Monday, 8 March 2010

One good maintenance deserves another

I told you P had his last, touch wood (never say never), trip to his physio the other week, well it was all OK and the guy gave him a few exercises and stretches to help loosen up if ever he feels tightness creeping back into his lower back and pelvis area, there was one in particular which he said he would need my help with on a kind of maintenance basis. So this weekend he was pretty much back to normal, even doing a few push ups and stuff but he still asked me if I could give him a hand stretching the muscle around his SI joint. I said of course more than happy to, let me know when, wondering where an SI joint locates and what my my role would be. Well I found out on Sunday, bear with me.

I told you we used to do maintenance spanking on Sundays, fun stuff really but still packing a sting, when son was at uni but had to suspended them when he came back home. Now he's at work and leaves very early, P decided he would resume them, Wednesday was the day he choose and who am I to complain. So I was surprised this Sunday when he called me into the bedroom after dropping our son at the station (he's on a 3 day residential course starting early Monday and has to be in London the night before) and said he thought I had been slacking a little these last few days and that he thought maybe a little maintenance top-up was needed, I started to say something and then realised P was joking but played along, admitted to the usual dusty surfaces, poorly ironed shirts, dirty windows, overflowing laundry bin etc and what followed was a lovely slow long hand spanking which left me just sore enough to be wanting more. I didn't get more, not immediately anyway, P said he'd given me a little maintenance and now it was time to get some in return.

He told me he was going to lay face down on the floor and he wanted me to kneel down, place a hand palm flat on his left SI joint and with my other hand raise his left thigh off the ground while pushing down on the joint. ''OK so show me where the joint is,'' I said. He showed me and after repositioning a few times till he said it felt like the right spot, I pushed down and tried to raise his left thigh with my right hand but it was too heavy, even with his knee bent I couldn't budge it more than a few inches. I told him I think it needs the physio to do it, they must be quite strong, but he pointed out there were girls doing physio too and they could manage it, it was all down to technique and practice. So I practised but still couldn't get it and then he had an idea, he told me to go grab one of our son's karate belts and come back and stand on the joint, loop the belt round his thigh and try pulling it up that way. It seemed to be working but then he shouted Aaahhh! and I panicked and let the belt go and nearly fell over in my haste to get off his joint. ''No no no,'' he said, ''you weren't hurting me, that felt correct, the stretch was starting to feel good.''

I laughed and said I didn't think I was cut out for physio work, but P doesn't give up so easy.

''You get on the floor and I'll show you how it feels and then you'll know,'' he said. So down I got and P didn't bother with the karate belt he just grabbed my thigh and hoisted it up while pushing my pelvis down into the floor. ''Stop! Stop! Its pulling the front of my thigh, it's agony!'' I said. ''Hmm.. no stretch in the pelvis though, where I'm pressing down?'' He asked. ''No, 'fraid not, '' I said. ''Well you must be a lot more supple there than me,'' he said, ''OK get up let's try again.'' But I didn't get up, instead I asked him if he thought it might work any better without clothes on, then I burst out laughing because he didn't say anything and I could just imagine his face without even looking up.

Then I felt his hand grip my upper arm and pull me firmly up from the floor, he said he'd show me what worked better without clothes on and he took my jeans and pants down, sat on the bed and pulled me across his lap. The 'wanting more' condition he'd previously left me in was firmly addressed as he lectured me for not taking it seriously and reddened my backside to the struggling learnt-my-lesson condition he's so good at. Then he told me to get up, pull my jeans and pants up and we'd try again. We did, and I did it slower and with P directing me, a bit more, bit more, that's right, push down with your foot etc.....I think I got it right because P said it felt very good afterwards, apparently it mobilises his SI joint which is stiffer on the left than the right and causes his pelvis to go off balance.

When he got up he told me to take my jeans and pants off, I said ''But I thought I got it right.''

''You did,'' he said, ''I'm not going to spank you, there are other types of maintenance you know.''

So anyone out there who needs a pelvis straightening I'm your girl, unless I get a fit of the giggles of course.



PK said...

I think you two are just good for each other all around! Keep on helping each other in these ways as often as you can. And keep writing and telling us all about it!


Sara said...

Very cute story...and tit for tat somehow seems fair! I'm glad he's feeling better Ronnie.

Measha said...

Glad that he's feeling better and you get to help him to boot. The two of you sound very comfy in your groove and it makes for a rather loving atmosphere. :-)


Florida Dom said...

Sounds like you're having fun. And I hope you're putting that gift that PK sent to good use.

And nothing like those other types of maintenance.


Lessa said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmm, now I love giving Guitarman a massage... with cold and hot oil... smiles... but taking over from physio... ooopppppppsssssss... though it looks rewarding reading your blog... *winks*

love, Lessa

Daisychain said...

Glad you got it right, Ronnie.... or it might have been a different kind of spanking! ;) Love the banter between you two. Long may it last. XXXXXXXXXXXX

mouse said...


I love other type of maintenance. Seriously so. Glad he's feeling better. There is something when you get into a groove with the one your with. It's a nice groove.


Hermione said...
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Hermione said...

Oh, dear, that sounded so complicated. I wish you could provide photos of the exact technique. Or maybe pencil drawings?

Physio sounds like fun!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you and P enjoyed your maintenance session!

Thinking I would get a fit of the giggles too :)


ronnie said...

PK - Giving and taking is the answer PK LOL. Thanks.

Sara - Thanks, yes he's much better and don't I know it :)

Measha - Were pretty comfy together. Thank you.

FD - I loved it when P used the dogging bat but sadly not used it since. Maybe just have to jog his memory.

Lessa - Oh I do love that sort of massage but don't think I'll be cut out to be a physio :)

Daisy - I'm glad I got it right or there could have been no spankings for a while :)

Mouse - I like that phrase, "when you get into the grove" Thank you.

Hermione - LOL if you could see me draw. Next time I have to help him, I'll see if I can set up the camera and take some especially for you :)

Kitten - Yes, both of them. Sorry, still can't comment over at yours.

Hope your all having a good week and thanks for stopping by.


Little Butterfly said...

Fun story; you guys seem so cute together! (In a good way :) ) I always like reading your blog. Glad he's doing better! <3

ronnie said...

Little Butterfly,

Thank you very much and yes he's pretty good now.