Monday, 26 January 2015

"Nice Bum"

Said my husband out of the blue yesterday afternoon. "Well, nice pose, can't actually score the bum when it's presented like that," he added.

I still didn't know what he was talking about and I had to look down to remind myself what jeans I'd got on, perhaps it was a delayed comment, I had been putting shopping away which involved a bit of stretching and bending. Then he turned the Style page of the Sunday Times round and showed me what had prompted his comment, it hadn't been my bum at all, (bummer!), there was  a page advertising an upcoming exhibition of the raunchy fashion photographer Guy Bourdin's work in London.

I 'Hmmphed' and turned away, "A bum's a bum" I said and went into the kitchen to put the kettle on. When I came back in with two mugs of tea my husband, who must have noted my attitude albeit exaggerated, put his hand on my own derriere as I bent to put the mugs on the coffee table.

"Now then," he said, "no attitude or someone's bum will be over my knee."

"Oh whose would that be then P, not the girl in the magazine presumably?" I was suddenly elevated again.

He didn't spank me but he patted the seat next to me and had me sit there, he finished his reading and I browsed, funny how little things can unexpectedly turn you on, I was really wanting him to initiate something, or perhaps I should have, for more or less the next hour, then the door bell went and that was that.

Ah well.

Have a good week.


Friday, 23 January 2015

Giving is better than Receiving

Well that's what they say, isn't it? 

But it looks to me as if this lucky lady is getting the best of both worlds.

Have a fun weekend.


Let em know if the picture is yours.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Smile of the Day

Well there's nothing like saying if plainly.


Monday, 19 January 2015

New Year bad start

But improving.

I refer to spanking, needless to say. Other things are ticking along, hardly report-worthy when faced with a virtual spanking drought which was what seemed to be developing until Friday night. We were out, it was freezing cold, we had a beer in our relatively new found real ale pub followed by a steak in our less frequently used these days restaurant by the lake 

(no particular reason for less use of, just that steak, great though it is, gets a bit monotonous and their other offerings just aren't very good, as you find with group owned places)

Anyway all went well, but the best part was on the walk to the restaurant, P lifted my coat from the back with his gloved hand, grabbed my left bum cheek and drew me closer to him, as if to keep me warm. I told him it was about time he did that, not the warm bit you understand but the squeezing bit, I thought he'd fallen out with me and could he please take his glove off and do it. He said he couldn't as it was too bloody cold and not to be so cheeky anyway. I said well maybe he should do it later then and, as he'd sparked up a cheeky feeling, told him I really needed a good spanking. He didn't say anything but I felt him squeeze a bit harder. From the restaurant I sent him a text message reminding him what I'd said about a spanking. It didn't send and he couldn't receive anyway because reception is almost non existent in that part of town and has been for years, but I wanted to send it in case I changed my mind or forgot later. On the way home his phone beeped but he ignored it, too cold to take his glove off I imagine..

When we got home later, P sat next to me which he doesn't normally do when we watch some TV, which we intended to do for an hour, Graham Norton had started, P wanted Newsnight but Norton (and me) won. Anyway he put his hand on my knee and told me he'd got my text and he'd be attending to it. I put my hand on his, I would have sacrificed Graham Norton and guests if a spanking had been on the cards immediately but it wasn't to be. P gently but firmly put his hand over mine to stop it wondering and told me to watch the programme, he was amused, I was aroused. I don't think I could remember anything that was said on Norton's show after that, all I had on my mind was getting spanked.

Well to cut it all short we went to bed not long after the show finished. I didn't get spanked but I did get fucked,

a plain old fashioned fucking and I have to say that although I was mentally primed for a good spanking, the sex didn't go down badly at all, I suppose when you're aroused you're pretty manipulable as long as what's on offer appeals, well I am anyway. I slept like a log.

On Saturday morning I'd just showered and was sitting on the bed drying my hair in a pair of knickers. I didn't hear P on the landing, the hair drier was all I could hear, then suddenly it went quiet and I shook it (sometimes it frightens faulty electricals to start working again) then noticed the door was open and P was standing there. He'd switched the drier off at the power point. He told me he wanted a word with me in the office, I didn't catch on immediately and he asked me what I was waiting for, get a move on. I stood up and reached for my gown, he told me not to bother I wouldn't need it. I turned towards him my arms crossed against my tits, I told him I couldn't go naked, well virtually naked. He said I could in fact that was just the way he wanted me and he stepped forward and took my arm. I lied that it was cold and I needed some clothes on but he just said I wouldn't be cold for long.

The office was snugly warm, he'd obviously turned the radiator on to warm it so it was pre-meditated, I was frantically adjusting my brain to get the best out of what was clearly about to happen. P didn't waste any time, he reminded me what I'd said and texted last night and told me he'd been offended (I don't mind him lying to me at times like this) that I didn't feel he'd been taking adequate care of me, as he put it. I started to remonstrate that I hadn't actually said that but he shut me up by sitting on the futon and pulling me across his knee and it's difficult to put up a fair argument when you're being prepared for a sound spanking no matter what.

"I don't want to hear any more, I don't need reminding of what you said. The only reminding that needs doing is me reminding you what a cheeky girl you were last night."

"Yes but.." I do try to stretch it out, it's part of the game when the spanking's not punishment, it also gives P opportunity to admonish me verbally which I like.

"I said enough and I meant it".......WHACK WHACK....."and I don't want to hear another word from you until you're begging me to stop"...SLAP SLAP

"Ouch P that hurts!" I whined, it did too, his hands are powerful. I wiggled my bum, I hoped seductively.

"Spankings are meant to hurt," said my husband almost text book fashion, I know you've heard it so many times, me too but I never tire of it. Then the slaps increased, I'm glad my husband can't see my face when he's spanking me because the cheshire cat-like grin on it would contradict the cries and squeals let alone the struggling.

I often lose track of time when I'm being spanked, it went on quite a while I'd say fifteen minutes but it could have been longer and there was hardly a break except when he swapped hands. I was sweating, my bum was roasting, I'd started apologising for my cheek and for causing my husband offence... I would never intentionally do such a thing....really honestly P.....I'm so sorry.....I didn't mean it.......I don't need a good spanking.....I mean all your spankings are good...... and such like stuff. It didn't help me thank goodness, the SLAP...Ouch!......SPANK.....Ooh no!......SPLAT....Oh please! continued.

Then it stopped and my husband's hand was on my bottom, kneading would be the best word for what it was doing.

"I think you're swollen, " he said. "Either that or your bottom is getting plumper, either way I like it." Did that mean I was getting fatter, was that what he was telling me? How ungallant, I told him I wasn't any heavier and it must be his spanking causing it. He didn't think so and he said he'd hardly started yet, he thought such plump juicy cheeks could take a lot more spanking. Ah, he'd introduced another word, juicy, I started to feel sexy again. Then I felt him shuffle back to reach something. Then the spanking resumed.

Oh my can my husband spank! I only found out afterwards that it was Bogey's hand crafted paddle 

now abusing my scorching plump juicy buttocks. It was very painful and I was crying out a lot and P had to hold me to stop me rolling off onto the floor I was struggling so much. He believes a 'good' spanking should take a girl well out of her comfort zone, in fact to her very limits and then some for good measure. Well it certainly did and I was almost frantic by the time he stopped and it took me several minutes to get my breath back and calm down while P stroked my back and shoulders. My back and bloody shoulders for godsake not where it was needed!

Anyway I recovered and he let me off his lap onto the floor. My bum was raging and I know my face was flushed. I asked him if my bum was really getting bigger and he laughed and said it was now and he liked it. I pouted but was really wondering how I could maintain or better still increase that 'plumpness' he referred to without getting too much of it elsewhere. I mean if he likes it he might spank me more, I'm not stupid:)

Have a good week.


The paddle was a present from Bogey and Bacall 

Spanking picture from Patty'sgallery.

Friday, 16 January 2015

When Travelling

Would you dare hang it on the door of your hotel room?

Have a fun weekend.


Picture from Red.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Smile of the Day