Wednesday, 29 February 2012

I still do it...

Are you the same - your hand goes straight to your bottom when told your in trouble or you've got a spanking coming?

Why do we do that?

Do we feel phantom pain? Is it even pain that we're anticipating? I mean most of the time, although there will be pain it's mostly pleasurable. Only occasionally do I get a real painful spanking where pleasure doesn't come into it and even then it usually causes certain feelings in the after hours or sometimes days. (Does it release some sort of chemical)

But either way I reach for my bottom. Whether my face shows lustful enthusiasm or dread anticipation my hands still do what they do.

Does it affect you tops when you see our hands reach back to our bottoms?



Anonymous said...

Oh yes... this movement you describe must be the equivalent sensation-driven involuntary reflex to the Top's 'palm itching' followed by either a little tap on one's own thigh or more subtly, an involuntary flexing of fingers against palm...

The anticipation of the spanking to come!

Nice one Ronnie!

Susie said...

Oh yes, I still do it. The terrible moment is when he whispers in my ear in a public place and I still put my hands back there! Pretty sure it makes him smile.

Hermione said...

I always so it afterward, for some reason:)


Anonymous said...

Yep ! And my heart skips a beat or two as well. Sarah,LD,UK

overherlap said...

Yup, you are right Ronnie, my Lady always grabs her bottom when I tell her she is in for a spanking, and since we practice the Spencer Plan, I believe I react the same way when she tells me I will be getting a spanking. I think it must just be a natural reaction, love the picture!

sarah thorne said...

You know what? I actually don't do it. I rarely even do it after. I think a lot of it has to do with my arms being kinda short, and it's difficult for me to reach back that far without straining!


MrJ said...

It is always nice to see one's words have impact - the best thing is the realization that this reflects more than their contextualization in previous experience: a sense of surrender.

Dee said...

No I don't do this. Always after lol like Hermione but my expression changes instantly!

Dee x

sunnygirl said...

I'll have to pay attention. I've never noticed. Great picture

Newt said...

It is complete impulse for me.
Like my booty is wired to my hands and saying shield me woman!!!!

Great post!


1manview said...

You Know, I don't really spank my spouse, I do on a rare occasion, give her a reality spanking I call it. I do it when I feel she is acting like a child. But sometimes I just what to playfully touch her backside, when she see that look in my eyes she covers up with her hands. I have been curious (again) since following you and others about what makes you enjoy a maintenance spanking.(or once a week spanking) Is it the pain? The physical contact. What feelings your mind and body go through. And why does it arouse so many of you before and afterwards? I know when I spank my spouse, she gets up swinging.. :)

Daisychain said..., I don't do it before, but I have been known to do it during, and that didn't work out so well for me!!!
And, often, I do it afterwards, to try to reassure myself it is still intact, I think, lol! xxxxx

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if I do or not. Had never considered it before. Love the picture, though:)!


Anonymous said...

I don't do this actually, not beforehand anyway. ;)

Michael Harrison said...

My house staff would do that when I told them off.

Galwaygiirl said...

Im not sure if I do or not. I love the idea of it though. Galway

Underling said...

I'm trying hard to think whether I've done this or seen others do it. But unfortunately I keep looking at that picture and losing my train of thought!

Erica said...

This is interesting! I admit, I've never done this. It seems that many do.

My instinctive body language is different. Every time I hear or read about spanking, hear a threat, etc., my legs stiffen. They always have. No idea why!

kiwigirliegirl said...

i love the picture.....ive not actually paid any attention - ill have to make a mental note for next time....i do know afterwards and for a couple of days afterwards I rub it and pat it my hands often find themselves back there....and during a spanking - apparently I flap my hands after each stroke LOL....

ronnie said...

TTM - That's it - It's the anticipation of the spanking to come though I'm sure when P mentions he's going to use the cane I can fell it strike my bottom:) Thanks TTM.

Susie - Hello. Yes I've done the exact thing in public and then realised and looked around to see if anyone noticed:) Thanks Susie.

Hermione - LOL I do it after as well followed by looking at my bottom in the mirror. Thanks.

Sarah - Oh yes and that:) Thanks Sarah.

Dave - I was going to ask if men who are spanked have the same reaction so thanks for that.

Sarah - I bet your expression changes:) Thank you Sarah.

Mr.J. - Sense of surender, yes. Thanks Mr.J.

Dee - Wonder what it is that makes some of us do it and others dont. Thanks Dee.

SG - Let us know next time. Yes I do love the picture. I first found it on a blog - Brambleberry Bush, a wonderful lady called Carly who sadly doesn't blog anymore. Thanks SG.

Newt - Exactly. Thank you Newt.

1MV - Another interesting question. Why don't you ask on your blog or send the question Bonnie - would be a good Sunday brunch topic or if you would like, I can ask here. Cheers IMV.

Daisy - "Still in tact" LOL. Thanks Daisy.

Kitty - Maybe there's a change in your expression. Thanks.

Grace - Do you do something else:) Thanks.

MH - Hello. Were they expecting a spanking? Thank you.

GG - Maybe subconsciously you do. Thanks.

Underling - LOL. It is rather a lovely picture. Thanks.

Erica - Stiffen your legs. My body sometimes goes stiff when I see someone getting a hard spanking. We all have our funny little way. Thanks Erica.

KG - Flap your hands after each stroke - are we all different. Thanks KG.

Thanks all so much for commenting.


Omega and mouse said...

Yes!!!! Yes!!! Why is that? Is it throwback from childhood?

Anytime O's done that he's always had to do something with her hands...

Really thought mouse was the only one with that problem


Ashley said...


ronnie said...

Mouse, Omega - Not a throwback from childhood for me so not sure why we do it.

As you see your not the only one.

Ashley - Hello. A few of us then. Thanks.


Red said...

Never seen or done this myself, but an interesting idea. I do at times look at the results of a spanking in the mirror. I am reasonably certain that P finds it erotic. I would
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