Friday, 24 April 2009

Wet Weekend

Forgot to mention yesterday won't be around for a few days, going to Wales to stay with P's brother and taking his mom along. His brother has a pub restaurant, we stayed there over Christmas and I was ill, hopefully better luck this time. The weather's been nice there all week but they're expecting rain on the weekend, well that's okay we've got a few things planned and there's always the bar games, pool, darts.

The pub has a letting accommodation wing which is apparently empty this weekend, just P and me kipping there. And the ghost:)
Maybe I'll get that pool table spanking I fantasised about, at least we won't have a noise problem to worry about in the bedroom, so one way or another it looks like a wet weekend ahead.


Brambleberry Blush said...

Oh, sounds like a lot of fun to me. I love Wales beyond all places. I would live there if I could. I think that pool table is calling your name, Ronnie!


löthianne said...

dear Ronnie!

it sounds like a fantastic time, i hope you have a wonderful weekend!

wish you relax and nice time with P!

huge hugs!

löthianne :)

ronnie said...

Carly - Hi, OH wonderful you know Wales, have you visited it a lot?
I think I CAN hear that pool table calling me :)
Thanks Carly, have a lovely weekend.

Lothianne - Hello,thank you. you sound like you have a busy weekend ahead of you. Have a lovely birthday party and enjoy the painting.


Daisychain said...

Hi, Ronnie,
I know the Pen y Bont Inn, stayed there once. I have been up to Oswestry a few times, and Tenby.
I love Wales, and especially the welsh accent.
The pub sounds wonderful...I was pretty good at darts, don't get to practise any more, but was in a pub darts team once, we did quite well, I got a few 180s, but only twice in a real match.... as for that pool table, join the queue!!!! LOL, Davey and I play yahoo pool nightly, and he is always talking about bending me over the table...and not just for a spanking, either.... hahaha ;)
Have a great time, hugs, xxxxxxx

Lessa said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I wish I could come with you.. I love Wales... and I love a certain welsh friend of mine very very very much... smiles...

love, Lessa

Tapestry said...

Have a delightful visit, and I hope all your fantasies come true!


Anonymous said...

Oh Ronnie! Sounds like a lovely weekend getaway for you & P ;-) I sure do hope you get that pool table spanking you have been dreaming about.


Dante d'Amore said...

Ireland & Wales are the two countries I would most like to see some day. Enjoy the trip!

ronnie said...

HI all, thanks you very much for popping over, appreciated.

Had a lovely weekend.

Dante - Ireland and Wales are certainly both lovely. Their ountry side is beautiful, I wished it has bit a little clearer weather as I would have taken some photos and posted them.