Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Trouble Brewed - I've JUST been punished

Its Weds abt 7pm and I've just been punished. Less than five mins ago and I want to write about it now while it hurts and I'm mad. He's gone to fetch his mother fromt the station and a bottle of white he'll be about 40 mins but I'll tell you how things cameabout later, right now I want to record how I feel.

Excuse the typos but Im not going to correct them, I'm burning up, sore, deep sting which fades and then returns and I'm shuffling from side to side, one cheek off the seat then the other, a padded dinning chair in front of my laptop, in fact I've got to get up and walk around.................less than a min I'm back, my legs were shaking they're ok now, sitting again, this is hurting my bums feeling tight I think it might be welts forming I'll take a look in amin, I think I can feelthem through my jeans, he used a leather strop he made ages ago and I've felt it many times but never likes this, I normally like leather. I wanted to cry at one point just before it ended, thought about safe word but I wasn't in danger I love and trust P, I was just being punished, I'd wanted it to happen i've wanted it to happen before xmas, now it has, i was definitely in the wrong I know that, i wish he was still here, hadn't done it at this time then had to dash to collect his mom, bringing her back her for dinner.

It HURTS it isnt fading or turning sexy or any of the usual stuff........stay there while I go to the bathroom..........back now crying, my eyes puffy, bums got welts at least 4 clear ones more on the right cheek and they curles round at bit, then there are lots more lines merged, deep red all over and hot to touch, I think there'll be bruises. And how do I feel right now, mistake? I dont think so not sure though, when it hurts so much its the wrong time to judge, I dont fancy sitting on one of these chairs for 2 sodding hours making small talk with his mom thats for sure. I've got stuff in the oven I need to check on so I'll go and be agood wife, god this hursts, I'll update later or tomorrow logging off now.


Back again....

4 hours later my bums still sore. The ordeal evening was ok. When he got back from the station with his mom he had a great big bunch of flowers for me, Mmmm something smells nice, he said these are for my favourite girl and he gave me the flowers with a little peck on the cheek. I'd planned on giving him the cold shoulder but I just felt melty, I hurried off to busy myself in the kitchen his mom in pursuit, anything she could do to help you know how it goes. I'd rather it been him in the kitchen helping me, not saying anything, just being with me.
He's gone to take her home now, he'll be back soon, I'm not going to say anything when he gets back just be normal. Posting now. Goodnight.


grace said...

Wow! This post is so real and so raw. Thank you for sharing this.

It's interesting how your feelings changed over the 4 hours. Isn't that how it works?

I hope the bum feels better soon.


Brambleberry Blush said...

I started to cry when he walked through the door with flowers for his "favourite girl." This strange obsession sure isn't easy. I feel for you, Ronnie. Hope that you're feeling better by now.


PK said...

You are feeling a lot of things and you will need to sort them out but I would still rather live our lifestyle than any other.

Big hugs and soft pillows,

cheekycherry said...

Ah sorry Roni, at least you know he loves you. If it makes ya feel any better, I had it good every day of the week so far! That nasty perfume I talked on my blog about.... that was def. heading my way!


Cheeky Cherry

ronnie said...

Grace - Thanks Grace, glad my bottom isn't raw, still sore but fine. Your right its funny how our feeling change but they do. Mine certainly did.

Carly - Oh thank you so much, I'm fine and happy but a little sore :)

PK - Thanks for the soft pillow most welcome this morning. I'm the same wouldn't change what we do for anything.

Cheeky Cherry - Thanks, I'm enjoying reading your posts and
glad to see your comment box is working.

Thanks all