Monday, 9 January 2012

Nothing Glamorous about a Spanking

No the picture's not me but it kind of illustrates what caused me to get a very hot bottom.

I don't have any jeans with designer rips in them and if I took some scissors to a decent pair of jeans I'm sure I'd make a mess of them, then I'd cut a bit more to try and improve the damage and then I'd probably do a bit of tearing to try and make it look natural and of course
it wouldn't work at all and I'd just end up with one less pair of jeans.

Anyway I'm digressing. The girl in the picture obviously has stockings on under her jeans and I did too when we were rearranging some wall pictures to make space for one humongous wall mounted flat screen. Ridiculous really, our old Sony flat is perfectly good except for one thin orange line which appears vertically about a third of the way across the screen depending on the background. Our son can have it in his room if he wants it, otherwise the scrap man. We were going to paint the wall too while the pictures were down.

I wore a pair of tights with bold seams under my jeans, no knickers, and heels. Impractical of course but we had the house to ourselves, my husband was still in festive mood and I was feeling horny.

He noticed. When I bent forward or stretched, my jeans raised and exposed hose covered ankle.

"Have you got stockings on?"

"No, P."

"Well they look like stockings. And why wear heels, we'd get this lot sorted much quicker if you were dressed practically."

"I know we would."

"Come here." I did and he reached down and felt my ankle, rubbing his thumb appreciatively up and down the black seam.

"You have got stockings on, you naughty girl," he said as he stood and moved his hand over my thigh seeking the tell tale suspender fastener, "so where's the suspender?"

I didn't answer. He told me to stay there, he'd be back in a minute. He had our Leatherthorn paddle with him when he returned and he undid my jeans and put his hand inside. He didn't say anything, just Mmmm'd as he pulled them down and told me to step out of them. I had to kick my heels off to do it but he told me to put them back on. Then he sat on the sofa and pulled me across his lap. He told me it was entrapment, which made me laugh, he said it was true, I was making him do something he wouldn't normally be doing. I said it wasn't an offence though and he said I might change that opinion after ten minutes.

Then he started walloping me. It felt lovely to start with, I hadn't had the paddle for ages, and I'd never been spanked in heels. Nor tights, at least not for the whole of the spanking. It got hotter, very hot actually and I think the tights keep the heat in, they certainly don't provide any protection. About halfway through P stopped and fished his nokia from his pocket for a quick snap. He said the screen didn't show anywhere near the true redness, he'd try to improve it and then he resumed spanking. The loveliness and sexiness wore away during the second half, my heels flew off in the struggling and I was just feeling very naughty, which I suppose was quite right as I had set out to provoke, entice, entrap, call it whatever, my husband into dealing with me when we should have been doing other things.

When he stopped I gasped a sigh of relief, he snapped again with his nokia and showed me both images. I thought he'd made marks on me but he said it was just the pantyhose ruffling. I said "How unglamorous."

"There's nothing glamorous about a good spanking," said my husband sternly, "now put your jeans back on and let's get this job finished."

God, I was already starting to feel horny again but I thought I'd better do as I was told. This time I put my slippers on not the heels. The unglamorous snaps below are me by the way, you don't see me very often, I think P was right about the redness it doesn't look half like it felt.



Dee said...

Ha! It always seems like a good idea at the time eh :) and although I'm not a huge fan of tights, I think those tights look very glam actually. Do you get these in Tesco's too? :)

Dee x

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing another erotic account of a spanking.

Hermione said...

How lucky you are to have a big flat screen. We are considering the possibility. I wonder if I'd get spanked during the installation procedure.

Very interesting tights!


Our Bottoms Burn said...

If you can get your bottom popped just by wearing tights and heels, tell me why you need any other household wear????

Susie said...

LOL...very cheeky Ronnie! They do always find a way to make their point don't they?

PK said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! Sometimes I think my rear should be glowing enough to light up a dark room but it won't look nearly that bad.

So after you painted, did Ron ever take care of your other need??


Sara said...

Sheesh Ronnie, the pics look pretty glamorous to me. No wonder P spanked you! And for "enticement...I like it! ;)

I can confirm, stockings definitely hold in the heat!!!! Sara

Red said...

Great photos. Thanks for sharing an erotic story of a spanking, and pictures of the result. BTW: you will love the big screen tv... specially for sports and movies..
happy spankings

ronnie said...

Dee - I much prefer stockings to tights and no there not from Tesco's:) Thanks Dee.

Joey - Thanks for stopping by to have a read.

Hermione - I like the flat screen, gives a good clear picture. I have another pair which are even more interesting:)

OBB - Because it would be silly walking around the kitche in tights and heels to cook:) Thanks.

Susie - Hello. A girl has to be cheeky now and again:) Thank you.

PK - No not that day PK:) Thanks.

Sara - Ah thanks Sara.

Red - Thanks. Will be good for watching the Olympics and Wimbledon.


sunnygirl said...

I'm so jealous. Thanks for sharing.

Spankedhortic II said...

I wish that household projects were so fun to do in my place, it would be an incentive to get so much more done.

By the way either P has absolutely massive hands or you have a really tiny little bottom :)


Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing your flat screen story, lol! I could imagine it quite vividly.

I second what someone else said. You must be quite petite:).


Lea said...

It never looks as red as it feels!

ronnie said...

SG - Your welcome.Thanks for stopping by SG.

Prefectdt - Makes them much more fun. Neither big hands or small bottom. Probably just the way the picture was taken. Thanks Pref.

Kitty - Far from it Kitty. I've put on 3lbs over Christmas and I need to shift it. Thanks Kitty.

Lea - Why is that:) Thanks Lea.


Elysia said...

Good Gracious Ronnie! I sat down with a cup of tea to see what was going on in Blogland- how delightful that you shared such a fun time with us. Seize the day was never so apropos!
H loves my stockings, but they are thigh-high. I've got to go shopping, as this sounds & looks fun. Hmmm, now I just need a project! - oh and the time alone helps, lol!

Daddy said...

hmmmmm guess i need to get lil one to do some chores that way , looks like alot could be accomplished . grins . btw I love the nice pink bottom

Spanky said...

Nice post! Thanks for the link too, I appreciate it.

ronnie said...

Elysia - You have to make the most of an empty house anyway you can:) I prefer stockings and suspenders to tights but I do like this pair. Thanks.

D - Or not accomplished:) Thank you.

Spanky - Your welcome. Couldn't leave you off my list. Thanks for stopping by.