Monday, 24 October 2016

Naughty Words

This book by Cara Bristol looks like it could be very useful to new writers of erotic sexual/spanking stories.

Here's the blurb...

If you've struggled to find the right tone for your romantic sex scene, stared at the computer for 15 minutes trying to come up with the perfect verb, become stymied because some terms are too crude while others are too flowery, or found yourself reusing the same words over and over, Naughty Words for Nice Writers, A Sexual and Spanking Thesaurus can help you break through those barriers. Cara Bristol, the author of 17 erotic romances, has written a guide to help you find the erotic words to write a sex scene that sizzles. Naughty Words for Nice Writers is packed with more than 1,200 usable, functional synonyms geared for romance, erotic romance, and erotica. Included are 28 different "erotic word lists" such as male and female anatomy, foreplay, orgasm, specific sexual acts and kink, sexual noises, spanking terminology, and much more. The guide offers suggestions on how to write a sex scene and how to tighten your writing so it sings. With an emphasis on verbs, this guide will help you "show" the intimacy between your characters rather than tell it. Whether you're writing a "fade to black" scene or a graphic and explicit one, Naughty Words for Nice Writers will give you the words. 

Spotted on Amazon.

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Friday, 21 October 2016

Real Pasta and those Spankings

Back on our wine and dine circuit, after a couple of years absence all because my husband took umbrage with the owner, is our one-time-favourite Italian bistro. They used to do the best pasta in town and, as we discovered last week, still do. The only trouble is, they've changed the decor and the furniture and the layout so that they can get more people in. So it isn't quite the same quirky little pasta parlour we used to enjoy. The food's as good but the atmosphere is different and I couldn't quite put my finger on why.

The reason we returned was we'd learned from friends that the owner was no longer working there himself (he used to chef and or maitre d' according to his mood). Instead he had swapped places with his brother, who was now running the show and he was doing likewise several miles away. So we returned, sheepishly and cautiously, quite ridiculous really as staff had changed too and we were unknown to his brother, just another couple of customers. Halfway through the meal P remarked how good the food was and how nice it was to get proper Italian food again, made fresh by people who knew what they were doing. There are plenty of places offering Italian in the town but they are plastic offerings (my husband's description), not proper. We've even been known to eat at ASK a few times during our self imposed exile and, lovely though the staff are, it's all pre-made and shipped in (sorry ASK).

But there was still something missing and my husband summed it up at the end when I was finishing my wine and he was sipping coffee. He said it was a pity we'd fallen out, it should never have happened, it used to be nice to be known and to chat with the boss over the counter (it's an open kitchen) or have him sit at the table with us for a while. He was right of course, the personal touch counts for a lot. I agreed and nearly told him it was his fault, his silly pride and stubbornness had caused it, but I didn't. I just said well let's start again and he seemed happy with that.

There was something else though, still gnawing at me. There was romance missing. Yes that was it, definitely. I remembered many an evening sitting in there on the little wrought iron chairs, sometimes with a sore backside after a spanking, always getting a round table in the corner, cosy and warm, in more ways than one. Yes I think that's what I was missing. I told P what I thought, he just pooh-poohed the romance talk but he admitted there had been several times when he'd brought me there after a spanking and a few when he'd taken me home at the end of the evening to give me one. Then he put his hand over mine and said, 'Well, next time you're a naughty girl I'll know where to bring you afterwards.'

He might says he's not romantic but I'm sure there was hint of nostalgia in his voice and his hand said it all. It often does.

Have a fun weekend.


Wednesday, 19 October 2016

A Smile for Today


Picture from Glenmore's Adult Spanking Stories and Comics.

Monday, 17 October 2016

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Friday, 14 October 2016

I had to remind him

It had been a week since my husband had made a promise, or warning I suppose, as per below:-

"He got off the bed and told me the only way he could deal with what I'd just done was with another sound spanking and there would be no sex for me meanwhile." 

Well he'd kept half the promise but not the other half - no sex, no bloody sex... for a week! That bit he'd kept, although it transpired not intentionally. But the other half, the sound spanking bit, hadn't been delivered at all and I wasn't a happy bunny. I know he's got a few things on his mind but that's no excuse for not remembering threats. From a girl's point of view, when a man says things like that, which excite certain feeling in those of us who appreciate a firm hand and are not averse to sex, it is frustrating.

I brought it up with P on Saturday morning. He wasn't at the office because he was tree trimming and I though it would be a good time to remind him; he's usually more relaxed when he's doing physical things and I like seeing him work up a light sweat and get dirty. I took a couple of mugs of tea outside when I could see he'd almost finished, I stood next to him and could smell the sap and see leaves and bits of conifer sticking to his arms and neck. I told him I'd help him clearing up and he put his arm round my waist and told me I was a good girl. Ooh swoon. I almost spilled my tea as I pushed my body against him in response. Then I reminded him what a bad girl I'd been last week and asked him sheepishly if that was why we hadn't had any sex lately. He thought about it for a while and then it twigged. He said he'd soon remedy that, we'd get cleared up all the quicker with my help, then he'd get showered and then he'd deal with me. I said why bother with the shower, then I gulped the rest of my tea and turned away and started raking debris into neat piles, making sure I bent and stretched a lot (I must have had the most awkward raking technique!)

Anyway we got finished and P was putting the tools away in the shed. I went in and threw my gloves onto the bench, one of them fell down the back and I cursed but turned to walk out the door. P looked round, "Well somebody's got to pick it up," he said. I swivelled back and stretched over the bench, I could see the glove had landed on a compost bag the other side. Then I felt P's hands on my hips and froze, long enough for him to reach round and unzip me and wrench my jeans down to my thighs. I struggled a bit to make it harder for him and said "No P, not in here, please." I thought he was going to spank me but then he pulled my knickers aside and I felt his manhood between my cheeks against my bottom hole and then down against my slit. I wanted to turn round and rip the buttons off his shirt, taste the sweat and bits of foliage on him but he wouldn't let me, his cock was urgent, its slippery head pushed insistently and I opened and felt my own dew gush and then he was fucking me and I screamed and he put his hand around my mouth to keep the noise down. We stopped, panting, getting our breath back. "That's the sex sorted out then," said my dearest. "Now we just need to deal with the spanking."  He'd obviously remembered everything and decided to make good.

"Oh it's ok P the spanking can wait for another time, really." The order of events was not to my liking. "No time like the present," he said.

We keep garden canes in the shed and he selected one. I made to get up but he ordered me sharply to remain just where I was. I told him I needed a tissue, I'd got his stuff running off the gusset of my knickers, which had sprung half back where they belonged, and down my thighs. He said that wouldn't make any difference, he wasn't going to cane my thighs. Then he stood to my left and caned me. Oh my goodness doesn't the cane feel so much worse on the other side of orgasm. Luckily P knew it well enough and only intended it as a gesture to say he'd kept his promise. It still stung though but when he let me up I stretched up and kissed him; I didn't remind him that a 'sound' spanking had been threatened, didn't want to push my luck.

We showered together, he said it was to save water but I knew it wasn't, his cock was hard again. Tree cutting must be good for him:)

Have a fun weekend.