Monday, 22 June 2009

Women do it better

''Women think that the Kama Sutra is an Indian takeaway. We are just not fluent in body language. Nor do we have the gift of the grab.'' So starts a tongue in cheek article by Kathy Lette in Saturday's Times. She bases her article at least partly on the decision by new owner of Erotic Review (Kate Copstick) to reduce female writers in favour of men. The whole article is quite funny and well written.

But is it true? Are we women lacking in the erotic communications dept, do men really do it better? Horses for courses, that's what I say.



Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Since Ann Rice's Beauty series, Laura Reese's "Panic Snap'' and "Topping from below,'' the Story of O and 9 1-2 Weeks were all written by written, I see no evidence that women aren't as good or better at writing erotica.

Meow said...

It probably depends on your target readership and what they find erotic. My favorites are written by women. The get the right emotional and instinctual tone for me. Maybe men can hit the hot buttons for other men? Meow

Hermione said...

I agree with the previous comments. Women can certainly write steamy erotica. I very much enjoy certain types of erotic writing but am turned off by other kinds. It has nothing to do with the sex of the writer, and everything to do with whether or not their words press my buttons.


M:e said...

The 'Indian takeaway' bit stuck in my head I'm afraid. Am I allowed to order my banquet by numbers, or do I have to know the name of all the dishes?? winks.

love and hugs xxx

phallatio said...

I am very critical of erotic fiction at the moment. The literary world has an annual 'Bad Sex Awards' for embarrassing sex scenes contained within mainstream fiction.

Thank God they don't delve into the erotic fiction world, which is over-flowing with appalling cliches. I am guilty of it too. I am struggling to write decent erotica.

I am not convinced that men are better at writing about it. I think I'd rather erotic biographies. My favourite writer right now is Lady Eros, simply because she writes about her own real life and totally disgraceful experiences!

ronnie said...


I think we all agree that there is no evidence that men write better than women. It's what works for you, whether male or female but I do think for me, women tend to get it right more often than not.

FD, Meow, Hermione, M:e, thaks for stopping by. Phallatio, hello and welcome, thanks for commenting.


Lessa said...

I think women are even better.. don't know if you know the new Fever and Highlander series by Karen Marie Moning... I am addicted... and yes ofcourse Ann Rice... and most writers from Ellora's Cave are women... and I love their work...

hugssssssss, Lessa

Mrs M said...

Ronnie, I agree with Florida Dom when it comes to the erotica he mentioned. Those titles are some of the best, most famous and classic erotica ever written.

I think I have read more erotica in my areas of interest by women than I have by men.
When it comes to DD, I have read better fiction by women - but when it comes to D/s in general I think my favorite erotica was written by men.

For D/s I think the Dominant is sexy that is why I am attracted to it, therefore a sexy scenario being written by a Dom is more attractive to me then it being written by the sub.

As for DD; well I like both sides of the relationship and especially the brat vs dominating husband scenario, therefore it can be written by anyone but is more fun coming from a woman!

I think I just rambled on a bit here, but I felt like I had to give me two cents worth lol - sorry! Long story short, yay for erotic minds ;-)

Mrs M x

ronnie said...

Lessa, Mrs M, sorry I missed these comments.

Lessa - I googled the Highlander series, sounds good. Have to add it to my reading list which is getting longer and longer :)

Mrs M - I haven't read the sleeping beauty series, that's on my list as well. I've read more erotica from women than men, women just hit the right note for me.

Thanks both.