Friday, 17 July 2009

20 of the best

Decided it was about time I took an inventory of some of our little toy collection, few were outdated, a few broken, some a tad too tame, these are all pretty good depending on the occasion and what's required from it.

Couple missing, not yet added my new 20'' ruler and a really long curly handle cane which P keeps at the office. He's there now by the way, with our son, trying to figure out if it's viable to photograph fashion items without employing a professional photographer. Did I ever mention P was tight?

I told P last night we need a couple of new toys but he said he's hardly using any of our current collection lately let alone new ones, and anyway he'd need to try all them out again before he decided what if anything was lacking. Chance would be a fine thing.

No.20 isn't really an implement, I included it to make up a round number,20, it could come in handy though when my stomach's doing somersaults and I really don't want to see what the next implement is going to be.


PK said...

I think its a wonderful collection!! #20 may not be an implement but I do love mine! Adds to the whole experience.

Doesn't P know that for us implements are like shoes to some women? You can't have too many. I love it when Nick brings home something new from a fine leather to a switch he got in the yard. With me it's truly the thought that counts.


Tiggs said...

Ah! A very eclectic collection indeed! Personally, I see several that I'd like to wield, er, um, I mean try... yes, that's it, definitely try!

#5, 7, 9 and 16!!!!!

Love and big fuzzy hugs!

Bonnie said...

Hi Ronnie,

Very nice indeed. There's a tool for every job. We have several of these and I can vouch for their effectiveness.

Have you any particular favorites or definitely-not-favorites?


Hermione said...

Ronnie - I had assumed that P used the ties of #20 to whip you with :-D

That's a lovely collection. Thanks for sharing.


Jflame said...

Hi Ronnie. Thanks for your support.
I just bought two of those 'spank me' rulers from AS, havent given them too Sir yet.
Do they hurt alot?
Hugssssssss Jay

selkie said...

grins. it somehow looks sorta, well scary, all laid out like that LOL - scary in that great shirvery sorta wonderful way!

Daisychain said...

Wow! What a collection! They look so scary laid out like that! Hugs, Daisy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

ronnie said...

PK - Thanks, P's a little too practical, if we have one, what would we want another one for but be really does like it when we have a new toy.

Tiggs, hope your feeling better. You said it right first time, WIELD and we know what that means :) Good choices Tiggs, except. No 7 the loop, I had to use our safe word with this one.

Bonnie - hello, thanks for your comment.

Oh yes, I've a couple of favourites and a def-none-favourite.

My not-favourite is The Loop, P purchased from Cane-IAC - to be honest it could be an unfair judgment.
It was the only time when I've had to use our safeword. The loop stung more than anything else we've tried, It was like bees stining you all at once. I'd been spanked harder but for some reason this hurt more, it left red lines all over.
We've spoken about it since and come to the conculsion it might have been due to a spanking the night before, or that I'd been in the pool for a lot that day (on hols) and that softens the flesh. Haven't tried it since but think I would like to try it again.

Two of my favourites - 1) John's (Leatherthorn Paddles) rose paddle (No14), it's leather really well made, the feel and sound of it when it makes contact and 2) a riding crop (No2) we got from an Equastian shop, it's the flap I like, P uses it well and I love to hear the slap and of course sting of it which is quite different from the flat of the paddle.

Have decided now we really need to buy some new ones, maybe they won't feel all that different but it's a buzz going out and getting them and there's always a frisson to using and a new toy.

Hermione - LOL, thanks.

Jay - You bought 2 of them Jay? Hope they were still in the sale :) Not tried the AS one yet but the other small one sure did.
Hope all's well with you.

Selkie - oh yes, I was getting that shivery feeling as I was laying them out and secretly hoping P would find me but alas he didn't.

Daisy - thanks, they do don't they.

Thanks for stopping by.
Hope you all have a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

Toys toys!! I love toys!! Hope you had a good weekend :-)


ronnie said...

Me too Kitten, thank you.