Friday, 11 June 2010


I can't believe the weekend is here already.

Tonight were taking P's mom out for her Birthday and Saturday were going to a spanking party (Ha! take that with a pinch of salt) now that would be interesting wouldn't it, no we're actually going to a football party, yes you heard right a football party. It's the UK's first game against our cousins across the pond and the only spanking likely being to the US team :) I know football isn't big in US but if I'm correct, America did beat the UK 1-0 in the 1950 World Cup and some are saying they could do it again.

Were both not really into football, though we do try and watch some of the World Cup games. Son's friends' parents who we've know since he started primary school are having a party, they are really mad football fanatics. Were supposed to wear England colours, I said to P I'd like to be different, anybody know what colours US are playing in? I remember visiting Portugal a few years back during a European tournament and our son bought a Portuguese team shirt, all the locals thought it was great and I'm sure we got better service in the restaurants because of it.

Goodness knows what happens at a football party apart from lots of shouting and drinking beer, well we'll find out tomorrow. Let's hope we win, not because I want to see our US cousins lose but someone has to and I can't bear the thought of us getting off to a bad start. I found some photos of one of a girls' teams kitted out in football boots and socks and not much else, I showed them to P, he asked if they'd be at the party, I said you should be so lucky.

Good luck to both teams and to all the other countries.

Have a great weekend.



Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: For casual fans, watching the game at a party is more about the party than the game.

Hope you have a good time.


PK said...

Hmmmm... I think the US can take you! I mean I have to be loyal to my own country don't I? So how about a side bet? Maybe 5 swats for each goal made by the winning team? And the winner between us gets to pick the implement. Could make watching the game more interesting for you. LOL! Do you think P would go along? So will you accept my challenge? - oh and the loser must post about it. Anyone else from out here want in on this bet? Now this is just for Saturday's game. Let me know.

I think the US be wearing something in the red, white and blue line. Probably mostly blue.

Big hugs,

Hermione said...

In Canada, football players are SOOOO overpadded and protected. I like the natural look much better!


Anonymous said...

ronnie AND pk,
LOL. You're so creative!!! Sounds like some fun. I'll be watching the game.Sorry Ronnie, got to be loyal and I'll be rootin for the U.S. I hear their teams pretty good this year. I think it's so sad that it's not a more popular sport over here. I used to play in high school and loved it. Can't wait to see what happens


Really, how can people worry about the results of a silly little game like football when there is an Ashes test match coming up this winter ;)

Enjoy the party.


Anonymous said...

If it was a women's world cup final and the women were dressed as in your last!!!

I would like to apply for the post of coach to such a team so that I could chastise them in the 'proper' way when they performed badly.....there would surely always be a few ladies over my knee at the end of every match....and always naughty bottoms to attend to!!


sixofthebest said...

As an Arsenal fan for over sixty years, and now as a New York Red Bull, and former New York Cosmo fan, I have mixed feelings, about the World Cup. But I am sure we all agree, I love, and I do mean love, to cane a naughty lady's bare bottom, on either side of the pond.

redxxx said...

Love to play against those ladies though...

ronnie said...

FD - Thank you, I'm quite looking forward to it now PK and I have a little side bet.

PK - Now how can I say no to that. Game on PK. As I said, I'm sorry to say you will be the one to get the spanks, I'll have to start thinking what Nick should use, LOL. Good luck to both teams.

Hermione - and overpaid, well they are here. Thanks

jslittlelady - Snap, I used to play a little ladies football myself, oh so long ago. Of course you've got to support the U.S. I think you have an extremely good team but please don't tell PK, I'm a little worried as I think you may beat us.

Prefectdt - Thanks. Cricket is the only game I find boring, sorry. Give me rugby anyday.

Aristotle - I'll let you know if I spot an opening for a coach for the ladies team :)

Sixofthebest - Oh dear who do you support, I think you will have to stay neutral

Red - England, England, England, LOL. May the best team win.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you all have a great weekend.

Come on England.


Daisychain said...

We're gonna win, we're gonna win, E I addio, we're goin to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxx

ronnie said...

I hoped as well Daisy, not a good game for us.


pinky said...

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