Monday, 17 January 2011

The Cane I Hope

How was your weekend?

Ours was routine, I did get a brief shopping trip to Cheshire Oaks designer village Saturday morning courtesy of our son needing to go to Chester and I hopped along with him, but that was the only out of ordinary. Elle McPherson has opened an undies store there since my last visit and all the stock is about a third off normal High Street prices so I treated myself to some knickers and a gorgeous suspender belt. Lovely designs and good quality. Saturday evening P's mother came around for dinner which was okay...ish...and Sunday I had to go into the office (well I didn't have to but I chose to) because a Slovakian girl emailed me wanting to buy two (yes TWO!) designer bags from me and she wanted some extra details, I thought I'd impress her with my efficiency.

Oh and Sunday afternoon we set targets for my new weight regime, well I suppose P set them really. I started setting them but P said my targets were unreasonable and not to be so hard on myself I'd just end up falling short (yes, P, exactly, and then I'd have to face your, ahem, penalty) so he fixed some numbers which he thought were reasonable, then he put a tolerance margin in, so if I'm plus or minus a little I wont get penalised. I told him I didn't want the margins but he said they'd stay, then added 'at this discretion'. I must admit P has been very fair and I think it will be quite easy to achieve but there's my problem, you see I want to loose the weight and fully intend to but I also rather look forward to falling short now and again so maybe I'll get some weighted ankle bands or something which I can pop on at weigh-in times without P knowing:)

What's the penalty we've agreed? What could possibly make my devious mind think up such little deceptions? Well last Spring when I lost some weight over a several week period, P took a cane to me whenever I missed a target. Now there was a time when I though I would never like the cane and yes I still have a love hate relationship with it but I am nevertheless irresistibly drawn to its uncompromising qualities. And effectiveness as a deterrent you understand.

We have a real school cane which P bought from a theatrical props shop here and a couple from Cane-Iac, one of which I think isn't really a cane because it's a loop and frankly it's wicked and I had experience with it on holiday a while back and had to safeword for the only time ever. I'm sure the other canes pack more power but that little monster sticks out in my mind.

Anyway if JJB have some suitable weights, I'm sure I'll be due a penalty in the coming weeks and I'm hoping it'll be the school cane because the image of it does something for me even if I regret it's actual application at the time.

Out of interest do you have a particular implement you just can't handle or does anyone have one of these 'loopys' and find it the same (loathseome) as me? I mean the loopy's loathesome not me loathsome.



Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but I'm confused. Do you want the ankle weights to use in case you're too successful in losing weight and you want an excuse to get a caning?

Whatever you need, I wish you well.

PK said...

LOL! You got it Mick. You see what we gal have to resort to at times. Ronnie, I wish I thought I'd need those extra weights for your reason. Loosing to quickly won't be a problem I'll have.

Something I can't take, hmmm... I guess the cane you sent is about my worse but I can take it if I have to.

Good luck with the weight, which ever way you want it to go.


Daisychain said...

How can you find it so easy to lose weight, Ronnie? Seems unfair... you should be spanked for that alone... heehee! ;) xxxxxxx

His mountain girl said...

good luck with your plans....hehehe losing weight is really least for me.

one implement that i loathe/love?
has to be the Son of Buster Paddle...i love it but can't tolerate too much of is heavy and thank goodness Master only uses it once in a
On the other hand ...the one i love is the Midnight Rose..still hurts..but is perfect. ;)

sixofthebest said...

I love the cane, that fits your bare bottom to a T, Hermoine. And you look simply gorgeous, displaying if that is you in the photo, wearing white stockings, attached to a garter-belt. Wow?, what an erotic picture. Here is hoping that the cane delighfully pained your naked rear end, to the satisfaction of your ever loving husband.


You could try lining your bra with some of the heavier denomination coins, to add a little weight to the total. Is there a penalty if you are caught cheating?


abby said...

Hmm..weights...i gain easily enough without help! Master has a fishing pole rod, that i have felt only once....more than enough!
Also a 1.oo garage sale find...a large paddle ball paddle....OUCH!

ronnie said...

Mick - My little joke, I wouldn't dare. It's just my love hate relationship with the cane and the thought of success with my weight (which of course I want) and then not having it administered makes me think all sorts.

PK - Do you love and hate it as the same time PK?

Daisychain - I don't, that's why I need help :)

His Mountain Girl - The Midnight Rose sounds so lovely. Is it a leather paddle or flogger? Thanks.

SOTB - No the picture isn't me and yes it is rather delicious.

Prefectdt - LOL. I wouldn't dare cheat really and yes there definitely would be a penalty, a hard one.

Abby - I do as well and have cut out lots of my favourites as I really do need to loose it. The large paddle ball paddle, ouch indeed.

Thanks all.


Anonymous said...

Hum just ordered *four* new implements from cane-iac, including at least one cane. I certainly hope that loopy thing is not among them. I'm planning to ambush the delivery man...
Good luck with your weighty endeavors, however they turn out!

ronnie said...

Mumblefish - Hello and welcome.

I hope your'll share when they are delivered. Cane-Iac are great and their products really good quality. I have an OTK from them which I love.

Thanks for stopping by.


Raven Red said...

If reading your view on the loopy thing, I SO hope that I never have the "pleasure" to experience it.
My current LOVE to HATE implement comes in the form of a miniature cricket bat, that is used as a paddle.
I cannot believe that I am SAYING this...but I will rather bend over for the cane.



ronnie said...

Raven - Everyone is different you might like the loopy. It does make very nice little marks over the bottom but soon disappears :)

A miniature cricket bat, how big is miniature?

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


Raven Red said...

Hi Ronnie

It is a proper cricket bat, but made for kids to play with - that miniature...small, but WAY not small enough...sigh

ronnie said...

Rather you than me with the cricket bat even if it is a miniature one :)

Thanks Raven.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie,
Just wanted to say hi and let you know I read your blog this far. Probably won't ever catch up all my lost weeks of reading.

I do like blogging, both writing and reading. My most dreaded implements are two that Gus refuses to use: a bungee cord and a heavy oak fraternity/sorority paddle that I sanded and shaped myself.

I'm glad Gus doesn't use those, because the man spanks hard!

ronnie said...

Maryann - How lovely to see you here.

The fraternity paddle sounds lovely and made by yourself. Ouch on the bungee cord.

Thanks for leaving comment.


Em said...

Hi, Ronnie! Good luck with your goals. Maybe if you are very very good you will get the cane anyway, then you won't have to cheat ;)

J had a paddle that just about killed me every time it came out. Each time I saw it I swore I couldn't take it, though somehow I always did. Well almost always... there was that one time... Sounds a lot like your loopy johnny :(