Friday, 23 June 2017

In with the New - Spanking Twitter Edition

Spanking Twitter finds.  I don't do Twitter so all new to me. Some of you may already be familiar with them.

Tony Elka
1/3 owner Shadow Lane, husband to Eve Howard, pianist, videographer, cat toy.

Paul Kennedy
Full-time fetish photographer/cameraman, part-time wit and awfully good Top!

Paul Rogers
Spanking video producer, always looking for potential spanking video models and ideas for new scripts. Proud Daddy and partner of beautiful Sarah Gregory.

Richard Windsor
The Twitter site of an Englishman currently living in New York City with a penchant for spanking and Rockabilly music.

Spanking Wishes
A spanking news and promo blog written by Alex Reynolds and featuring new updates every single day, pictures, interviews, reviews and more.

Eve Howard
Author of Shadow Lane novels, co-owner of Shadow Lane, producer of Spanking erotica since 1986, happy-go-lucky switch.

Dreams of Spanking
Corporal punishment storytelling, ethically produced for the discerning enthusiast. Authentic, sex-positive, queer-inclusive, egalitarian and above all HOT.

Spank Her 4 Real
The Twitter feed of a real spanker who spanks women who like spankings, want spankings, and know they need to be spanked.

Princess Kelley May
Twitter home of model, producer, blogger, and spanko Princess Kelley.

Amber Dawn
Twitter home of Amber Dawn, adult model, spanko, cam model, and vegan.

Florida Paddler
John A is a skillful disciplinarian who has reddened some of the most beautiful bottoms in Spankdom. 

Maddy Marks
Twitter home of spanking model Maddy Marks.

Domestic Discipline 
Domestic Discipline for people who want to lead an alternative loving strict lifestyle, the way it should be.

Harley Havik
A spanking video model and an active kinkster in the LA community as well as a Pro Switch at Sanctuary LAX.

Snowflake Erica
Erica Scott is a writer, writer's daughter, blogger, editor, atheist, left-leaning, snarky square peg.

Spanking Land 
London's most discrete and discerning, consensual spanking disciplinarians for adults.

Thank you Bonnie.

Have a fun weekend.


Wednesday, 21 June 2017

A Smile for Today


Let me know if picture is yours.

Monday, 19 June 2017

What's happening in your brain when you get spanked during sex?

Well to be honest it's not something I've ever really thought about but YourTango has, and they've come up with answers which include endorphins being released (I knew that), cortisol level being raised (didn't know that) and loads of other stuff I probably didn't want to know like a 'Strupes Test' which has been used to assess neuropsychological damage to a brain before and after a scene and apparently subs come out adversely affected whereas Dom's do not.


They also opined that subs are preconditioned, in a similar way to that 'Pavlov's Dog' thingy where the dog would start salivating every time a bell was rung because he associated it with getting food. I expect that must be why I, on occasions, salivate in different way when I get a firm indicator that a spanking is in the offing:)


Anyway it's an amusing read. But why do they only mention being spanked during sex? Do they mean literally during coitus or are they generalising the word sex. I must email them because I have hardly ever been spanked 'during' so I want to know what's happening to my brain! Or maybe I don't want the scientific stuff on second thoughts, I know what happens down there because it's very physical and I know what happens up top because it provokes all sorts of emotions, mostly exciting ones, which don't seem too damaging to me. It's my backside that gets the damage:)

Have a good week.


Friday, 16 June 2017

Never too old for a slanging match

How old do you have to get before you're wise enough to not get involved in pointless arguments or, worse still, slanging matches with people you hold near and dear? I don't know the answer to that but I do know I haven't reached the age yet and it got me a thorough spanking which I suppose I deserved but still feel a bit miffed about because, I mean, it takes two to tango.

You see I'm going to Spain soon, note the 'I' not 'we'. I'm going with my friend Jan, only for a few days, to visit an old mutual friend who lives over there and whose hubby has to return to the UK for a medical procedure (not a nasty one) and she invited us over to keep her company. It isn't a glamorous part of the country it's in Murcia, I don't expect there will be much to do but it will be nice to catch up and I'm looking forward to it. I asked P if we could pick Jan up on our way to drop me at the airport and that was what started it all off. He'd pretty much forgotten I was going, or so he made out. He first said sure, should be ok but then said it was actually quite a detour and why couldn't Jan's husband take her or better still swing round and pick me up. I took the hump, it wasn't a big ask in my opinion, but I said alright I'd tell her she needed to make her own arrangements.

P knew I wasn't happy. A few minutes later he said he could probably fit a detour in. I told him not to put himself out, it was alright but really I was thinking what a grumpy bastard he was why did he even make a fuss about it, I mean he doesn't have set hours to stick to so he can make whatever time he wants. So this festered a bit and eventually it came out that he was going down to his brother's place in Wales the same day. I definitely hadn't known about that at all and I asked him why and for how long. He said a couple of days and he was going to see a local band play in Cardiff and they'd find stuff to do, in fairness he hasn't seen his brother for nearly twelve months. I asked him if his brother's girlfriend would be there but he said no she was in Colombia (she's Colombian), I said well never mind I'm sure he's got plenty of others to keep him company,"Maybe he'll have a spare one for you". I didn't mean to say that, or at least not the way I said it.

So you know the background and you can guess how things escalated. Him saying maybe there would be some nice blokes on the estate where Lyn lives, perhaps in the clubhouse (there's a golf course), or maybe in the bars along the sea front. I told him not to be so stupid, he told me he wasn't stupid, he remembered this and that and he quoted a couple of other times when I'd been away with girls not him and he made silly inferences, childish as men can be. Of course I reposted with several incidents from the past in which he could easily have, in my opinion at the time, dallied with other women. Some stupid things were said by both of us, goodness knows how adults can be so childish, even digging up the minutest detail from absolutely donkeys years ago just to hurt the other side. It reached crescendo when I told him his brother had always fucked anything in a skirt which was why his marriages screwed up and that he had the same genes. There were lots of profanities both ways I'm not proud of it. Anyway it stopped abruptly. P stood and took a few deep breaths. 

"This has gone far enough, more than far enough and I'm not having any more of it." There were no swear words and his voice had lowered and he was very calm. He took me upstairs, I didn't know why he needed to do that if he was going to spank me why didn't he do it there and then. Well I found out soon enough why he wanted me upstairs, he wanted an implement and nearest to hand was a paddle, it's the stingiest paddle we've got, one that Bogey sent me ages ago and it really really hurts when it's used hard. P knows I dread it.

My jeans and knickers came down and I was pulled half across his lap half on the bed with his right leg locking me down. It was all very fast and efficient. I started protesting but the spanks were underway before I could get a sentence out and then I just shouted and squealed. Profanities resumed but only from me not P. I meant everything I called him at that time too, I'm not going to print it all just believe me my mouth needs washing out for a month. I tried to dig my nails into his flesh where his t-shirt pulled up but he just pinned my arm behind my back and carried on spanking. There's a pattern to spankings, I mean real ones not play ones, for me anyway. There's verbal objection, physical resistance, foul mouthedness, threat, overpowerment, shock, realisation, inward capitulation, outward capitulation, pleading, apologies, meaningful apologies, do-with-me-as-you-will absolute contrition usually accompanied by limpness. That was how it was, I was so exhausted I didn't know how much he'd hurt my bottom until he let me up and there was rush of pain as blood rushed to my nether region to try and cool it. Oh god I wanted to jump about and grasp my poor backside but wouldn't while he was still in the room.

"We'll have no more of that nonsense, and I don't just mean for a few hours or the rest of the day, I mean forever. Full stop."

I sniffled some snot back, it's the hay fever season. It makes my eyes run a bit too.

"Is that clearly understood?" He wouldn't let it go until I answered.

"Yes P." I really hoped he couldn't hear the quiver in my voice.

He left the bedroom and I stayed upstairs for over an hour, wishing I'd got my phone or ipad with me but not wanting to go downstairs and get either because he was down there. We didn't speak again until the evening when he broke the silence, he said, "Tell Jan I'll be able to pick her up on the way to the airport."

It was a little peace gesture. Somebody has to break the ice. I called Jan and told her, she said great and her husband would be happy to do the same on the return flight. I told P, he grunted his acknowledgement. I left it a while then told him I was sorry for the things I'd said earlier. He grunted again, a few minutes later he asked me if I wanted a glass of wine. Thaw. Takes two to tango:)

I don't get enough of this type of spanking, I used to spend hours plotting how to get one without causing any real rot to set in between us. Then out of the blue a good old slanging match and letting off steam brings one on. 

Perhaps I'll never get too old for a slanging match.

Have a fun weekend.


Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Zen and the art of getting your ass spanked

"It’s April 2017, a sunny afternoon in Melbourne, and I am down on all fours in leggings and a shirt in front of another woman. She’s pleasant, youngish, and also from New Zealand. If you walked in right now it would look like a yoga class, like someone getting a correction to their pose. But she is actually asking me if I would like her to spank me..."

It's an extract from a report by Kiwi journalist Rebekah Holt and it isn't just for girls, or by girls, it's both sexes. They take things seriously in New Zealand, I know that from personal experience because we did business with NZ quite a few years ago, a Reverend would you believe and a member of his family. I remember our first meeting with them at a hotel in Stratford On Avon, they were lovely but, as P remarked afterwards, seemed very insecure, careful, distrusting really but not in an impolite way. We got used to that and as we got to know them better they thawed out of course, but through them we dealt with lots of Kiwis over a few years and nearly always found the same initial uncertainties. 

So I could kind of imagine them entering these 'spanking classes', they sound as if they are intended for 'newbies'. They have a nice picture of one of their trainers, Jesse, you can see him below, he looks like a nice young man:)

What was Ms Holt's verdict on her day with zen and spanking and massage? I think she liked it, her own words:-

"...What I don’t expect from the day is the kind of enforced evaluation I go through. The no and yes exercises forced me to spend time examining how I truly felt. This feels like the truly erotic part. I spent a day asking myself what I wanted, and I liked it.

Oh and yes, my ass was a bit sore the next day."

Well she got a sore ass out of it, what more could she want:)