Wednesday, 21 March 2018

More of your questions answered

Amy - I would like to know how you went from having a spanking dynamic in your marriage
to blogging, then writing and publishing books, and now selling canes?

Ha! So would i:) it wasn't planned I promise you, one thing just tumbled into another and I was blogging when still doing crazy hours sometimes, helping P and then setting up my own little import business when P's work was running like clockwork. It's not a recognised career path that's for sure!

Have you always been so industrious?
Industrious yes, I suppose so thinking back, you have to be in your own business, I think I get it from P.

Which of the three have you found has created the most lasting friendships for you?
For friendships and enjoyment I think my blog.

Fondles - Chocolate or vanilla?
Neither as I don't do ice cream, yes it's true, I'm not over keen on the stuff.

What 3 items would you never go on vacation without?

Other than clothes and the obvious. Medication, mini first aid kit, a spanking implement.

Baker - What is your least favourite spanking implement?
A holey paddle which was gifted to me by Bogey and Bacall. It's just a small simple paddle but wow to me it's sharp, stings and I often think of hiding it. P really enjoys threatening its use.

Least favourite position to be put in for a spanking?
Don't really have one now.  One I never used to like was 'bend over and touch the floor/toes'

but that 'instruction'. Free standing is not a stable position and, also, P says it stretches the flesh too tight, I think he's right. It's been discontinued years ago:)

Meredith - What six month period would you like to relive in your life?
Didn't think I'd get that one back:) When I met P, when we used to own pubs/nightclubs or maybe when we lived in Spain. not any of these....It would be high school years. I was very sporty, (track and field), also was a member of a very well known running club. I represented school and county a number of times, I was thought to be very good, but Nelson my coach at the club said not good enough unless I committed 100% to the training to take it further. At that time, there was so much going on, school, clubs, friends, exams. I couldn't commit (or maybe I didn't want to). So I think I'd like to relive that period and I would do and handle things differently and really commit to the training and go for gold.

Red - Has P ever swatted your bottom in public, where others have seen?

Oh yes quite a few times - he finds it amusing.

Have you talked any more with your friend you told that you have a blog bout spanking, and how did that conversation work out?

We briefly spoke about it but it was a short visit as her husband wasn't doing too well that day. Some things just overshadow spanking.

Has anyone ever commented in your office building about spankings, possibly having heard P and yourself?
We are very careful when we use the office other than for work. 

Richard - What ever became of those striped knickers with the lace edging and the rose thorn Leather paddle?
Knickers have long gone but still have the lovely rose paddle.

Katie - Do you have a fav blogging memory?
The day Bonnie spotted my blog. Just think if she hadn't, I wouldn't have met the wonderful friends I have.

Katie I asked P to answer your next question...

If I was going to purchase a "first" cane, what would you tell me to think about/point me toward (LOL beyond the obvious sting)?
One that's controllable, not too long or too thick and don't start off with a curly handle one even though they look the part because they are the hardest of all to handle. Know your partner's parameters and don't go at it too hard to start because successful caning is all about accuracy and too many mis-placed strokes can ruin the experience before it's been given a fair chance. The harder you cane the more likely you'll mis-place, even those of us very familiar with the cane do it and I personally hate it when one goes where it shouldn't (it doesn't happen often nowadays).  Practise make perfect! As for an ideal "first" I'd say straight handle, 60cm long, 7-8mm thick would be controllable but still capable. You can always trade up or down depending on preference when you've 'got to know' it.

Thanks to Amy, Fondles, Baker, Meredith, Red, Richard and Katie for the great questions.


Monday, 19 March 2018

"I didn't want it to happen like that"

My words, a couple of hours after it had happened. Talking with my nearest and dearest over a mug of tea, in the kitchen, while he was chopping onions to make a soup. Mundane stuff but it's how things happen. Two hours earlier I'd been caned, in our bedroom, lying on the bed with my bottom bolstered upwards by two memory foam pillows folded over. All pretty normal stuff you might think, and let's face it Ronnie's into canes and not above provoking her husband when she sees an opportunity, or just plain getting spanked anyway for whatever reason.

But the thing is, I'd been within a cat's whisker of orgasming during my caning, actually on the very edge. The slightest touch from P, or my own fingers, down there and I'd have been hitting the ceiling. Maybe even a few more words, strict ones needless to say, would have sent me there. I've never been at that point before under the cane. P must have sensed how close I was and he increased the ferocity to nip it in the bud so to speak. It worked, the strokes became very harsh and I was 'neutralised'. A very sore bottom, orgasm on hold, he could have revived me, just a few minutes to calm down then his hand, would have set me off. I didn't get either, just told off for being a naughty girl and he hoped I'd learnt my lesson.

He left the bedroom, I had some jobs to do including making up the spare room because our son and daughter in law were staying over later. Now I haven't even mentioned the reason for the caning but I can tell you it was nothing serious, although my husband used the type of language that, had anyone been eavesdropping, would have given the impression that it was. I'm not going into it because the big thing to come out of it for me was the nearly-orgasm. I've wanted that to happen lots of times, I mean I can be there before or after but never 'during'.

I told P about it in the kitchen, I asked him if he knew how close I'd been.

"Of course I did," he said. "That's why I gave you something to take your mind off it, can't have my wife coming over the pillows when she's getting her bum caned." 

"Bastard," I called him. He was smiling.

"Would you have wanted it to happen?" He asked. "We'd have time to do it again before the kids arrive, you know, like re-run the movie but with a different ending." P was amused.

"I was so close, so really close, I don't know what I wanted, I suppose I won't until it happens one day and then I'll know...if it does," I added for good measure.

He said he'd been very tempted to take me then and there, he'd observed my well striped bottom increasing its thrusts to meet his cane and he'd heard the lust in my cries but he made his decision and exercised control. I said I was appreciative, I wouldn't have wanted it to happen like that. Then almost in the same breath told him I wouldn't mind it happening now though. The fucking not the caning. He knew I was horny.

Half an hour later after he'd finished his prep he took me upstairs and put me out of my misery, had me kneel doggy-style on the bed, memories of the caning flooding back, knickers down, I was soaking pushed myself hard onto his bloated cock letting out a little whimper as my still sore bottom hit his muscled thighs. P must have been as horny as me judging from the amount of yum he spurted into me and we collapsed onto the bed. We lay there a while enjoying the afterglow then P said, "So what's it to be next time then?"

I told him I'd leave it to his discretion, then I felt wet dripping down my inner thighs and told him to roll over and put his hand down there to catch some of the mess, I'd have to change the duvet otherwise. He said leave it, it would dry. Men don't understand that sort of thing.

Anyway I think I'd very much like to come during a caning. I guess it's not the sort of thing you can guarantee, I shall certainly report it if and when:)

Have a good week.


Friday, 16 March 2018

You Asked - I Answered

Jan - Where is one place in the world you would absolutely love to visit?
If I had the time and money I would just travel the world so it's hard to pick one. A few that would be top of my list would be - India, Japan and Canada.

Is there one implement you would love to try but haven't, either because you can't get one or that P won't use?

We've tried a few different ones but as yet I haven't come across or heard of one that I would like to try that I haven't already. As you know, recently a lovely friend sent me a razor strop

something I'd never thought about or tried but glad I have. It will, I think become an implement that grows with us. P is up for trying any new implements but he's actually quite careful about first time use...he says he isn't but I know he is. He has a secret practise first...on a cushion or something:) 
If anyone has any suggestions on different  implements let me know.

- Have you ever had a spanking you truly didn't want?

Yes I've definitely had  spankings I truly didn't want. And I'm certain I've written about them, at least some of them, more going back a few years than recent though. 

What is your favourite childhood memory?
I had a happy childhood and lots of memories. My favourite times were when my aunts took me and cousins to Llandudno, Wales. We went there every year for about 5 years. We played on the beach all day, the weather always seemed like there was never ending sunshine, stayed up late, went to cafes, ate fish and chips out of paper walking along the promenade. We didn't have a care in the world. Happy times.

Favourite place you have visited? 
We've been lucky to have travelled so I have lots of places I've loved but I think because of the experience it would be China. We went as guests of our Korean partner (who was living in China at the time) and were privileged to be taken to places many westerners don't see.  One day in Beijing, I left P in our hotel room to finish up on some work and took a stroll. We were staying on the same street as Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City but as P wasn't with me (of course we wanted to see them together) I went in the opposite direction and came upon a long shopping street. I decided to take a look and see some of the shops. 
Some of the people stopped and stared, I suppose it was because there were no other westerners around and a western women on her own but the young students came up to me asking if I was American, when I said no I'm British, they were disappointed, true. They just wanted to speak English (well American really). I didn't get very far down the street:)

Lindy - What is one thing both you and P pack when travelling?
If we are going for a week or more and there's a beach involved I pack a bat and ball as we still love playing with them on the beach:) European city breaks, P always pack a green garden cane but he has packed one of my canes.

Have you ever tried any unusual foods on your travels?
When we visited China our hosts took us to a restaurant where you cooked your own food over hot stones. Our host had booked a private room and sadly we didn't get to cook our own as it was all done for us by restaurant staff...we would have preferred to have been in the hubub of the main restaurant doing it as the locals were. We had some very unusual types of fish and spiders in batter which were cooked in oil. Being guests in China we had to try everything as it would have offended otherwise. Our host did tell us the names but I can't remember.

The Glenmore - Would you like to turn the tables on P and give him a spanking?
I have given him swats here and there and to be honest sometimes when he annoys me, I think I would love to tell him to bend and spank him:) but that wont happen.

Morningstar - I am curious to know how long you have been blogging?
It will be 10 years in December. I thought two years at the tops and I would stop but no, I'm still here enjoying it and still a pleasure. It's been wonderful to meet so many friends.

What country you live in?
In the UK.

Ella -  I always enjoy the pictures you share with us. Do you find them on your own, or does someone send you them occasionally?
Thank you. I love spanking pictures especially black and whites (as I know you do) I mainly find them myself. N
o trick, knack or anything like that, just spot them when searching for new blogs for my 'In with the New' spot. I wish I could find more! 

I did receive this special drawing from a lovely friend. She knows my love of the cane.

Thanks to Jan, Roz, Lindy, The Glenmore, Morningstar and Ella for the great questions. More next week.

Have a fun weekend and If you're celebrating St Patrick's day - enjoy.


Spanking picture by Minelle.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Steak and Blow Job

It was around 10.30pm and we were sitting in the car park of Waitrose supermarket, which is separated from the road by fields and hedgerows, it's half way between the restaurant we'd just left and our house and I was about to perform an indecent act.

There are two routes back home from town, one is main road most of the way and traffic at all times and the other is the one we took, houses petering out to fields with sheep grazing, very little traffic and Waitrose, standing alone, lights still on presumably for security, but the store was closed and I couldn't see any movement. No, nobody about.

I turned to P, my hand, which had been in his lap since we got in the car rubbing and gently squeezing him through his jeans, now unzipped him and took out his cock, he didn't resist, instead he reached down to the seat slider button and moved back several inches. I started stroking up and down slowly, he squeezed his legs and straightened them pushing between the pedals, I put my head down, my tongue flicking, teasing, trailing down and up his shaft, lingering and licking the pre cum from his head, he groaned and I wrapped my lips fully round him, started building a rhythm, head bobbing up and down all the while sucking, slurping salaciously and hungrily, sluttishly I hoped as befitted the occasion.

My other had cupped his balls and when I felt him stir I increased my grip, his breathing got harder, I was breathing through my nose as my mouth was fully engaged, he grabbed the back of my hair making me bob up and down faster and then I felt it coming and sucked for all I was worth and P bellowed out like a bull, so loud it frightened me, I made to pull away but held me there till he was finished. Then he burst out laughing, we both did, I could hear sheep braying or whatever they do, I think he must have frightened them as well as me. I grabbed a tissue from the glove box and mopped up what I hadn't swallowed. He started the car, not wishing to linger and off we went.

''So a good night then,'' I said as we pulled onto our drive later. ''An excellent night,'' P said.

So what really happened that Monday night? .........Well everything is true except the best part, I didn't do it in Waitrose car park, we really did drive back that way and we drove in too, but P said it was way too risky and we drove right out again. The juicy part was in my head, dirty mind eh, so what's wrong with that.

P told me later he hadn't thought I'd do it, I said I would have it was him who bottled out but to be honest I would have as well, some things are best kept in the mind.

Did you remember that little Steak and B/J story from a while back:) No steak for us tonight abut I'll make sure P does get his BJ later.


Monday, 12 March 2018

Dominatrix Tourism

So, how long before you can walk into a Thomas Cook or Tui store and sit with a travel expert who'll help you plan your professional spanking trip? There are no hard figures yet but it's a growing trend according to the Asia Times and the cheapest place to visit is Japan; it also has some of the classiest acts. Down to as little as $150 for a sound spanking whereas charges of $2500 and more are easily payable in the US and other countries.

'It's a much better deal to be whipped in Japan than whipped at home,' says Bernie, an asset manager from Singapore who frequently patronizes mistresses in Tokyo.

They've got chains (not the steel sort) operating apparently, almost like fast food restaurants back home:)

Maybe that's the next thing in travel - spanking vacations, couples and singles could do it, throw in a bit of sightseeing (not too much sitting), some decent food (asset managers and their ilk like the good life), comfy hotels of course (need your rest for the next day's spanking), Arnica massages, the list could go on and on. Oh, and I suppose it could be paid for in spankcoins, (spank chain) which I 'reported' on several weeks ago.

I think I'm in the wrong business.

Thanks for all your questions. Will be answering some later in the week.

Have a good one.


Friday, 9 March 2018

Book Club

No I'm not joining one...or starting one. Just reporting on one, it's a new movie with a bunch of 'oldies', Jane Fonda at the forefront but packed with names from Hollywood, male and female. Andy Garcia, a long time favourite of mine, is amongst the pin-ups for the girls. Bondage, spanking and viagra are apparently more in demand than roses or fine wine.

Riffing off the Fifty Shades books, Book Club follows Fonda alongside Diane Keaton, Mary Steenburgen and Candice Bergen as they navigate men, sex and dating in later life.

OBB says the trailer is a little better on IMDb

Looks like it could be a fun movie. I think I might be more inclined to go see this than Fifty Shades:):) (which I haven't).

Have a fun weekend.


Found on Express