Friday, 31 July 2015

Cyclical Spanking

Cyclical isn't a word I would have associated with spanking but my husband did, whether he believed it or not is another matter, sometimes he says things just to amuse me, or himself. 

He was answering a question I'd asked him about why spankings seemed to come in fits and starts, I told him I'd read it on a blog which was actually a lie, it was my own observation and question really, I just didn't want him to know that.

He wasn't particularly interested in the question and fobbed me off saying it was just the pattern of life, whatever that was supposed to mean. I said oh right, but how come they bunch up together at times, or seem to, and then go into drought mode at others, life doesn't swing up and down all that much. Then he came out with the cyclical thing, he said it was like anything else, fashion, economics, business etc, they all had cycles, he said maybe spanking was the same, maybe it was related to times of the year or the weather, yes he said, he thought that was probably the case. That would provide the background environment in which spankings would be more likely, all it would need then was a trigger and probably not much of one. He seemed satisfied with that, I wasn't but I didn't ask him any more.

What I really wanted to extract from his wisdom, but in a detached sort of way which didn't seem too obvious, was how things could be evened out a bit more, not by diluting the spurts I might add, but by filling the droughts. I shall email him later and ask him when the next cyclical upturn is due, I'll add a wink and a smiley, he might take it as good natured cheek and spank me.

Have a fun weekend.


Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Smile of the Day

You're my husband and I love you but I've told you repeatedly over the past week that you were trying my patience and this morning's little episode was the last straw

You're going to get the thrashing I should have given you days ago and then we'll clear the air and have no more of your nonsense for a while.

Now get them down, John, down to your thighs.

Why you men forget yourselves and end up in this kind of trouble I'll never know but as long as you do you know what you'll be getting.

Hurry up mister, don't keep me waiting. 

After my cane has reminded you of my authority and you've apologised and pulled yourself together we can get on with the rest of the weekend. 


Let me know if pictures are yours.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Why should I?

I asked it of my husband the other day after we'd been arguing a bit, well not really arguing but in disagreement over something. Yeah arguing, but not heatedly, that's what I meant to say.

Anyway the bottom line was that I was to accompany him to Stratford, well just outside actually I won't t name the place, to drop in on a client, he wanted me with him because that way he could say we were going somewhere but we'd called in to see how things were, just casually as you do (the falseness). What he really wanted to find out was if the client had used another service, other than P's, as he'd heard, but he didn't want to ask outright (the falseness). He doesn't like the client any more than I do but he even more doesn't like losing business.  
I hadn't made any move when he said I should go and get changed. "Well?" asked my husband. "Why should I?" was my reply. 

My husband then took me by the hand, pulled me up off my seat and marched me upstairs to our bedroom. He pulled the window shut, undid my jeans and pulled them roughly down to my knees then pulled me over to the bed, where he sat and I almost tripped onto his lap because I could only waddle with my jeans around my knees. He didn't say anything, just pulled my knickers down and gave me a damned good spanking. When he let me up I was red faced and annoyed because it had all happened so fast.  

"That's why you should," he said. "Now get changed and I want you downstairs in five minutes."

Ten minutes later I was sitting in the car on our way to Stratford.

Have a good week.


Saturday, 25 July 2015

In with the New - Tumblr Edition

Can't believe how many Tumblr photo spanking blogs there are around.

Here' s a small selection for your enjoyment.

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Welcome to all these new blogs.

Have a fun weekend.


Let me know if picture is yours.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Smile of the Day

I was cuddling up to my husband the other night, he'd spanked me the previous day quite hard and I had my head on his shoulder. He reached around me and squeezed my bum and I flinched and said 'ouch'.

He squeezed again and said 'oh come on, if can't be tender now'. I told him it was, he'd used an implement as well as his hand and it had been really hard and bruised me. I was lying but he didn't know that, he said he couldn't understand it and wanted me to take my jeans down to inspect the damage. I said no it was ok, he wasn't satisfied though, professional pride perhaps, he asked me 'What was the worse part of your spanking then?'    

I told him 'That it stopped'. I was smiling, he knew then I'd been joking, I wasn't really damaged at all. I thought he might spank me for pretending but he didn't.

Oh well. Another time.


Monday, 20 July 2015

Irish Caner

There is (or was) a caner living in the Lansdowne area of Dublin. We were standing at the station waiting for the train to take us the short ride into the city centre when my husband got his phone out and started snapping, I thought he'd gone mad, it was hardly scenic, the few locals standing around took no notice. I asked him why he wanted a sleepy suburban rail platform on his camera, then he pointed to the far track and to a cane lying there ... and it was indeed a cane, a proper one about 3ft long and with a grey rubberised handle for good grip. I put a red arrow on the photo because it isn't as easy to identify on photo as it was real life. (click picture for bigger image and then again for larger one)

I was amazed, P was baffled, he wondered why someone would discard such a fine implement, and why dump it on the rail track. Our hotel wasn't far away only a few minutes walk, P said he would come back later, under cover of darkness and when no one was around, and retrieve it. I told him no way, it was dangerous and he'd be seen and in any case what on earth could he do with it apart from the obvious, I mean he couldn't take it out of the country as a little memento, at least not without a fair bit of embarrassment at the airport.

Of course he didn't go back for it, it was just one of those funny little things you see from time to time, and can only guess the story behind them.

Have a good week.