Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Do people beats carpets anymore?

So much for my no spanking weekend, it didn't go the way I predicted at all. Instead I got spanked at our friend's house on Sunday morning and again at home on Monday evening; one was just fun but the other was not and you know, and I'm sure I've said this before, its the not-for-fun ones that sends tingles down my spine just thinking about them.

Did I tell you my friend collects plates? I thought so, and that we would be going to a car boot sale on Sunday morning, which we did and even the men came along which surprised me as I thought they were going to make some excuse and head for the local pub which, on second thoughts, wouldn't be open yet. Anyway the field in which the sale was held was quite muddy as they had heavy showers on Saturday. Friend and hubby had sensible footwear on, P had trainers which he didn't care about but I had soft summer shoes so was hopping awkwardly between patches of dry ground to avoid the mud, luckily my friend saw my dilemma and asked if I wanted to go back and get a pair of wellington boots, she said there were some in the garage which would fit me and it was only 5 mins drive.

So P drove me back tut tutting at the fuss I was making, I soon found a pair of green wellies which I assumed were Denise's, they fitted fine and I was ready to head back to the mud when I looked up and saw P holding a carpet beater.

He'd taken it off the wall, he told me, as he took my forearm and led me over to a chest freezer in the corner. He asked me if I'd ever been spanked with a carpet beater, stupid question as he's the only person who's ever spanked me but I didn't say that, in fact I didn't say anything until I was bent over the chest freezer and the first blow landed on my trouser clad backside, whereupon I said 'Ouch' and then 'Shit' when I realised how much it stung. (This image came to mind, sorry not sure why I got it from.)

He only gave me few swats and then put it back on the wall hooks and told me he'd have to get one, laughing, perhaps we'd find one back at the car boot. We didn't find one but it made me wonder why our friends kept one in the garage, I mean do people actually beat carpets anymore?

So that was my fun spanking and I'll tell you why I got the not fun one on Friday. Oh yes and I'll tell you about the spanking itself.



PK said...

Sounds like fun! I've only seen carpet beaters used as decorations so I can't imagine it in the garage. Hmmm...

Now I know you all don't really do discipline but the not so fun one make you tingle - that's what I'm always looking for.


Hermione said...

I think carpet beaters became solely recreational items when vacuum cleaners were invented. What a thoughtful man P is, to make sure you got your weekend spanking.


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!


P.S. Anxious to read about your other spanking!

Michael M said...

Interesting to read the blog today. We keep a carpet beater just like the one in your image in our utility room. When my wife wishes to hand out a quick spanking she will use it on me after telling me to drop my trousers and bend over the kitchen island.She needs quite a bit of room and height to swing it correctly and the kitchen is just the place. After a dozen or so swats I am more than ready to apologise. When she is done i am usually the one who places the beater back in the cupboard.
Michael M

Mane Empress said...

Wow! Never actually saw a carpet beater before. Mmm! Sounds like a yummy spanking P gave you though.Now I have to run and Google carpet beaters.

ronnie said...

PK - If I didn't know my friend I would be wondering if perhaps she was spanked. It looks like you may be getting it in the not too distant furture:)

Hermione - He's very thoughtful like that:) I was trying to remember if my grandmother had one but I don't think she did.

Kitty - Thanks. I haven't put pen to paper and now not sure if I'll have time by Friday (but will try) so sorry if not you may have to wait until next week:(

Michael - After seeing a picture I wondered what it would feel like to be spanked with a carpet beater so thanks for your comment.

ME - When I went into town I actually saw one in a shop but didn't have time to pop in. If not too expensive I'm going to buy it and keep it to give P for Christmas:)

Appreciate you all stopping, thanks.


Daisychain said...

When I was a child, my nan had a carpet beater just like the one in your pic. She used to put her throw rugs over her washing line and we kids used to whack the dust out of it...and she had a vacuum cleaner, but , you wouldn't believe how much dust still came out of it!!!
Wish I had thought to keep it after she died, when her house was emptied... sounds like a fun time...can imagine it packed a sting though! xxxxx

saffy said...

We have one of those things and it hangs on the wall in O/our bedroom. i made the mistake of laughing at it when M.K. frst got it... i have not ever done so again , It hurts and leaves a lasting impression on my butt every time it is used.
(p.s. i like it though)


Having experienced (and liked) being on the receiving end of a carpet beater, I purchased one when I had the opportunity (bargain, only six or seven euros, if memory serves). I thought that I could practice being on the giving end, all open and in public, without anyone criticizing. So I put a small rug over a washing line and let rip. A lot of dust came out of it, more than when I use the vacuum on it. After beating it I gave it a once over with the vacuum and the result of the combination clean was astounding. Colours came back, that I thought had faded years ago. So in answer to your post title, yes, I did not buy it to beat carpets with but it has ended up being used that way. And as they are so cheap, I purchased a second one, to keep clean, for use as a toy.


kiwigirliegirl said...

I know what you mean about the "serious, not so fun" spankings...i must be behaving because Ive not had a serious punishment in a while.....time to do something about that perhaps LOL
Cane-iac have bamboo carpet beaters on their site - quite cheap thinking of getting one....;)

1manview said...

Really like the picture you posted, I shall return Friday to read the rest of the story...

Lea said...

I've had one spanking involving a carpet beater and actually kind of liked it. But he may have been being nice with me.

Michael M said...

Hi again
If you wish to buy one try

They are excellent value at £13.00 and will make a great gift.

Michael M

ronnie said...

Daisy - Your more of a leather girl aren't you?

Saffy - Hi. You've persuaded me to get me one. Thanks.

Prefectdt - LOL never thought of using it for my rugs but after reading your comments I'm getting two:) Thanks Pref.

Kiwigirl - Be careful:) I never thought of Cane-Iac, love their toys. If you get one I hope you will share your experience.

1manview - Thanks. I think I'll get it done.

Lea - I never realised how many have tried a carpet beater.

Michael - Thanks for the link, will take a look.

Love to you all and thanks for stopping by,

Red said...

Interesting to read. I expect that you should do some scouting around in their hose looking for little throw rugs or big ones that can be the recipient of the carpet beater. If yo don't find any, then you should jokingly ask why they have a carpet beater. Then see where the conversation leads.
Looking forward to Friday's post... Not a fun spanking seems to me partially discipline.. hmmmm
hapy spnakings

Red said...

ps: that is the exact carpet beater that we own...

ronnie said...

Red - I did sort of look but didn't mention the carpet beater, maybe next time we visit:)

Have you both used the CB on each other?

Hope you have a good weekend Red.

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