Monday, 1 November 2010

Vaulting Horse

How was your weekend?

I think I may have mentioned that I sometimes sell on ebay and it's where I look for...ahem.. unusual presents for P. On the weekend I spotted this.

An old school vaulting horse, wouldn't that make an excellent present for me.

Well it would be me who was made to bend over it, wouldn't it?

Picture from M:e

But I don't think I could buy it. I mean what could I say when visitors or son asked why we had a school vaulting horse in the house.

Any ideas.



MarQe's Study said...

What an excellent present Ronnie!! I'd so love to have one of those so my my poor naughty girls could dangle over it whilst I caned them!! Don't hesitate to call me if you've been bad & feel the need to ..... well you know !!

MarQe x ;)

Sara said...

OK, I'm thinking...if you draped an unusual and attractive tapestry over it, it might be decorative? Somehow it needs to hold a plant on top too, as a complete disguise. Set it off in a corner, and you have home design! Ronnie...we could start a side business. Just think of the possibilities...

Rachel said...

Use it as a dressing stool and keep it near your mirror. In the evening, or when you and hubby are alone: it can also be used for a quality of life improvement base. I like the idea and should get one for my boy.

PK said...

Ronnie, You have to have this! I've see old school desks in homes just as an unusual antique. You get it, you can find some way to display it!!

PK said...

My vote is for a primitive type plant stand. And every time you water the plant, you will think of the next time you'll be bent over it. :)



Our Bottoms Burn said...

As others have said, easily disguised. Get it.

ronnie said...

MarQe - Thank you for the offer:) but no need, my husband is always ready and willing to administer whatever I need.

Sara - I'm loving it, when should we start :)

Rachel - Oh I do like that idea Rachel, thank you.

PK - I'm tempted, very tempted PK.

Pink - Maybe not a plant stand as after it's first use I may dread going near it:)

OBB - I think delivery would cost an arm and a leg.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving suggestions.



Tell your vanilla friends and family that you have it for your and P's kinky spanking games. They will never believe you and will laugh it off. I call it hiding in plain sight. It is the reaction that I received from my vanilla friends, when I decided to come out of the spanko closet and fess up to them. It is kind of irritating but also very useful.


Anonymous said...

My suggestion is similar to Sara's. Buy a vintage quilt and say it is quilt display stand. Or perhaps put it with the stationary bicycle, the yoga ball, the weight bench, etc. and claim it as a piece of fitness equipment. :-)

redxxx said...

Could be part of your get fitter regime, but then you would have to practice jumping over it... oh well
It does present pleasant dreams. Your being spnaked as a teenager in front of the class comes to mind.
cheers and smiles

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: You got so many good suggestions on how to disguise it. I think it would be the perfect Christmas present.


ronnie said...

Prefectdt - That was brave of you. I wouldn't have the nerve, couldn't do it.

Season - Hello. Part of fitness equipment, that could work.

Red - LOL. I never used to like jumping over it at school and I don't think I could manage it now LOL

FD - Yes, great suggestions. P&P (just asked) is far too much, I couldn't justify the cost. Shame.

Thank you all for your suggestions. Your all so creative.


Hermione said...

You could put a saddle pad on it, lean a riding crop beside it and tell friends you are practising dressage to keep your thighs in shape.

I love it! But the shipping would be expensive, no doubt.


ronnie said...

Hermione - I love your suggestion, great.

Yes I checked and it would have cost well over a £150 to have it sent, a real shame. Biding has ended, not sure what it went for.

Thanks Hermione.


Daisychain said...

It would be a wonderful bit of memorabilia...say it was from your old school, and they were selling off old items to raise funds, and you used to love gym, so thought it would be fun to bid, never dreaming you would win it but don't have the heart to throw it out cos its a reminder of a happy childhood....
Until recently, I had a huge old desk from my infant school's office, I have only just swallowed my loving memories of the school and allowed it to go, not having room for it anymore.... When the school modernised, the head teacher with whom I was a friend, (knowing I had attended the school many moons ago) asked if I would like it....
I also have had a pew from my old church, till recently, so you see, it wouldn't be so unlikely for you to have it!!! xxxx

ronnie said...

Never thought of that one Daisy. The listing ended, I didn't bid, cost far too much to have it delivered and no way could we pick it up.

I'll keep my eyes open for another one nearer to home :)

Thanks Daisy, hope alls well.