Friday, 28 August 2009

And I really needed some new jodhpurs...

There's a mini kind of equestrian shop opened near where we work, not just horsey stuff they do pet supplies too, not sure exactly what you'd call it, we have plenty of countryside and stables not far from the office so they'll probably do okay.

Anyway I ventured in the other day because I was curious, not thinking about whips, crops, horse brushes, jodphurs you understand, just fatally attracted like a moth to light. They had them all as it happens, and after I scurried past some cages with hamsters and pet white mice (mice make me shudder even the friendly ones, how come a lick of white paint's supposed to make them cuddly) I spotted a very nice whip, which I picked up, similar to the one we have but more expensive, they also had longer ones, thinner ones, dressage ones which looked evil. I must have been standing there stroking it absent mindedly when I heard a man's voice say it was a good all rounder and then asked me if I needed any help. Now I've no idea what you're supposed to check when choosing a whip but I'm pretty certain he knew I wasn't a rider. I supposed he must be the owner.

I know I must have gone red, I recovered my thoughts quickly and muttered something about best if my daughter comes in herself and chooses one, she knows what she needs. It didn't sound quite natural, I think I went redder and left the shop.

So I've blown it, I actually fancied a new pair of jodphurs, need a pair in fact because my own which are about twenty years old seem to have shrunk, or at least I had a devil of a job getting into them when they were put to non equestrian use a while back, but I can't go in there again I'd be too embarrassed, in fact I hope I don't bump into him until the memory has faded.

His shop is on route to the post office, the most direct way that is, so I'll be taking the scenic route for a while.



PK said...

Ronnie you must get over these feelings of embarrassment!! You should have looked him in the eye and said "I'll let my husband decide." He might have been the one to blush. LOL!

No kidding what we do is fun, healthy and improves ones marriage. We should be proud!! Maybe I'll come visit sometime and we'll go shopping together.

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie, Being the Irish story whore that I am, I'll pretend you were single and he was really hot.... Going to go write now! Have a wonderful weekend! KayLynn

Hermione said...

Ronnie, I thought your answer was a giveaway. Surely you knew whether your "daughter" did dressage or hunting :-)

But he probably gets all sorts of shoppers who aren't really horsey people. All he wants to do is make a sale; it doesn't matter to him what the whips are used for. Don't take a detour; treat yourself to a daily look in the window, at least.


selkie said...

grins... We have an annual, very long-term exhibition called the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair - d. and I used to go every year ... and it wasn't to WATCH the horses, check out the cows or look into the latest combine machine!

They have a HUGE hall FULL of exhibits related to equistrian things... D. starts salivating .....LOL

Hermione said...

Oh Selkie, don't forget the butter sculpture. That was always my first stop.

Lessa said...

grinnnnnnnnnnnnnn, I can see you blushing overhere... but ehhhhh, just take your guy with you and he won't say a word I think...

love, Lessa

Davey said...

Gee Ronnie, I love the fact that I get to know you better in these little tidbits.
I appreciate all your concern and support.


Back to internet shopping then? :)


M:e said...

Bet you're really pretty when you

love and hugs xxx

ronnie said...

PK - LOL, I don't think so, he's only around the corner from where we work. Now that would be some shopping trip :)

KayLynn - Irish story whore LOL. Thanks, have a good weekend yourself.

Hermione - I know but that was all I could think of at the time. The butter sculpture sounds great.

Selkie - Now that's something I would love to see. We have Agriculture shows but only for the farmers to show off their animals and combines, that's it.

Lessa - No way, I'm not going in there again.

Davey - Your more than welcome, hope everything is sorted soon

Prefectd - Not quite the same but yes as a last resort.

M:e - Thank you but bet I'm not as pretty as you :)

Thanks all, have a good weekend.


Lessa said...

Ronnie... you not daring.. now I can't believe that.. grinnnnnnnn... you are not afraid of an innocent salesman now are you.... *winks*

love, Lessa

Master Retep said...

I know what your real fear is, he'll start asking about "hands" and "fetlocks" (LOL)and things. That's when you'll become all unravelled. Maybe a bit of Wikipedia research in advance, about horses, would be advised.

In the past, I have instructed my wife to purchase a riding crop in such a shop, and fair dues to her, she did with promises to never darken the door again. I think she had a story about a niece down the country who had got a present of a pony or something.

Mr.C. said...

Goodness me you girls are shy! Tell him it's for lion taming and they ate the last one.

ronnie said...

Lessa - Yes I am, his shop is a little too near to our office.

Master Rep - hello, LOL. Now if P ordered me to go in an buy it, well I would have to but gladly I think he has forgotten.

Mr C - I do love your humour.

Thanks for stopping by