Monday, 25 May 2015

You can't just take it!

My husband embarrassed me the other night, nearly turned me into a criminal too, or an accessory at least.

We were walking past one of the charity shops in town, it was early evening, there was a pile of stuff outside their doorway as usual but one particular item was not usual and it made me stop and go back to do a double take. I was right, there was a large picture of a partially dressed woman holding what I mistakenly thought was a strap. She looked kind of Greek, sultry looking. 
P came back to see what had caught my attention, we soon realised it wasn't a strap, P thought it was a musical instrument possibly. He picked it up, I asked him what he was doing and he said he was going to take it, it was quite nice. I said no way, it's not coming in the house and anyway it's intended for the charity shop not for passers-by to help themselves. P said there was no notice saying not to take things, I really thought he was going to take it back to the car and I told him to put the bloody thing down, there were people in the street and they were looking.
Well he did put it down thank god, I don't know what gets into his head at times. I said if he really liked it he should come to the charity shop tomorrow and buy it but he better have some use for it that didn't involve hanging it on one of our walls at home. I very much doubt if he did, I've heard nothing since. I thought I might get spanked for challenging him like that, perhaps I should have more of a fuss over it:)
Have a good week.

Friday, 22 May 2015

I was in tears

I had to go for an eye check-up last Friday, for a condition not an eye test, and it involves dilating my pupils with inserted drops, which leaves me with blurry eyes for a couple of hours so P accompanied me.

The procedure takes a while, with waiting in between stages and I'm in and out of treatment rooms, so P walked into town to kill time and because there was no reception in the hospital which annoys him (why does government say we should be a connected nation and knock hotels etc for not providing free broadband, but not connect its own hospitals...and, worse, not even have decent mobile data reception). It was sunny and warm and he made his way through town to the cathedral where there are benches and he thought he'd sit and do emails. It didn't work out that way because there had been some kind of medieval ceremony on, he got there at the tail end of it, and there were onlookers occupying the benches, he didn't find out what the ceremony was but he did send me a snap.

He did his emails from a cafe in town eventually, with a coffee and an outside seat so he was happy enough. We exchanged banter texts - he usually starts them depending on his mood, helping pass time and cheering me up, some in the waiting area must have wondered why I kept breaking into smiles when everyone else was so serious. I wondered how come texts could get through but web mail couldn't. I got cheeky and sent him a couple of suggestive texts, well suggestive for me, his replies were somewhat ruder but nice.

On the way home he said he'd spank me when we got back, I said he couldn't because I wasn't seeing properly the light was making my eyes water a lot, he said I didn't need to be able to see to get spanked, which was true and it made me laugh and I looked forward to getting home.

We got home and he did spank me. It wasn't hard enough very hard though, still a spanking's a spanking and I could honestly say for once that I was in 'tears'! I wanted him to fuck me then but he said he still had stuff to do and was going back to the office, he asked me if I was ok and said he'd be about an hour maybe a bit longer, then he was out the door.Two mins later he came back through the door, he said he'd changed his mind, he would fuck me after all, then go and finish up. I'm sure my eyes dilated more than they had all afternoon, doubt if P would have noticed through the tears though, he asked me again if I was ok, I assured him yes I was bloody ok, don't let a few eye drops get in the way of a fuck. I grabbed his arm and led him upstairs before he took pity on me and changed his mind:)

It turned out a very pleasant Friday afternoon, if all hospital trips went like that I'd be looking forward to them.

Have a fun weekend.


Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Anyone tried the Snap-N-Spank paddles?

SNAP-N-SPANK paddles are made from sturdy 3 mm acrylic, but here is where the beauty of the spanking system vastly differs from any other paddles on the market.

SNAP-N-SPANK ‘s unique magnetic layering system lets you just simply add a wooden SNAP-N-SPANK paddle to your baseline acrylic set. Now you have in your hand both acrylic and also wood so now you can not only vary the intensity by adding and deducting but you have the bonus of changing the sensation to either wood or acrylic. 

Imagine 4 paddles 3x acrylic and 1x wood which you can hold in one hand with four different sensations and weights in 7 different combinationsBuild the level - build the sensation.

A little on the pricey side. Think I'll stick to one simple paddle but I can see how they could work.


Monday, 18 May 2015

Spanked in men's underpants

Wearing her husband's underpants was a surefire sign Angela needed some corrective treatment. She got it and was soundly spanked in them.

The only trouble with wearing her husband's pants, she reflected afterwards, was the way they retained heat. Her bottom simmered for ages.

If P finds me wearing his underpants I get spanked.

For those who may not have read it, this is one of my more amusing spanking accounts that happened a while ago when I wore his.

......Our family bathroom is way overdue for re-decorating, there's some flaking paint on the skirting. So on Saturday I told P I'd give it a quick lick of paint, only take an hour or so while he was at the office.

I put a pair of P's old underpants on and then joked to him that as I was doing boys work (I know it's not only boys work) better dress appropriately. "What do you mean", those aren't my jeans".

So I loosened the button and pulled the waistband of his pants up for him to see what I was wearing underneath my jeans. He doesn't wear them anymore they're years old, I keep them in my drawer because there's a story attached to them, anyway there was soon to be another one, or so I hoped, short sharp and sweet. He took the bait. ''Well you can take your jeans right off and come with me into the bedroom before you get started, I can see you're in a cheeky mood and I wouldn't want you doing a less than exemplary job so I think five minutes across my knee should help you take it seriously. You'll get the 'boys' work done with a sore bottom, and you'd better do a good job or it'll be the bath brush when I get back from the office''.

Now this was all in good fun as you can imagine from my telling but even so the spanking was carried out with P's customary efficiency and I did indeed have to get on with it with my cheeky bum well warmed, 

I enjoyed it and looked forward to his return, making sure I'd missed a few bits. I got the work done minus the missed bits, left the brush out, silly dizzy me not knowing it needs washing. 

Then what happened, our son came home unexpectedly early, I called to watch out there's wet paint in the bathroom and went about some ironing. Twenty minutes later son appeared in the kitchen, ''You missed a couple of bits, Mom, I filled them in for you and cleaned the brush up.'' And with a peck on the cheek he went to put the brush and paint away in the garage.

When P returned a bit later he said I'd done a good job, he probably figured the threat of the bath brush may have helped, I told him actually I hadn't done a great job at all, I'd missed some and if it hadn't been for our son the paintbrush would have dried up and gone rock hard. He just smiled and said oh well it all turned out fine so no problem.

Well maybe it wasn't a problem for him but I'd been primed and I'd been looking forward to a telling off from that bath brush for my girlie carelessness and it didn't happen.

I think it's time for those underpants to make an appearance again:)

Have a good week.


Let me know if the picture is yours.

Friday, 15 May 2015

"Nice Tits"

Said my husband as he walked past my laptop. I was sitting in front of it at the time, the image that caused the comment is shown below, 

not a reference to my own although I've no reason to believe it couldn't equally well apply, just that I don't tend to sit with mine on display. Or semi display.

"I thought you were an arse man," I called as he walked out the lounge. He shouted from half way up the stairs, "I am, believe me!"

Five minutes later he came back into the lounge, he was fastening his tie, he had a meeting to go to, he looked across at my screen the tits had gone.

"All of us blokes are arse men really," he said, "but most don't know why and if they were told probably wouldn't believe it."

"Really P," I said, having a feeling some pearl of wisdom was heading my way, "Well go on then."

"Yep, according to the anthropologist Desmond Morris in his book, The Naked Ape, nature makes tits resemble the cleavage of bums which appeal to our deepest most basic instincts. Think about nature, think about how mammals appeal to their partners." I told him I couldn't think, please tell me. I think he may have told me ages ago.

"No time, google it...or rummage in the garage, the hard copy's probably in there somewhere, see you later!" And he was away.     

My husband is a mine of useless information. As to why I had tits on my laptop screen in the first place, he didn't even ask.

Have a fun weekend.


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Just because

I like the picture.

Is it really only Wednesday? Roll on the weekend.


Let me know if the picture is yours.