Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Impromptu Spanking

I didn't forget to tell you about Sunday, I just didn't get it ready for posting until today although I did make a short topical post on Sunday. Anyway it happened that I got my promised spanking on Sunday in fact I got three, but it was an impromptu one which was the best as is often the case.

I started writing this in the office yesterday morning with still a tingle in my bottom but that's gone now. I didn't finish because we got a fire alarm drill which meant all out front in the freezing cold then the day was quite busy, anyway nothing lost.

Sunday started well had my usual maintenance spanking, the one that P gives allegedly to make sure I am a good girl for the rest of the week and usually leads to little fun in the bedroom which it did.

Rest of the morning doing the boring but necessary Sunday chores, cleaning, tidying you know (no lunch cooking as we were going out to eat in the evening). Later P had to go into town to pick up some brackets he needed to fix some kitchen wall cabinets, I decided to tag along as there's a new lingerie shop just opened in town with opening offers so I went for a mooch. Half way into town came up behind a horse rider, P chuckled, horse riders he said, remember last weekend (the girl horse riders who held us up and P said they should be spanked).

That set me thinking. (P was hopefully going to spank me later for Chinese New Year but I wanted to make sure he did). Got back home mid afternoon, I popped upstairs while P played with his cabinets, searched my overflow drawer in the spare room until I found what I wanted, couldn't remember if I still had them or if they'd been packed off to Oxfam as they were tight from the start, ahh...found them...a pair of jodhpurs which we bought from Croft Equestrian ages ago, and not for riding purposes (they also sell genuine whips and crops by the way, reasonable and good quality too). So I went back into our room and changed - white shirt, no bra, no pants, winter boots, and my old but little used jodhpurs which seemed to be size tighter than I remembered, then I took our riding crop (also from Croft) out of P's drawer, took a deep breath and went back into the spare room where I could hear P putting away his tools. I stood just through the doorway, slowly tapping the crop across my thigh.
When I had his attention I said “Had a lovely ride but so much traffic on the roads this morning, some of the drivers seemed to be getting a tad annoyed, must think they own the roads some of them, no manners” P stopped what he was doing and turned round, briefly bewilderment and then amusement on his face (wished I had my phone handy) which quickly changed to sternness (goody he's got the plot I thought to myself).

He took the crop from me and said ''That's a typical sort of comment I'd expect from an arrogant member of the riding shooting set, I think you could do with a lesson in road manners yourself'' or something like that I can't remember the exact words I was too excited.

He escorted me back into our room and told me to get on the bed on all fours (we don’t have any saddles mores the pity), my jodhpurs stretched very tight over and into my bottom, P then started caressing my bottom, Hmmmm my girl no pants on I see, his hand smacked my bottom several times, then some rubbing, smacking, more smacking, my bottom warmed to his touch, then I felt the tip of the crop trail down my back, over my bum, falling between my legs, lightly up and down, tapping my inner thighs, teasing, tantalising. I locked my legs tight at one point trying to hold the crop between them, squirming, wondering if my moisture would seep through my jodhpurs. He took hold of my waist and delivered several quick strokes squarely to each buttock, I jumped but P held my waist firm and delivered several more with equal intensity and rhythm across my buttocks, no sound other than the end of the crop which has a leather flapper slapping against my cheeks. God couldn't believe the sting, which got deeper with each slap, I was sure I would have welts or bruising or something if he continued, I cheekily suggested perhaps he should un-trouser me so that he could see his target better but he told me gravely ''You'll be glad of those jodhpurs in a moment young lady'' and with that he stood back and delivered what I have to assume was a pretty firm whipping. He did it so fast I hardly had time to catch my breath and when I once almost wiggled out of range he warned ''Stay right where you are or I won't hesitate to restrain you!'' I stayed. When it was over I was hot, on fire, moaning, almost sobbing, legs shaking yet I'm sure I was wriggling my quivering bottom for more.

P threw the crop on the bed, reached round, unzipped me, pulled my jodhpurs down, ''Hmmm that should teach you some manners'' as he surveyed his work then caressed my poor cheeks gently, lovingly, letting his hands rest in all the right spots, moving up to take hold of by breasts, ripping my shirt open and playing with my nipples, I couldn’t stand it, I was pushing my bottom into his groin feeling his hardness, he stopped, I heard the zip of his trousers, the sound of them coming down, my bottom pushing up harder, greedy for contact, his hands each side of my hips and then a gasp as he entered me from behind, I shouted as he drove deeper, and screamed just seconds later as we both came and collapsed on the bed, P on top of and buried deep in me, and just lay there for a few minutes, "I hope you will remember to be courteous to drivers next time you go out riding he said."

When we'd both straightened up, P said lets not go out I’ll cook some pasta, great, fine by me. We went downstairs, P went out and cleaned the car while I read the newspaper and posted that interesting little article about the American lawyer working in Moscow. Later P made a lovely penne with some pepperoni chilli and olives in a tomato sauce (he’s a better cook than me but don’t tell him I said so) and opened a bottle of light red wine, delicious.

P settled down to finish reading the Sunday papers while I washed the dishes, afterwards I came in and plonked myself right across his lap, straight over the paper he was reading, ''You forgot my Chinese New Year spanking,'' I said, he laughed and immediately delivered my third spanking it lasted all of a measly five seconds but its the thought that counts and I hadn't had a bad day.



Jflame said...

Wooooowwwwww, very hot indeed. Ronnie you are so lucky.
Hugs, Jay

Dante d'Amore said...

Three? Yikes.

I guess that's appropriate since I believe the Chinese calendar says this is the year of the crimson cheeks. ;)

Anonymous said...

Good Lord Ronnie:
It's a good thing I'm still at home! You sure do know how to set the scene! You're so creative. I think your husband should do a tutorial on how to lecture during a spanking, he is fantastic at that. Here's to more Crimson Cheeks!
Take care
Andrades Girl

Tiggs said...

Ouch!!!! I'm a true horsey-type connoisseur so I appreciate the scene ever so much more on other levels, but yikes! Knowing how much Dante loves our crop, which we originally bought for its intended purpose (cause we used to have horses, lol), that would have gone over great here, too.

But unlike my dear Dante, the crop is not even in my top 10 toys, so he'd have been wearing the much bigger smile!

Glad you took full advantage of the day!!!! Happy Chinese New Year to you both!


ronnie said...

Jay - hi, love it when the day goes well :)

Dante - thanks, hoping for more crimson cheeks soon.

Andrades - thank you. I love it when P lectures when spanking me. Not enough this time though.

Tiggs - hey nice to see you, hows your bounce?
You had horses,lucky devils,I've always wanted to have horse. Have you every used the crop?

Thanks for stopping by all.

ronnie said...
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Hermione said...

Ooh, that was lovely! All my riding breeches went to thrift shops long ago, darn it!

I was once told by a young man who used to compete in hunter-jumper classes that the woman whose horses he rode made him wear breeches without underwear. It caught the judge's eye, and got him a higher score.
All's fair in love and jumping, I suppose.


M:e said...

Great posting! Do you share the same experience as me? I always find the 'thuddy' things used for spankings, like a paddle, tend to hurt from the outside in....whereas the 'stingy' stuff, like crops and canes, seem to start deep and work out to the surface. Ahh well.....variety IS the spice of life!

love and hugs xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie:
It's me again, just wanted to tell you that I LOVE your picture of the moment. You've still got that "Office Theme" going...and I LIKE that. Nothing like an office...a man in a suit...a good lecture and a red bottom...yummy..
Okay I think I'll head on off to bed now :)
Take care

ronnie said...

Hermione - Thanks, how wicked of the ladies... delicous though. I bet he did get high scroes every time.

M:e - hello, thank you, yes I agree, I much prefer the stingy ones but do love to try different toys. Looking for something new at the moment.

Andradas - hello again, hope you slept well. I noticed you posted early morning, are you like me, can't sleep?
I said to P the next spanking he has to lecture me :).

Thanks for stopping by everybody.

Radha said...

Hi Ronnie: Yummy! What a great day, three spankings and a lovely dinner! I never expect the crops to bite like it does. I suppose it's a nice surprise everytime!

ronnie said...

Hello Radha, your most welcome here.
Thanks for stopping by.

ronnie said...
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