HOH, darling I need to see this film Elle,and then read the masturbation article and in pure British style said to him, 'are they allowed to write about this!'

Take care.

Lovely to read another UK blog.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

'Before or after?" For the multi-orgasmic, why not both?

I suppose you will have to let P discover you rubbing one off.

Rich Person said...

I solidly approve of my female partner masturbating, and always have. I think it helps women be more comfortable with their sexuality. It's also sexy to watch.

I think Nancy Friday also remarked in one of her books that just about all women fantasize, but that they often don't think of it as such. Part of that may be the general taboo against women wanting and enjoying sex. This is probably one of the most dysfunctional things about society.

And, you can imagine what Suzie Bright has to say about the matter!

Before or after, Ronnie? During. But gently.

sbo said...
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ronnie said...

Michael - Every one is different and your wife is quite right, we know girls just know where to hit the spot:) Thanks Michael.

FD - Yes, nice girls never masturbated. When we were younger we used to talk about masturbation. Friends I have now, no we never go there. Thanks FD.

Charlie - hello and welcome. I love when the Times does write about things like this. meant to keep the article, wanted to refer back to something. One of my favourite films is Shawshank Redemtion, watched it again for the hundreth time the other night:) Appreciate you stopping by.

OBB - Might have to try that soon:) Thanks OBB.

Rich - Hello and welome to you. I think it's great that you approve of your partner masturbating. Men still don't like to think their women do. Suzie sexpert:) yes I can imagine what she would have to say about it. Thanks for stopping by.


Dee said...

Hey Ronnie :) I don't see masturbation as something we do on our own as having any bearing, at all, on how sexually satisfied we are with our partners. It's a totally natural thing to do and I mean, if I was feeling particularly horny and Mitch wasn't there to do it for me........ :)

Dee x

Red said...

Ronnie: another wonderful topic to discuss.. the unwritten taboo for women, but not for men.. Definitely will try to find that movie.. We are exploring with a vibrator (occasionally) while making enhances giving Cindy more pleasurable control... Reading spanking blogs keeps my eroticism alive..any method that keeps sex alive helps keep you young.

ronnie said...

Red - Thanks. I agree. Spanking for one keep us young and I sure do love it:)