Friday, 10 July 2009

One's Royal Rump gets spanked by the President

I was belatedly reading one of the weekend newspapers supplements called News Review and one picture caught my eye, our Queen and Ronald Reagan, so I read on.

When Reagan was president, he and his wife Nancy were guests of honour for dinner on board the Royal Yatch, the Queen decided she would serve coffeee, which was most unusual. Now the article goes on to say that you would think anything the Queen offers you, you would gladly accept but no, when she asked Reagan if he would like a coffee, she was stunned when he replied, "No thanks. Do you have a decaff?" You would think that would have been affront enough but as the Queen immediately dispatched one of her flunkies in search of decaff coffee, Reagan reached out a hand and gently patted the Queen on the rump and said, "Thanks for taking care of that"

Apparently everyone held their breath waiting for her to exploded but she didn't, the Queen just smiled and said that's "perfectly alright, Mr. President"

Do you think Reagan was a spanko? Or could HRH have tendencies? Neither, it seems, were flustered.



Lessa said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that's absolutely hilarious... I love this story... wish I could have seen it...

and tell me more about the Eagles.. gotta be prepared...

love, Lessa

Florida Dom said...

Maybe Nancy liked to spank him. LOL

Anonymous said...

Laughed at your thoughts FD but personally I think that he must've spanked Nanc, otherwise she would have been like the StayPuft Marshmellow man in Ghost Busters...
Thanks for the "history" that feels like yesterday to me Ronnie! I hope you & P have a great weekend - No doubt you'll do something to get spanked ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't know a good deal of history. Sadly, it's never been one of my strengths, but I've heard that Reagan was a very respected down to earth guy. I could picture him being a spanko. Heck, wasn't he a cowboy once in movies? I can picture him in some chaps with a whip!! LOL


Brambleberry Blush said...

Is this true? I can't believe it--think of all the brewhaha about Michelle Obama just touching the Queen's arm. What if Barack patted her bum?

Hermione said...

OMG - we hears so much about the Queen having been patted by someone else prior to Michelle. I think Our PM put his arm on her back or something innocent like that. But to pat the Royal derriere is inexcusable.

Off to the tower with him!

Did you see the Mr. Bean sketch where he actually knocks the Queen down?


Lady_Karen_Rebel said...

Lol!...That story made me laugh...Ty for sharing...

Karen x

ronnie said...

Lessa - glad you enjoyed it and yes I woold have loved to have seen that as well.
Eagles fantastic, sound just like their CD's.

FD - LOL, Oh no can't see that.

KayLynn - hi, LOL a Staypuft Marshmellow. I'm begining to think he was a spanko.
Do something to get myself spanked, me, no, never :)

Kitten - I loved history at school but I'm the same as you never one of my strong subject and I don't know too much about Nancy/Reagan. Have heard mixed views on him, some good and others say he was a bit of a bumble head. A President and a Governer who were actors, I think thats 'great.

Carly - LOL, now I would definitely like to be a fly on the wall if that ever happened. Apparently Michelle went down very well with our Queen and I read in one of the papers that the Queen put her arm around Michelle.

Hermione - I do remember one of the PM's doing that, not sure which one and she was most offended. "Off to the tower with him", why didn't I think of that :) and of course "off with his head".

I did see Mr. Bean, it was hilarious when he head butted her and made a run for it.

Karen - hi, thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks all, loved your comments.

Have a good weekend.


Tiggs said...

Oh my gosh, I thought I was going to pee myself just picturing that!

I don't see the spanking tendencies in Reagan, though in Nancy, absolutely, so maybe! But as for the Queen, well, yes, I could definitely see her totally understanding how to behave when an alpha male exerts his authority!

Thanks for this laugh!

ronnie said...

Tiggs, LOL. Nancy, can't see that myself but out of the two she was definitely the dominant one.

Thanks Tiggs.