Friday, 8 July 2011

Spanking Humour

Now you didn't think I'd go away without leaving you any pictures to look at.

My scheduling doesn't always work so I'll be keeping fingers crossed.

I do wish I'd paid more attention in my French classes then I would have been able to translate.



Meow said...

I don't read French, but I get the general idea! Thanks for posting while you're away.

Hermione said...

Lovely cartoons! Hope you're having a wonderful time.


1manview said...

Thanks for the toons Ronnie. And I know what you mean, they tried to get me to take German in high school. I said for what. Guess where the army put me for two years... lol ...

Daisychain said...

Heehee, the pics are fairly self explanatory, but if anyone wants to know, they can google it! xxxxxxxxx

Lea said...

Great pictures, thanks for sharing! I like being able to make up my own caption as I don't read French either. ;-)

Anonymous said...

A cartoon is worth a thousand words
(and dreams) in any language.
Have fun in the sun,

sixofthebest said...

Ronnie, a beautiful and humourous set of spanking drawings. Ronnie, as to you paying more attention to French language classes, that you took in school. Would you admit that your teacher should have taken your knicker's down, and given you a good and well deserved spanking on your bare bottom, Or should I say. "Six of the Best", on your voluptous 'derriere'.

Red said...

Ronnie; great cartoons.. what a lovely way to be greeted, with the woman holding her skirt up, bending over, and offering the cane to her husband. Have you ever tried this? (without damaging the car that is) thanks also to the link to a favorite site that I have forgotten about.. too bad it is not kept going with more recent material.
happy spankings

ronnie said...

Glad you all enjoyed the cartoon. I couldn't go away and lesave you a without post, could I:)

First one my favourite.


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