Thursday, 11 December 2008

Wedding Night

Found this on bet many of
us would have benefitted from this on our wedding night.


Jflame said...

Who would'nt?!!!!!!!

paleje said...
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Anonymous said...

I wonder where my marriage would be today if I had a honeymoon like that! My Blog would be very different. Very cute pic
Thanks for sharing

Tiggs said...

Yes, indeed, but then, we were into spanking when we got married, but then let it wax and wane too many times to be of much good. Without effective communication, the discipline and spanking are pointless and counter-productive.

BTW, I'll add you to my list of favorites as soon as I can! I love your blog and will have fun delving deeper!


ronnie said...

Hi JFlame - P said I certainly could have.

Andrades dear - good question but I know it would have made very good reading. Can't wait to read part 5 but P keeps looking at me across the office so I had better just say hi to Tiggs and do some work. Will log in later.

Tiggs - your very welcome here. I wished we had been into spanking when we were first together. I think of all the years missed but making up for it :)

Thank you for the link, its lovely of you.