Monday, 19 January 2009

Pert Bottoms in the Saddle

Sunday morning woke late, it was almost 8am, warm and comfy, no probs sleeping in a strange bed.

Last night had been great fun playing Wii games most of the night with P's mom and family who we were staying with. I'd been a tad overly chirpy apparently, induced by wine according to P, dancing around mildy provocatively, pushing my best feature (he says) in P's direction while playing tennis, even my golf swings caused me to practically fall into his lap. We'd all gone to bed tired, happy, perhaps a bit tidily, I'd flopped under the duvet naked, usually I wear knickers or sometimes pj's if it's really cold.

Its late said P, they'll all be up before us, but I couldn't hear any activity going on. You showering first? he asked. Nnnnn.. I snuggled closer to him, I know what I'd like to do. No chance of that, he said, too much noise and besides you were a naughty girl last night, as his hand brushed against my thigh and lingered as he realised I was naked. Naughty girls get spanked, but that's too noisy as well, his hand caressing its way across the front of my thigh, tickly, slow, sensitive. I ought to be giving you a taste of what someone should have have given those two girls yesterday afternoon, they were decidedly naughty too. What on earth...? I asked wondering where he was going but happy to indulge him as long as his hand kept working away. You remember, the two riders who held us and several other cars in a queue for at least 10 minutes on the lanes.

(I did remember, they were riding two abreast which was quite ridiculous, then when they got into single file they weren't controlling their ponies properly, then they ignored a couple of pull-ins where they could easily have took a break and let some traffic pass....we'd had to put up with their pert bottoms jiggling along in time with their ponies well groomed flanks for almost a mile. Arrogant backsides, which would benefit from a taste of their own riding crops, P had said at the time).

Oh those two girls, I said, and would you be meting out this taste of the riding crop by any chance? You can be sure of it, said P, I'd have them return to their stables, unsaddle and rub down their ponies, then have each one in turn sit on one of the saddles and bend right forward as far as they could stretching their jodhpurs tight across their bums.......his hand's working its way between my legs now..... And I'd teach them some road manners. Ooh and how exactly would you do that? ....his hand has discovered my wetness now.........I'd bring the crop down across their bottoms. Hard............his fingers are kneading my mound........How hard? I enquire with indecent interest......... Hard enough to teach the naughty madams to be more respectful......I didn't hear any more because his head went under the duvet and his mouth took over from his fingers, and I started coming and bunched the pillow into my mouth to muffle my cry........I came, it was unexpected, it felt naughty and it was delicious.

Then we definitely did hear noises people moving about, P went for a shower. I lay a few minutes longer, thinking about those naughty riders and wondering impossibly if we had room for a pony.

Driving back home in the afternoon sunshine the lanes were uncluttered, perhaps someone had taken those two girls to hand after all, I mused.

It was a lovely weekend.



PK said...

What a wonderful weekend!! I do like the way your husband talks to you. When you can't make noise having him whisper what he would like to do to you (or even others) is definately the next best thing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie:
A delicious way for me to start my morning, reading one of your sexy posts! There is something very sexy, about "illicit sex", when you know you can't do it, it makes you want it even more, and heightens all of the sensations.
Have a great day Ronnie
Take care

M:e said...

Makes me wish I'd never given up riding!!

love and hugs xxx

Daisychain said...

WOW! You are a brilliant writer.... if only I had been one of the riders, lol, and he HAD stopped....xxxxxxxxx

ronnie said...

Hi, PK, AG, M:e, Daisy,
Just a quick thank you very much for stopping by I really do appreciate it.
Sorry for not replying to each of you, rushing into meeting which I will be in for most of day.

PS - I do think I may take up riding.

Hermione said...

I'm with Daisy. What if he had stopped....

I love the picture. I used to have a German riding master, and I confess I often fantasized about what he could do to me with his crop.