Monday, 25 July 2016

Spanking Towel

Had a lovely few days with family but glad to be back. Did you miss me:)

You may remember this picture I posted. Yes it's me. 

For my new readers here's a short story of when I used the towel to entice P to spank me. 

We came back from shopping and I went upstairs, fished out what I was looking for from P's drawer, you can see it's a small towel with a very clear message on it, it came with the pre xmas cane-iac delivery but P hadn't given it to me but I knew it was in his draw as I'd seen it. I stripped off and lay on the bed with the towel strategically positioned.

P called after a few minutes wondering where I am, Oh just trying to sort something out, could do with your assistance actually, I say.

Up he comes and into the bedroom, I'm lying on the bed, I've even placed his mobile on the pillow hoping he might take a pic for me.

I certainly had been VERY naughty, he was in no doubt about that, and VERY naughty girls get spanked VERY hard. Music to my ears. First he did the decent thing and obligingly snapped me with his mobile, then he took me into our little spare room office which is at the back of the house and noise doesn't travel, put me over his knee, I was totally naked, he told me he wouldn't have me brevitting in his drawer... SMACK... SMACK...he was going to give me the towel anyway but when he decided to....SMACK SMACK.....and I'd have to learn to respect little privacies.....SMACK....HARDER.....Ouch!......and not snoop about for my personal amusement....SMACK....dah dah dah...he'd warned me about this before and he was going to make sure...SMACK SMACK........Ooowww Please!!....I didn't do it again any time soon......SMACK....Ouch!! No!!.........well he spanked me long and hard, holding me with one hand spanking with the other, then alternating to give his hand a break. Unfortunately I didn't have a spare bottom to alternate, it went on for about 5 minutes and I was VERY satisfied my little towel ploy had worked like a dream; at the end he eased his grip and I lay there cooling down. Boy I was hot.

Then we returned to the bedroom and I ended up back on the bed but this time without the naughty towel over my bum, just his hands massaging, rubbing, kneading, working their way to where I had a different type of heat entirely now requiring urgent attention.......................which it got.

Oh I do love it when P lectures me during a spanking.

Have a good week.


Friday, 22 July 2016

Pammy's Caning

Click each picture for larger image.

Have a fun weekend.


Pictures from Gingerholic

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

A Smile for Today

Bet you've done that a few times:) I know I have and got spanked for it.

Visiting family later until Saturday then son and girlfriend are over for dinner that night so catch up with you when I can.

Have scheduled a picture post for Friday.


Monday, 18 July 2016

Stop whingeing about brexit

Well a few weeks have passed since the Brexit vote and I hope some of those who voted for it have had time to count the costs, at least in the short term. I certainly have and one immediate impact on my little business is the exchange rate, which means the next order I take from our Spanish supplier, which will be in August, will be 14% more expensive than the last one. What do I do, raise my selling prices? I asked my husband. He said no, grin and bear it for a while. Well I won't be grinning.

Another impact is on our next holiday ... now we don't book holidays in advance, never have done, business has always dictated when we can take breaks, but it is obvious that our next week in the sun is going to be a lot more expensive than our last one. Flights, accommodation and currency are all higher. I threw some ideas at P on the weekend and he said it sounded expensive, find cheaper. I told him I could if he wanted to wait and take a November break in the UK. I won't tell you what his response was. The only good thing, unusually for me, is I bought too much cash currency in euros earlier this year and still have most of it tucked away in my dresser, I haven't told him that but it's probably as much as we would normally spend cash-wise during a week in the Med so that will cushion the cost and no doubt bring a smile to P's face when I reveal it. I'm saving it as a tactical tool to help swing him when we get to decision time.

Meanwhile I'm pretty grumpy about brexit. Our son's new house, which was negotiated pre brexit but won't complete till next month, has apparently dropped several percent, his mortgage deal is locked at what seemed a good rate but who knows what's ahead, the cost of everything imported into the country has obviously increased and has to reflect in sale prices soon as far as I'm concerned.

P had been stoic up to this weekend, listening to my moans and groans tolerantly and agreeing but also pointing out it might only be relatively short term and to give it a break. Easy for him to say but he's not the one charged with getting a holiday lined up early September with no brexit surcharge. Anyway yesterday morning I asked him about mobile roaming charges, car hire and a few other things including whether he'd accept a shared pool, to which he unfortunately said yes no problem, which set me back because I was only using it as another tactic but it backfired on me because actually I'm the one who doesn't like pool sharing because I'm embarrassed not being a good swimmer. Shit.

After a while P put his newspaper aside and told me he'd heard enough whingeing about the effects of brexit, no point getting stressed over it, find solutions and think positively he said. I looked over my glasses, "Oh excellent advice, P, thank you," I said sarcastically, "perhaps you'd care to lead the way." 

He did. He took me by the hand, upstairs to our little office and spanked me. He didn't take my jogging pants off (I hadn't been jogging, I'd been hula-hooping in the garden earlier), he just put me across his knees, pulled our bogey paddle from under the futon and spanked me for about ten minutes, consistently hard with just a few pauses to reaffirm his warning to stop whingeing and getting stressed over something we couldn't do anything about and to concentrate on things we could do something about. After each little pause he asked me if I understood, agreed etc and made me answer, in the affirmative needless to say, before resuming. I asked him to let me up please, I'd got the message, but he wouldn't because, he said, he knew me and he knew the message wouldn't last five minutes if he didn't deliver it properly. So I got quite a spanking and my jogging pants offered no protection at all, if anything they served only to help retain the heat in my backside after I was let up.

There's something about non sexual spankings that's so sexy it's ridiculous. I know I was red faced when I stood up, I could feel my cheeks burning. I hadn't been unclothed, I hadn't felt my husband's cock against my thigh, I hadn't felt myself dampening, I'd just been plainly spanked and hard too. I felt so embarrassed as my husband's eyes sought mine, looking to see if there was any challenge in them. There wasn't.

"Call it stress relief," he said. "Now go downstairs and let's have no more moaning." I turned to leave the office and he spoke again.

"If it's any help," he said, "I've got a load of euros I didn't use last time Stefan came over, I don't need them for anything so you could put them into the holiday calculations, I was going to tell you later, they're in my travel bag, help yourself. Oh and I'll have a mug of tea please, when you're making one."

Well the sneaky devil, hoarding euros, he's as bad as me. I smiled as I went downstairs. Needn't tell him about mine then, I'll reserve them for another time:)

Have a good week.


Friday, 15 July 2016

In with the New - A Small Summer Edition

A small selection of blogs for your enjoyment. Now don't forget to stop by.

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Let me know if you spot any new spanking-orientated blogs.

Have a fun weekend.


Let em know if picture is yours.