Monday, 6 April 2009

Al Fresco Spanking

Hope you all had a nice weekend, the weather's improving here, it might take a turn back yet but it's nice to be out without winter wrappings.
Our son goes back to uni today, the campus is closed for Easter but the library and other facilities are open, he's got studying to do and he does it better there than at home with me fussing about.
Yesterday morning, Sunday, normally a traditional spanking morning for me but not with family back, P said let's take a stroll in the woods so we popped out for a couple of hours. We went off the beaten track, P had his hand on my butt, checking glute functioning he said, then he said he was going to spank me. No  chance, not here in the woods I told him, but he was insistent and took my hand and guided me through the bushes completely off track and over to where a large diameter tree had been cut down by Forestry and made a good seat. Now if he'd just gone ahead and put me across his knee or over the tree and spanked me it would have worked out just fine, me apprehensive about being caught yet turned on by the prospect.
But that didn't happen. P got out his Swiss army knife, must have planned this, very romantic, not, went over and cut a branch, trimmed it, came and took his place on the tree trunk and motioned me to get across his lap. I did but three strokes into my backside the branch broke, so up I was ordered while P went to cut another branch, he came over with a thicker one, supple with tiny green buds which he quickly trimmed off, this looked promising, the sting of the broken branch even through my jeans had a nice feel, we hadn't been arrested by Forest Rangers, my confidence was growing, I could imagine what the branch would feel like bare-bum. And then we heard rushing through the leaves followed by excited children's voices, and two highly energetic English springers charged through the bushes one of them jumping half on P's lap with muddy paws and giving him big slobbering lick before he could get up. I laughed, P threw his branch which the other springer chased and snapped in two, then the kids appeared followed by mom and dad. They apologised for the dogs, the mud on P, but he actually didn't mind we used to have German shepherd and we chatted for a while.
After they went on their way we went on ours. The moment had gone. P said he'd spank me for laughing at him, I said ha you won't get chance, he said he'd hold it over until we have the house to ourselves again. He might forget but here's hoping.


Sara said...

Very cute. There are these spanking moments when you really try...but it is not to be. They do make for fun memories though!

Lady_Karen_Rebel said...

Lol!...It sounds like you had a lovely forest walk...I have been spanked in the woods a few times...Only got caught once lol...

Karen x

M:e said...

M has a thing about 'outdoors', so I view the return of warmer weather with a whole mix of feelings!!

love and hugs xxx

löthianne said...

Dear Ronnie:

This is exactly the kind of days that you will always remember!!

it gives such a strong feeling of complicity!

i am glad you had a great time even when the things didn´t worked as they were supposed lol! :)



Jflame said...

Lol. Now thats the kind of thing I like to read about on a Monday!
Hugs Jay

Hermione said...

Ronnie - What fun! Your husband is a risk-taker. Just as well that the dogs found you, instead of park rangers or the children.


PK said...

That sounds like a wonderful morning Ronnie. You got a little in and a promise of more to come. Nick has spanked me a time or two outside and it is always exciting.

Hope he doesn't forget!


Spanked Italian Gal said...

Now that is my kind of walk in the woods. I am betting P has the memory of an elephant when it comes to spanking you. Lucky gal ;)
I Gal

ronnie said...

Sara - hi, definitely one for the memory book.

Karen - you got caught? Now that would be an interesting story.

M:e - I love the outdoors and I am keeping my fingers crossed that next time we go walking we don't get disturbed :)

Lothianne - better luck next time but the walk was lovely.

Jay - sounds like you had a good weekend.

Hermione - Gosh I would have died if we had actually been caught by people, I wouldn't have known what to say.

PK - I've never been spanked in the woods before so I'm hoping for more walks soon.

I Gal - he certainly does have a memory of an elephant where spanking are concerned and I look forward to the weekend.
I Gal my thoughts are with you right now.

Thanks all.

Tiggs said...

Oh my gosh, that sounds like fun! Well, except for the interruption, lol!

Dante has a thing for the outdoors, too, but I'm just hoping he hasn't even seen this post!

Big hugs!

ronnie said...

Hey Tiggs, glad the interruption was by the dogs god help us if it had been mom and dad or worse still the kids.

Maybe I should mention it to Dante for you :).

Thanks Tiggs.