Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Like getting a new lover

I have a situation and it's both good and bad but having had several days to think about it now, I've decided it's more bad than good. You see I've had an on-off love affair for the past few years, with an American you could say, or an American product to be more precise. And now it's broken, critically ill actually and it feels like an old friend is passing away. And I think I'm going to miss it.

Now you can put your handkerchiefs away, as I said it isn't a person and it hasn't been an entirely smooth relationship anyway, in fact there have been times when it's brought me close to tears but there have been many more when it's helped take me to heights of pure joy.

What's happened is our Cane-Iac OTK cane has broken. Not the business part of it but the black bound handle, it's fractured inside so when you hold it by the handle the doing part just drops limp, a bit like, well, ahem, you know.

How it happened I don't know, I mean it really has had some use, if it was a car it would have many miles on the odometer but that doesn't explain the problem, which was discovered last Friday when P retrieved it from under the mattress to help me with my weight loss regime (that's another post). He wouldn't use it because he said it wouldn't respond correctly, he couldn't figure why it had broken either, he though it might be the way it was stuffed under the mattress.

Anyway it's had it, kaput. Weep sniffle.

But here's the happy ending, P said he'll order another one from Gerry at cane-iac, so it'll be a bit like getting a new lover, all tingles and anticipation, it'll have different characteristics, I expect I'll be a bit nervous of it at first and when I get to know it I suppose I'll hate it and love it just like the old one. Can't wait.



turiya said...

Awe... sorry about your cane, but at least you're getting a new one! :-D



Our Bottoms Burn said...

Love and hate may the the strongest of feelings about toys.

Yes, find another spot to store your cane.

PK said...

If you find out exactly how it broke let me know I may have to do the same to the canes you sent me! LOL, who would have thought Nick would have loved your gift so much! I'm looking forward to seeing how the weigh loss is coming or not. I'm sure P will fine some excellent motivation.


Hermione said...

How very sad. I thought the evil implements were indestructible. Glad P is taking the matter in hand.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the minister needs pay a condolence call. Well, I guess he'd have to be a pretty open minded religious guy, though.

Sara said...

How sad! Isn't it funny how attached we get to certain implements? I think it must be all the memories.

mouse said...

Oooh a new toy...sorry the old one is kaput, though...


ronnie said...

Turiya - And I can't wait. P said he's chosen the one already.

OBB - LOL, that's what I said to P, don't put the new one under the mattress.

PK - Before I sent them I asked P and he said he was sure Nick would like them very much:) I have a story about last Friday's weigh in. I will try and get it written up for next week.

Hermione - When the cane was first used I thought about breaking it but I came to love it, well most of the time :)

Mick - Yikes no, I'll lay it to rest myself :)

Sara - Funny isn't it how we can get attached so something that gives us as much pain as it does pleasure.

Mouse - I don't mind now I know I'm getting a new one yeahhhhhhhh

Appreciate you all stopping by, thanks.


Raven Red said...

To be honest - I think if a cane breaks around me, I will be quick to show out that it must be a sign, omen or something.
I truly love to hate a cane...




I said good bye to some very old canes back in 2008. It seemed a shame to just throw them in the bin, so I fired up the barbecue and reenacted an old archers tradition (that I read about in a Bernard Cornwell novel) and sent them to hell in the fire.


ronnie said...

Raven - I think I would be the same if one breaks whilst being used on me.

Prefectdt - Now I like that idea :)

Thanks both.


Red said...

Sad, but maybe P might order more than one item when he purchases a new one. It cuts down on service and handling charges when the order is larger.
Keep hoping!

Daisychain said...

If it had been here, it would have been broken within seconds of arriving, I would have made sure of that.
But, as you love it, I am sorry for your loss. Glad (for you!) that it is being replaced. xxxxxxxxxx

ronnie said...

Red - That's what P said about postal charges.

Daisy - LOL, I did think about it when P first acquired it:)

Thanks both.