Friday, 17 April 2009

Culture, History & Discipline

Yesterday I got an email from Peter Jones, he's the solicitor in London who spanks women, I was surprised to see his name in my inbox but when I opened it I realised it was generated by his website and sent to all who'd registered with him, which I did a while back.

The email contained a video clip from Youtube entitled 'Helena Bonham-Carter gets birched', which I though was fair enough if that's her taste, so I clicked it and it's a lovely little extract from what is obviously a decent period production based on the Tudors, Bonham-Carter plays the unfortunate Lady Jane Grey, she does indeed get birched and goodness me I should think it smarted, obviously English discipline originated way before those wickedly corrupt Victorians turned it into an art form.

Poor Lady Jane, she was dealt with rather severely, I was hoping Patrick Stewart might carry out the discipline he's got such a lovely deep authoritative voice. 

Lady Jane, sometimes referred to as the Nine Day Queen, ruled England 10 July 1553 - 19 July 1553, she was tried with others for high treason on 13 November 1553 and eventually executed on 12 February 1554 at the age of seventeen. 

(Thanks to Lady_Karen_Rebel for pointing out a serious historical error in my previous post, I took the information from Youtube incorrectly. Thanks Karen)



Lady_Karen_Rebel said...

I love looking & reading about period spanking too...

I thought that clip was Lady Jane?

Karen x

Poppy said...

That clip is Lady Jane Grey and Anne B married Henry the VIII not the VII.

It is a lovely clip though.

cheekycherry said...


Shame getting birched is not my idea of fun. I actualy watched the movie The Boyle sisters. it's about this exact story. Very interesting, but to be honest, if you watch the movie, she actually deserve more than a birch. She was evil! IMO. Well she did not have a nice end did she.

Thanks for the history lesson! lolol

Cheeky Cherry

Lessa said...

ohhhhhhhh I do love history.. is there really a whole movie... then I just have to watch it... mmmmmmmm

you have a great weekend Ronnie..

love, Lessa

PK said...

I don't know that much about that period of history but that's a very interesting clip.

Hope the weekend is fun and relaxing.


Daisychain said...

Hi, Ronnie,
I saw that clip on youtube a couple of years ago when I was looking at films that contained spanking...I was surprised at how many there were!I have never seen the complete film though; in fact, I think the only film I have ever watched right through that contained spanking was "The Iron Maiden", about a steam engine thingy!

Hermione said...

Ronnie - that was a severe punishment. I like the rounded bench, though. Wonder if I can buy one somewhere.


Radha said...

I saw this movie years and lately I've been thinking about it. I didn't remember this scene. I guess now I know why I like the movie so much, even though the end was quite heartbreaking. And I loved the bench!

ronnie said...

Karen - thanks for that.

Poppy - hello, welcome. Thanks, yes it's a lovely clip, hadn't seen it before.

Cheekycherry - hi, haven't seen the films about the sisters, sounds good. Is that what it was called?

Lessa - Yes there is a film , I will have to see if I can find it.

PK - History wasn't my strongest subject but I do love period dramas/films.

Daisy - hiya, first time I had ever seen it. Don't know that film "The Iron Maiden", tell me more please.

Hermione - I was thinking the same about the bench. Probably would have to have one made especially. I just might have to google and see what comes up.

Rhada - hello, lovely to see you here. I definitely will have to see the film. Very sad, she was executed so young. I loved the bench as well.

Thanks, have a lovely weekend all.


Lessa said...

mmmm, had a wonderfull weekend... and haven't found the film in a dutch shop yet... and I would like to see more...

love and hugs, Lessa

ronnie said...

Hello Lessa,

Happy to hear you had a lovely weekend.

The film was made around 1986 I think so it may only be available on the old VHS tapes. I will take a look myself as I would like to see it.


Red said...

Great video... thanks for sharing.. However, executed at age 17... yuch!!!