Friday, 20 October 2017

In with the New - Mixed Edition

Back again with a nice mixture for your reading pleasure. Enjoy and don't forget to stop by.

Red Black Porch
Handcrafted paddles and rope for BDSM.

Pandora Spocks
Author of Erotic Romance.

Margaret Davis
Margaret runs the largest and most polite spanking-only group in NYC.

Anthony Lines
Tweets in the key of Ouch.

The Barefoot Babygirl
A Canadian submissive new to the lifestyle is here to share her journey.

Regularly Spanked Wife
Her husband spanks her quite regularly and she wouldn't have it any other way.

Miss Kendall
The next door disciplinarian professional.

Jade Royal
Jade from Cincinnati is an author of love, romance, and the eroticism of the two combined. BDSM is a common and underlined theme in most of her stories since it has been her lifestyle for the past 13 years.

Heidee Nytes
Domestic Disciplinarian.

Mark Stirling Writes
Mark S. R. Sterling is a semi-retired industrial safety engineer who authors spicy romance novels.

The Value - BDSM Blog
From Norway a Dominant and a Alpha male who has been part of the lifestyle for over 20 years.

Domestic Discipline 24/7
Head of Household in a domestic discipline marriage in the UK.  He expects his wife to abide by the rules and behave in the manner expected. Breaking of rules or general misbehaviour results in the administration of corporal punishment. 

Have a fun weekend.


Thanks to Bonnie for her contribution.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

A Smile for Today

I love that sort of reconnection. Perfect.


Monday, 16 October 2017

Is the UK going mad?

I haven't been spanked this weekend. Unfortunately. Just wanted to make that clear so that anyone who's popped in for spanking can save time:) No, we've had a weekend doing DIY stuff for our son and there has been neither time nor leftover energy or, for that matter, controversy unless you count disagreeing over carpet colours.

However, browsing the newspaper late on Sunday I noted that our GP's are going to start asking all of us to declare our sexual orientations. Yep the powers that be need to know whether we're straight, gay, lesbian, homosexual, transgender, whatever, so that they can treat us all equally or something like that. WTF is that all about then, I mean I go to me GP if I have a pain I can't work out by myself, how does it help him to know my bedroom preferences? And who else will get to know? And what the hell has it got to do with them anyway? 

I told P about it, he already knew, he said it was entirely in keeping with this government's behaviour.....we're allowed to change our gender just by saying it, John Lewis is stocking clothing and other stuff which will not carry a gender identifier so, eg it won't be 'girls dresses' it will be 'childrens dresses', a boarding school in the South East which 50/50 boy/girl, is going to stop segregated lodging and 'boy' kids will be allowed to wear dresses and wear makeup to events like proms, companies are starting to have shared toilets...etc etc, it goes on.

I said is it just us, are we falling behind with a changing society, a changing world? He said no not at all, it's just the guys who are pushing all this stuff are mad and authorities that go along with it because they're frightened of not being politically correct are mad too. We, and loads like us, are the sane ones, he said. And if Doc ever has the temerity to ask me for my sexual orientation I shall say neutral, which of course he won't have tick box for and I shall refuse to explain, and I suppose he will put 'declined to answer' if he has a tick box for that. Or perhaps 'refused to co-operate'.........perhaps they'll have a tick box for that in years to come and god knows what that will lead to. Needless to say, my husband is a bit anti these sorts of things. I suppose I am too but I'll probably just tell the truth if and when I am ever asked.

I do think it's a bit mad though.

Have a good week.



Friday, 13 October 2017

In with the New - Small Autumn Edition

Here's a lovely mixture of blogs for your reading pleasure. Enjoy.

Tora Princess
A Married Woman's Journey into D/S. 

Submissive Stella - Diary of a Healing Submissive
Her Journey within BDSM and D/s. The good and the bad.

Dom, Sir
Musings of a Learning Dominant in a D/s LTR. 

His View Through a Cracked Lens.

Leda in Hand
Her journey as she learns to serve and submit to her husband, taken in hand.

Little Submissive
The journey of a submissive. 

My BDSM Life
BDSM Education by a Dominant and His submissive.

Obedient to Him
Her submissive journey of discovery. Her thoughts, observations, experiences and such.

An Alternative Road to Happiness
Journey through the foreign lands of polamory and D/s to find happiness.

Submission in the Distance
Babygirl, owned by Daddy, finding her way into long distance submission.

Living with Spanking
Corporal punishment really works.

Christie Cutie
The Adventures of a Spanking and Fetish Model, Kink Connoisseur and Overall Naughty Girl.

D'une Fessée... L'autre
Fessées et autres délices.

Journey to Submission
Follow as she explores D/s in her marriage and figure out if this is really what she wants.

Don't forget to stop by a say hello to these bloggers. 

Any new adult spanking-orientated blogs out there - send me the link/s if you find any.

Have a fun weekend.


Thursday, 12 October 2017

HOT Christmas

Well, if you've been a fan of the Fifty Shades that's what it's going to be. According to the blurb the PR people have dreamed up to pique interest in a book already published but now told from Christian Grey's you can get into his mind if not his pants, if you're so inclined anyway.

I shan't be expecting a copy in my Christmas stocking:)

And it’s not just the new book that Fifty Shades fans have to look forward to, as the third film – Fifty Shades Freed – is due to be released on February 9 2018.

Read the article here.


Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Spanking Positions

Here's a few unusual spanking positions.

I wouldn't fancy any of them.

What's your favourite spanking position/s? 

For me OTK like this

Or P sitting on the bed with me lying across his knee so my whole body is supported.

For the the cane - I like to be bent over the dining room table 

or lying flat over cushions on the bed


Let me know if any of the pictures are yours.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Not Connected, a dinner party, a cold, a temper tantrum and a sachet of Lemsip got me spanked

How's that for a title, I've never had one so long. In fact I don't think I've ever seen one so long. Anyway it's all true in and it's all connected as I shall explain. The only thing I left out was my husband who, I believe, was responsible me getting the cold as he only shook off one himself a few days ago. Anyway the whole lot conspired to get me spanked this morning, hard on my bare backside, after I'd cleared up the kitchen and a few other things and showered.

So I'll tell you why the the temper tantrum came about first because that was what triggered the spanking. You see we've been virtually without broadband for a fortnight despite assurances from our useless service provider and installing some new hardware and it is very frustrating (to say the least), I mean you can get by just about using phones, but it's not the same and some devices won't work that way, or at least not unless you're technically minded. I have told P he should just insist on a new line but he says we have to give them a chance although I think this weekend he's had about enough and will be reading the riot act to them in the coming days. It's easy to say sharp words when you're pissed off because your music suddenly stops or you can't watch a movie or use the printer and I'll admit I've used a few.

Added to that, a cold makes you feel a bit down with all the sniffling and sneezing, and we had a small dinner party to prepare for Saturday night and I had undertaken to make a nice dessert, one I'd seen on Masterchef actually, for which they didn't publish a recipe so I was ad-libbing and it wasn't quite working out. I was sharing kitchen space with P too, and he had a fair bit of prep to do so wasn't really paying attention to my creative efforts until he heard a loud "Oh fuck it I give up!" He stopped what he'd been doing and came over to see what was wrong and I told him my eggs were refusing to mix with the butter and I wasn't going to do the dessert after all (it was small tartlets of poached pear frangipane for the record) and I would just go out and buy something, there was enough time. He said nonsense, start over again but don't over melt the butter just soften it. I said OK but then found we didn't have enough eggs left so one of us would have to go out anyway. Feeling sorry for myself I asked, "Why, when I plan to do something different do things go wrong and I get a damn cold as well and I cant print the little joke name-places because the fucking printer isn't working and I'd just as soon phone them and cancel the evening...blah blah..!"

P wasn't impressed but he was calm. He put his arm round my shoulder and said I should just pop out and get half a dozen eggs and we'd have it sorted in no time and everything would be ready with time to spare. So I went and got the eggs and P did stand with me while I blended the frangipane and it all worked out and we had an enjoyable evening albeit with me under the weather. And my poached pear frangipane was a success!

Onto Sunday morning and I was still obviously bunged up with the cold, P asked how I felt and I told him I'd been up a couple of times in the night to take nasal spray so not great. He went and mixed me a lemsip, it was double strength, I don't like them much but he told me it would perk me up and help dry the sniffles too. He was right, it did the trick and I felt pretty good after half an hour or so. I took my shower after finishing the jobs I wanted to and when I came out and into the bedroom, P was sitting on the bed.

"How are you feeling now?" he asked.

"I'm good, thank you," I said, wary of him being where he was, sitting on the bed right in the place I always sit to dry my hair. " I need to get in there, I'm dripping." He could see I was, I only had a bath sheet wrapped around me and my hair was leaving splashes on the carpet.

"Excellent," said my husband, "you'll be well enough for me to have a few words with you about yesterday afternoon then. Come here."

"Oh no P, please, it'll make the bed wet, I don't need words I've only just had a shower, the evening went well, I think the lemsip is wearing off..."

P stood and leaned forward, took my arm and guided me across his lap with him sitting askew so that my upper body was mostly on the bed and my toes just tipping the floor. He said he knew the evening had gone well but he didn't appreciate my little outburst in the afternoon and he didn't like seeing me get upset and feeling sorry for myself and he didn't like me denigrating myself and if he'd given up on doing things in the kitchen over the years every time things went wrong we'd have been eating lots of pizzas, but that's not what you do. Then he pulled the bath sheet up over my bottom and started spanking me. He did it hard and spankings after a shower always have an extra glow to them anyway. He lectured me some more as he did it and everything he said was true and I knew it and ended up apologising.

He let me up and told me I was a luck girl, if I hadn't had a cold he would have spanked me immediately after my outburst yesterday, and a damned sight harder, and then made me go to get the eggs with tears in my eyes and a sore backside.

I thought oh god, if only he always carried through on threats like that but I didn't actually say it.

Wishing all our Canadian friends a Happy Thanksgiving.

Have a good week everyone.


Friday, 6 October 2017

Self/Discipline: How Spanking Changed My Life

I'm not talking about me because those of you who visit here have a pretty good idea of the part spanking has played in my life over the years both at work and home as the two often overlap. No, I'm talking about the author Andrew Cameron who is based in London and works in the arts sector and has won several prizes for his written works. His first foray into spanking is his memoir, titled as per the heading, and it's based on his own true life experiences from seeing his first spanking at school up to the present, a quarter-century as a spanking addict.

"Vividly detailed, occasionally explicit, often funny and always true, Andrew Cameron's exceptionally written SELF/DISCIPLINE is the thinking person's book about corporal punishment."

What's the connection to me? Well you know I always like to find new and interesting works in the spanking arena, be it new blogs, press stories, books or tumblrs, but on this occasion it kind of found me. You see a friend of Andrew's bought one of my canes as a present for him and she gave me some feedback after a few days to say he was delighted with it, so we got chatting and Andrew has now been in touch direct and is completely open and happy for me to mention him and he's even going to send me copy of his book! (hey there are perks to this job:)).

So I shall be returning to this topic in the coming weeks when I've had chance to read it but I would say, from the snippets available on Blushing Books and Amazon, and having chatted with Andrew and his friend, it's likely to be an entertaining read.

Have a fun weekend.