Wednesday, 21 March 2012

You Asked.....

Mick - I noticed that you can be rather hacked after a spanking? Are you always, even if you were looking forward to one? - I'm not certain exactly what you mean by "hacked,"I guess peed off in some way. I'd say it's true that sometimes I get spanked and don't get my own way which for me would usually mean sex, sometimes that frustrates me but then again I normally enjoy several hours afterwards with a sore backside trying to get my husband's attention for some make-up time. There are occasions when I get spanked for doing something totally wrong and they hurt and there's no question of sex even though in nearly all cases frisson builds in the day or days following and when hanky panky comes it's usually very fulfilling. I'd say only about a quarter of my spankings leave me hacked off and usually it's only shot term.

PK - How long have you been spanking and how did you bring it up the first time?
OBB - How your first spanking with P came about? - Have to get the old grey cells working. If I remember correctly it started around my late twenties, gradually with playful swats, probably like it does with most couples. Then much later I read some throwaway paperback on holiday, I think a Jackie Collins, in which there was a brief account of a girl getting spanked and I told P about it, I remember him reading the extract and telling me so and saying it seemed to have done her some good. I think that was probably the first time P ever mentioned it, I mean the actual determined act of spanking, and told him I agreed.

Later the same day P spanked me, we'd been out to some barbecue place where there was dancing and free flowing wine, we were both a bit tipsy or at least I thought we were, and I know I was acting seductively, P noticed it of course and so did other men according to him. Anyway to cut it short when we got back to our chalet I got spanked for the first time ever, it was fairly hard, or I thought so, and it was followed by ridiculously satisfying hot summer night sweaty sex. Next morning I woke late, P was already up I could hear him swimming in the pool, when I came out of the shower he'd done breakfast for us on the terrace, I told him he'd spanked me last night as if I expected some explanation but he just patted my bottom and said he knew and it didn't do me any harm did it? Well he was right.

Joey - Do you have a spanking fantasy, a scene that thrills you? - Yes, I'd love to be spanked after a riding session, I would have to be correctly attired and so would he, I would have failed to impress in some way, or been disobedient or lazy not tending to my horse properly, something along those lines. It would perhaps have been a repeat offence for which I'd been warned and now I'd gone too far. He would deal with him firmly in the stable, bending me over a hay bale or something and giving me a should cropping.

Isabella - I'd like to ask how you met and when did you know he was the one? - We met when he became the new manager of a place I was working. I didn't like him, he was aloof and sarcastic in my opinion, probably a bit too young to hold the management position he had (don't tell him that, I never have.) He kept asking me to go out and I kept refusing, he was very persistent, my friends told me I ought to give it a go. Then an occasion occurred when my friends got tickets to see a favourite pop group at the time and I didn't manage to get one as they were a sell out. When he found and knew that I was disappointed he went out of his way to get me a ticket, I don't know to this day how he did it, I guess he paid over the odds, anyway it got him firmly in my good books and our first date wasn't long after. There was no light bulb moment when I thought that's it, he's the one. It just seemed so natural being with him.

Lea - What's your favourite colour? - Pink followed by red

Oops, sorry you didn't mean the colour of my bottom after a spanking:) My favourite colour it Blue Lea.

You know me - I love pictures with my posts but sometimes the font changes so keep fingers it doesn't with this post.

Thank you - PK, OBB, Joey, Mick, Isabella and Lea for the excellent questions.

Please come back tomorrow for more questions and answers.



Hermione said...

Thanks for sharing those answers with us. I always like to know about people's first spankings.


PK said...

Thanks Ronnie,
I kinda like all these questions floating around. For me, being detail... oriented, it's been a lot of fun.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Ronnie, this is fun.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for answering our questions. Jodhpur pants with long leather riding boots are very sexy. Add a crop and the danger of outdoors, well wow! I hope we read about it on your site someday.

Also, I really enjoyed the answers to the other questions as well especially your first spanking.


Susie said...

It always amazes me how matter of fact men can be about spankings. I squirm and choose my words all carefully. What do I get in response...just what your husband said. "Looks like that did you some good."

Red said...

Ronnie; thanks for sharing your first spanking, and other parts of your thoughts and life... That first spanking did more than you some good, it eventually lead to you being a prominent enthusiastic blogger in favor of being spanked, which allows more people to enjoy TTWD..
Happy spankings

ronnie said...

Hermione. Thanks, I've enjoyed answering the questions. Are you going to have a questions post?

PK - We know your a detail whore:) Thanks for your question.

Mick - Me too, thanks.

Joey - Maybe I should find a stables we can rent for the afternoon:) Thanks for your questions Joey. So happy to see you have your own blog. Look forward to popping over again.

Susie - Men are like that and P can be very matter of fact. Thanks.

Red - I suppose it did. I've enjoyed the questions and I certainly love blogging. Thanks Red.


Blondie said...

I love your questions and answers. It is always fun getting to know the person behind the blog. I love your pictures

Spankedhortic II said...

Like the fantasy but I could not imagine you not tending to your horse properly. Perhaps one of the other offenses would be better.


ronnie said...

Blondie - Thank you. It's been fun answering friends questions.


ronnie said...

Pref - Your right, I wouldn't not tend to my horse after a ride. Thanks Pref.