Friday, 20 January 2017

In with the New - A Small Mixed Tumblr Edition

A small mix of Tumblrs.

Spank Me Please
Photo gallery of mainly OTK and M/F spankings.

Spanking BDSM and Shame
Red bottoms a plenty.

Sweetpea the Sub
A Late 20's submissive's gallery of spanking and more.

Nude Tricia Spanking
Spanked bottoms and more.

Spanking, Submission, Humiliation and Regression
Imaginations, Ramblings and Desires

KILTGO - Knees I'd Love to Go Over
A photoblog of very dominant women.

In Another Life
No-nonsense matriarchal females.

Kinky Spanked Girls
Gallery of spankings and spanked bottoms. 

Male Interested in Spanking
A mam who is mainly sub and likes spanking videos. 

Spanking :3
A picture collection featuring F/F over the knee spankings.

Spankings Finest
Spanking photo gallery.

Spanking Video
Painful contrition decorated in scarlet.

Have a fun weekend.


Thanks Bonnie.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

A Smile for Today

Couldn't make my mind up on which one to post - so you got three:)


Monday, 16 January 2017

It's like this, beloved: I need to be spanked

I've been meaning to share this letter with you (had it in drafts for ages)  It's fiction and found at Taken in Hand. I think you'll enjoy it.

My dear husband,
I have something to tell you. This is possibly the most important letter I have ever written to you. OK, OK, so it is the only letter I have ever written to you—but humour me, will you? This is important.
No, I haven't been up to no good with the milkman (though that strapping young man who is his son might be difficult to resist!), and no, I don't have any (more) complaints about you, and no, I haven't gone to the Dark Side and joined a religious cult or started using Microsoft products.
I don't know whether you have noticed, but I have been a pain in the backside lately. Actually, you don't seem to have noticed. And you know what? One of the things I totally love about you is that you are so serene, unruffled, and even-tempered. I love how you never lose your calm—it makes me feel so safe and relaxed and happy. Never change!
But given your marvellous imperturbability, I have realised that I need to be more direct when making requests. Telling you in words would be a good start. You can't be expected to be a mind reader—though you so often seem to know what I'm thinking... especially the other night when you.... well anyway, where was I?
Do you remember the other day when you were lying on your front watching that that old black and white film I wanted us to see—The Vagabond King—and you thought I must either have got the wrong film or that I must have completely lost my marbles? And you know how, when you complained and wanted to watch the rugby instead, I grabbed that wooden ruler and whacked you on the bottom with it? (Yeah, like you could forget that!)
Well the good news is, I haven't turned violent, I was just trying to get a reaction out of you. You see I wanted you to get physical with me, really physical. I wanted to experience your considerable size and strength in a bit of old-fashioned wrestling roly-poly rough-and-tumble slap-and-tickle—with the emphasis on the “slap” bit.
What am I driving at?
Goodness, this is difficult! But I must do it, it's gone on too long and I want it out. I have to have it out.
You see, darling, I want you to put me over your knee (or on the bed, on the couch, or anywhere really) and—not to put too fine a point on it—give me a jolly good thrashing; and then, if you want, give me a jolly good seeing-to, as only you can. And I don't mean just a one-off: I'd like this as often as your age, inclination, health issues, work commitments, and required TV viewing, will allow.
Incidentally, when I say “thrashing”, I mean hard, using all your strength! I want to be in tears, crying and wriggling and begging you to stop, which of course you won't do. Really! (Just think, you can get an arm workout without going to the gym!) And I mean everything from spanking to whipping.
I know you wondered if I'd taken up riding when you saw that I'd bought a riding crop. And you must have thought it a bit odd that I suddenly felt the urge to buy a set of extra strong wooden spoons—obviously, it couldn't be for cooking, given my singular lack of interest in that department! And then there is the old-fashioned schoolmaster's cane that appeared on your night table and that you asked me to remove. You didn't wonder about that at all? Did you think I was going to a fancy dress or something?
And since I am coming clean here, you know how I've been behaving more and more like an irresponsible schoolgirl of late? You know—I've unaccountably started forgetting to take my mobile phone with me when I go out, I've been not getting enough sleep, and on more than one occasion I have become so engrossed in er… my er… "Internet research", that I have quite forgotten the dinner cooking in the oven and then cheeked you when you said it was a tad charred. I cheeked you on purpose, blatantly, I even burned your dinner on purpose, don't you think I'm irresponsible? I don't give a monkeys, what are you going to do about it?
The reason I have been doing all these things is that I have been wanting you to take control and take me in hand, and this was my way of attempting to communicate that to you. Spank me mercilessly, take my knickers down and cane me, reduce me to tears, deal with me, don't worry I shall love you all the more for it really I will.
Yes, I know, I know, was this letter really necessary and what's wrong with the direct approach? And how did I expect you to guess this particular interpretation of my out-of-character behaviour? I concede that it hasn't worked at all, and I feel quite silly for having done this, and more than a bit remorseful.
I am so embarrassed! I don't know why, but it has taken a lot of nerve for me to pluck up the courage to tell you all this. But now I have, might it be possible for us to talk about it? I mean do you think you could help me out with all this? Do you have any questions? Is this something you could do? Please? You don't hate me for asking?
Yours, as ever,
[Husband reads the letter…. I look to see how he is taking it, and wonder how I am ever going to be able to introduce the idea of even more serious “discipline” to him if we can't even manage to get to grips with the relatively light-hearted rumpy pumpy contained in my letter….]
"Hey, you're smiling! Splendid! Oh how lovely! What shall we…."

"HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! PUT ME DOWN! I didn't mean NOW! No No Not HERE! Oww! Oww! Owwwwww! Hey, Oh that HURT! Cut it out, no no Please NOOOOO!! You don't know your own strength! Ooh! Owww!.....
[Swoon… My hero....]
Have a good week.

If the letter is yours, please let me know so I can give credit or remove.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Spanked to Orgasm

What? You haven't been?

Well take a look at Maggie Carpenter's video and you might want to be:) Sorry you can't press the start arrow on the captured video picture above, you need to go direct to Maggie's page and then start the video.

It's lovely. I particularly like that her legs are secured, I think her waist probably is too so as to restrict movement, no humping and grinding and clearly not against her spanker's lap as she's over a bench or seat of some sort. So she's getting pure spanking, no naughty little accompaniments to help her along, and that's how she cums. Delicious.

Have a fun weekend.


Wednesday, 11 January 2017

A Smile for Today


Let me know if the picture is yours,

Monday, 9 January 2017

In with the New - January Bargain Hunters Edition

Between us we found over 360 new spanking orientated blogs/Tumblr sites last year. So thank you to Bonnie and to all who sent links.  Let's try and beat that number this year.

Don't forget to stop by and say hello to these bloggers.

Intensive learning at the School of Ouch.

Spanking, Domination, Chastity
Women taking charge.

Boy Stray
A Gay BDSM submissive Journal.

Women who know Their Place
Dominant Women and the Fashion that oozes control over men. A lifestyle classic look.

School Spanking and Uniforms
Lift that plaid pleated skirt and bend over, young lady.

Spanking Confessions
Bad girls with painfully punished posteriors.

Nothing a Smacked Bottom Wont Fix 
Posterior pain, rear redness, seat soreness, hiney heat, and bottom bruises.

Sweet Submission
Spankings, submission, and random cute things.

Babygirl's Corner
A glimpse into the world of Babygirl and her Daddy.

Kacy Hammell
Author of: Paranormal, Suspense, Contemporary and Erotic Romance.

His Bratty Princess
Story about her journey and experiences with her Dom.

Une Bone Fessee
On est jamais trop âgé pour mériter une bonne fessée et en bénéficier.

Red Cheeks
The art of corporal punishment.

Cane in Hand 
Parallel lines - A study in red.

Naughty Girls' Poses and Predicaments
Naughty girls in assorted poses and predicaments before, during and after punishment. 

Naughty Bad Girl
Spankings given to naughty ladies.

Old School Punishment
Where spankings with the cane, tawse, and ruler teach memorable lessons.

Spank Videos
Lovely bottoms set aglow. 

Domestic Discipline
Spankings are serious punishment.

Ritual Discipline
Discipline spanking gallery.

Petadvacet na Zadek (Twenty Five-Ass)
A 35 years old whose's hobby is beatings on the backside

Some of these blog may not be new to you but to others a new discovery.

Send me links for any new spanking-orientated blog or Tumblrs you spot and I'll add them to my next 'In with the New' spot.

Have a good week.


Friday, 6 January 2017

Chester Addendum

I should get spanked for being lazy or tipsy or both (preferable, and separately of course).

So there was more to my post which I wrote on Tuesday evening and scheduled for Wednesday morning. We got back to our hotel late after a very pleasant meal (Daniel Craig used to eat there according to our waitress) and I must admit was pleasantly inebriated. We'd stopped at a cocktails bar on the way and it was brandy alexanders that did it. P said he was having another drink before going to bed but I didn't want one, I was completely fine, just fancied a snuggle and some sex to go to sleep on. I suggested he went down to the bar on his own if he wanted but he didn't bother in the end. He doesn't like it when I get a bit soppy and smoochy after drink, I don't know why but he never has so he was a bit abrupt with me. We went to bed but there was no sex.

In the morning P was late waking which is unusual for him, it was about 7.30am, I heard him stirring. Then I felt his hand touch my thigh. I didn't know whether it had touched me intentionally so I froze and held my breath waiting for confirmation. It was intentional, it moved down my thigh and then back up, slowly, trailing fingers on the inside. Then his voice, softly, telling me I'd been a naughty girl last night. I shuffled and murmured, tried to turn towards him but he stopped me. His hand went under the laced edge of my knickers and I murmured again, he pressed on my belly when I tried again to turn and then his fingers were between my legs. He told me I was lucky he hadn't spanked me last night for drinking too much. That didn't make me feel lucky, I told him it was his fault he'd started me on the brandy alexanders. He told me no excuses and he'd deal with me when it was appropriate. I was only mildly disappointed as I was quite wet from what his fingers were doing down there and I wanted sex as much as a spanking. I said "Ooh you're not really going to spank me just for enjoying myself are you, what about if I said sorry under the duvet to you, would that get me off the spanking?" He said it wouldn't, in fact it would get me spanked harder. So down I went.

I got his cock nice and hard and shiny wet with precum and my mouth juice, it wasn't difficult as it was already excited. I asked him if he'd let me off the spanking now, I'd got devilment in my voice and I was smiling, he must have sensed it even though he couldn't see me. He said he wouldn't, I was behaving outrageously and deserved a very severe spanking, I said "Oh gosh" and resumed sucking and then he exploded in my mouth and seconds later I had to put my hand between my legs because I started to orgasm. God it was powerful and just as well my face was buried under the duvet because I was noisy and I had to take my mouth off his cock in case I bit him. When I came up for air I had semen over my cheek and a big smile. We lay for a while then suddenly P was up and away into the shower. "Breakfast in twenty minutes," he ordered.

I don't think we made it in quite twenty minutes. We were on the road back to the M6 an hour and a half later. A totally pleasant little escapade...and a spanking yet to come, if he remembers:)

Have a fun weekend.