Friday, 23 September 2016

My Husband's Online Thing

Is it to do with getting older that makes people (some people) want to do everything online? Does anyone else find that? We are all online whether we like it or not but my husband has got a thing about it, or that's how it seems to me, and it caused us a few problems during our recent holiday. It also got me spanked when I pointed out to him that perhaps keeping some good old fashioned paperwork might be a good idea sometimes.

You see online is all very well but when you're travelling, or in queues or checking in somewhere it only needs a little glitch to cause problems. I'll tell you a few of the glitches we encountered, I won't include my comments at the time to each one, just believe me it was frustrating and embarrassing at times.....not to P I might add, but to me especially when he was berating the counterparties for encouraging everyone to go online and then not having better systems to cope with it.

It started at the airport with checking a case in, we didn't have a printed booking or boarding cards. P showed his phone boarding card but the girl wanted the booking number so P had to backtrack through emails to find it, which held up other people. He told the girl she shouldn't need the booking, she didn't like him so made him weigh his hand luggage too, which was OK for weight but I'm sure she would have enjoyed charging him if it hadn't been.
It happened again with security when they wanted to see boarding cards and P gave them his phone which had both our cards downloaded but the security guy flicked the screen the wrong way after seeing P's, and my card disappeared and he had to hand it back to P to find it again. P was annoyed and embarrassed with a string of people behind us even though it only took a minute or so to find it.

Then at the other end the car hire company wanted to see our car voucher. P told them he hadn't printed one, his driving licence and passport was all they needed, they said they needed the voucher. P looked over the counter and saw his name on their list and pointed to it, I must agree it seemed a bit petty of the clerk to want a voucher, but he wasn't getting a car without the voucher so he tried to search email but had no data connection and had to ask the car hire guy for their wifi details to get connected.

We got the car and were driving along the N125 when P went to put google maps on for navigation. There was no data connection and roundabouts ahead. P pulled over and checked his phone, there was nothing wrong in his settings it must have been just poor signals in that area. Anyway thank goodness the car company threw in a map with their paperwork, we got through the roundabouts the old fashioned way. P's language, third world country, useless infrastructure etc was unprintable. Anyway we reached our destination and as it happened google's sat nav woke up a few times along the way so that cheered him up a bit.

When we got settled into our accommodation, which was lovely by the way, and P had put his phone and iPad on charge, I just mentioned to him that maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea not to rely on them so much. He disagreed, I told him well at least not to get so worked up when they went wrong, then I went for shower to wipe away the journey. When I came out P was mumbling about the strength of the hotel's wifi signal, he said it was crap. I said 'Oh for gods sake we're on holiday give it a break'. 

P sat there for a minute, thought about it, then got up and retrieved his small otk cane from our suitcase, put me across his lap, pulled my shorts down and spanked me. Good job it was midday and guests were either at the beach or the pool so no-one to hear my pleas or the splat of the cane across my bare bottom. He didn't spank me too hard, I think it was to draw a line under the 'technology tantrums' as I'd called them at some point. He told me maybe I was right and he'd grab a shower too and then we'd go and take a look around town...and he wouldn't use the phone to find his way. I said if that was the case, 'Why the fuck have you just spanked me?'

He laughed and said it was for being critical of him. And then added because he liked spanking me. I felt a little tingle aside from the one in my bottom.   

Have a fun weekend.


Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The Bottom Line: that's why people love spanking so much

Look how far back the fine art of spanking can be traced.

In 1960, archaeologist Carlo Maurilio Lerici descended into tombs in the old town of Tarquinia, a necropolis of the refined Etruscan civilization that inhabited ancient Italy from about 800 BC until its assimilation into the Roman Republic in the late 4th century BC. Aside from bodies, he found countless badly damaged frescos depicting comical male boxers, sexualized female dancers, and most notably, in The Tomb of the Floggins, one in which an unclothed woman is bent over and holding the hips of a smiling bearded man while a young man whips her ass from behind—the first discovered example of erotic spanking.

Google found the piece for me on a standard daily search, I just thought it was interesting, in parts anyway. Here's the link to the full article on


Monday, 19 September 2016

Wish we weren't...


from looking at lovely views

long sandy beaches where you can walk for miles and miles

having fresh dourada, prawns, sole and piri piri chicken cooked in the open  on the BBQ.

but we did have a wonderful holiday.

Thanks for all the comments. Looking forward to catching up

Have a good week.


Friday, 16 September 2016

Popping in

Weather glorious, lovely places and food wonderful.

Haven't done as much reading as I normally do on holiday as this one has been more active but I have started two b0oks.

I was given a gift of Know You by Jay Peaches

Cassie's Road Trip by PK Corey.

Enjoying both immensely.

Hope you're not missing me too much:) 

Have a fun weekend.


Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Nalgadas Cumpleanos

One from my Archive...

"Really? Oh goody," I said. I love it when my husband talks dirty, well I hoped it was dirty, I understand bits of Spanish myself but not that phrase. I was sitting on our terrace sipping orange juice and feeling generally happy with the world as P joined me with a mug of coffee. It was still hot, around 28 degrees, past the hottest point of the day but still enough to keep your pores open. I don't know why it is but even after the lovely summer we’d had in the UK, the Spanish sun always seems hotter, even when the thermostats say the same, and it definitely lasts longer into the evening. Even through the night it didn't seem to drop much.

My husband had been swimming, in the sea which he loves, and we'd both walked along the beautiful uncluttered end of the beach holding hands while the sun dried him off. He'd started to bronze from the day we arrived; he doesn't even have to work at it, he has that type of skin which tans easily and safely, disgusting to those of us who can’t be without a bottle of factor 30. He hadn't showered and I could see the sea salt on his lightly sweating skin. I also noticed his swim shorts appeared to be housing a not ungenerous erection.

I shuffled my chair closer to his. "Say some more Spanish," I said.

"You haven't responded to the last bit yet," said my husband.

"Oh yes I have, put your hand between my legs and feel." My bikini pants were damp. P didn't go there, he just rested a hand on my thigh and sipped his coffee, then he asked me if I knew what he'd said and of course I didn't and told him so.

"I said birthday spanking, I was wondering whether to give it you now or wait till later, what do you think?" He's never asked me this sort of question before, I was quite taken aback, it was almost like a business discussion yet sexy in its matter of fact way. His hand remained static on my thigh but his fingers had started lightly stroking.

I said I'd leave it to him to decide and then I asked him if he could spank me in Spanish which made him laugh, then he said something else in Spanish and I caught 'girl' but not the rest of it. He asked me in English if I meant like a Spanish man would spank or just using Spanish words. He said it made quite a difference as Spanish men are known to spank their women very hard. Oh Christ, I definitely felt my bikini pants further dampen and I put my hand on his and whimpered that I thought being as we were in Spain....I didn't need to finish the sentence, my husband reads me very well and said he'd be delighted to spank me in Spanish. But before he did, and to make sure I got the most out of the experience, he was going to fuck me and his hand moved between my legs as he said “then you'll really feel the spanking afterwards won't you, you naughty girl?... And that's how it should be, isn't it?” My body language gave him his answer.

He told me to get up and led me further back onto the terrace under cover of the naya which shaded the sun, and to the solid wooden table which facilitated al fresco dining. He grabbed a couple of padded terrace chair cushions and laid them on the table before bending me over it. I told him he couldn't we'd be seen, but he said he could and he'd already checked lines of vision and we wouldn't be seen. Then I said someone could call but he proceeded to take my bikini pants down and said he'd locked the driveway gate so no one could disturb us. Then I said we'd be heard but his cock was already nuzzling into the wetness of my slit at that point and I knew he wasn't going to stop and I didn't want him to and I just said, “Do it then, do it, fuck me...ooh... god it...urgh... harder!” And words and sounds to that effect as my husband pummelled me while I lay straddled across the table wiggling and pumping and making what I'm sure must have been the basest noises our lovely little hillside community had been subjected to for a long time. When we were done I was pouring sweat and so was P and all we could hear was the gentle gurgle of the pool pump and a few lazily buzzing insects. I thought all the other villas around us must have stopped everything just to eavesdrop.

P straightened up and told me it was time for my spanking, which would be inside. I felt him withdraw and his cum trickle down the inside of my leg, I told him he was dripping onto the tiles and I needed to get something to wipe them and I needed a shower and I didn't need a spanking and did he want another cup of coffee, I'd make one....but he wasn't to be sidetracked.

He took me by the arm and led me inside, fastening the door behind us, my bikini pants remained on the terrace tiles where they'd fallen during our lovemaking, he said I could do all the clearing up I wanted later, and make him a coffee and have a shower too, in fact he'd join me for one (there was a nice wet room in the en suite) but right now I was getting a birthday spanking. A Spanish birthday spanking, he added with a smile.

It was very warm inside especially with the door shut. P led me into a bedroom and closed the window, I said we needed the air con on but he said no it was just right he didn't want me cooling down and, anyway, in a few minutes I'd have quite a different kind of heat to contend with. Then he sat on the bed, pulled me across his lap and started spanking my bare bottom, it sounded really loud, I think the Mediterranean decor, with fewer soft furnishings and carpets that we have in the UK, amplifies the sound. Anyway I told P it would be heard but he said we'd already been heard and all anyone could hear now was loud sharp claps and they wouldn't know what they were, unless I started crying out of course.

I pulled a pillow over and stuffed the corner into my mouth; I didn't want our temporary neighbours knowing what I was getting. P spanked me for about fifteen minutes and hardly slowed down except when he alternated hands and once when he clamped his right leg across mine to keep me still. I cried out alright but it all went into the pillow. I struggled too and that made me hotter still and my poor backside was almost numb when he finally stopped. Spankings after sex are definitely more painful and I really hadn't wanted it to happen at all although I'll admit that when he eventually stopped and I was able to relax and let go the pillow, and I felt his hand resting across my sit spots, I felt another round of warmth starting between my legs. If I'd been encouraged I would certainly have responded but that didn't happen.

Instead P stood me up and told me it was shower time. He opened a few windows and reopened the door making sure the security grill was locked, the immediate breeze was lovely and I felt the sweat cool on my body causing goose bumps. P kissed me on the neck and escorted me into the shower, he soaped me all over and I did likewise to him and joked that his penis must like the Spanish heat because it seemed hard again. He said it wasn't the Spanish heat that was causing it, it was the Spanish spanking he'd just administered and he was planning on plenty more. I said could I please have some before sex not after, he just laughed and said I seemed horny enough either way.

We went out later into the local village where a fiesta was in progress, my bum was still surprisingly sore after just a hand spanking, I liked the feeling and I liked holding hands with my husband as we mingled with the locals. I couldn't help noticing some of the senoritas, they're very attractive and hold themselves proudly, I thought about what P had said earlier about Spanish men spanking hard, I thought that must be the reason, or part of it, as I straightened up and smiled.