Monday, 18 April 2011

Nuestra Actividad

Why did my husband say 'Nuestra Actividad', I wondered. Not that I mind him saying it, in fact I find it quite sexy when he says things in Spanish, he even sounds Spanish when he says it (works against him on occasions because real Spaniards think he's much more fluent than he is and he can't always keep up especially if there's a dialect).

Anyway he said it, muttering to himself, shortly after listening to a podcast interview with some CEO. Then he muttered 'Treatment of Slags' followed by 'Scrubber' and my ears really pricked up. Was he referring to moi, us, 'our activity'? Was he looking for a bit of roleplay, I mean I can do slag and roleplay if I'm given a bit of notice.

Photo from MarQe's Study

But no it was none of those things. It was all to do with copper mining, he explained, and the site he was researching was in Spanish which google automatically translated (badly) into English. P said they've got a long way to go yet, he sent me a little chunk of the translation, I see what he means.

Treatment of slags:

The Iron silicate obtained in the flash furnace and converters are process in an electric furnace to reduce the copper of 2 and 6% respectively, less 1%. The matte obtained is reintroduced in the production process, while the iron silicate final market.

Thermal refining and casting of copper:

This process removes oxygen and sulfur are still dissolved in the blister copper. For this there are three refining furnaces. Then the copper is cast into the anode using two casting wheels.


Gases with SO 2 from the foundry are sent to the Money Laundering Section of the acid plant to remove dust entrained in the process.

Sulfuric Acid Production: blah blah blah...

No roleplay then, ah well.



Raven Red said...

LOL! Thanks for laugh Ronnie, it is a great way to start my day.



ronnie said...

My pleasure Raven. Thanks for stopping by.


Tapestry said...

Pity to get your hopes up like that.


Hermione said...

Awww, too bad. A girl can always hope...

We don't use either of those words here in the way you had imagined P was.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

You can do slag??? Well, OK. How about a post of you doing slag. All the American's want to know how to do it right.

Sara said...

Ok, some uninformed Americans have no clue what "slag" is! That shameful fact aside, having got your hopes up, maybe he owes you one!

Neo Dom Tom said...

I was thinking more I hope no one in the industry tries to follow those instructions. We'd have a mess on our hands.

ronnie said...

Tapestry - He should be spanked LOL

Hermione - I was wondering what roleplay and came up with chef and commis, have the whites somewhere:)

OBB - I'll work on it:)

Sara - And I'll make sure I remind him. A slag - piles of impurities skimmed off during the smelting of metals:) It is similar to slapper or slut.

Dom Tom - LOL, I agree.

Thanks all.


Poppy said...

Men are very odd bods. I know there is a reason for why they think what they do but I am terribly glad to think like a girl.

Raven Red said...

Agree with Poppy on this one. Loved this posting - had me grinning from ear to ear...




This got me wondering about the possibilities of a roll play in a factory setting :) Where did I put that hard hat?


ronnie said...

Poppy, Raven - I do so agree. Thank you.

Prefectdt - LOL. Now that would definitely have possibilities.

Thanks ll.