Monday, 18 June 2018

WTF is that for

My words, whispered quietly to my husband, as he stood beside me at the checkout. He'd just raced down an aisle with it, jumped the queue and put it in my basket as I was one customer away from paying. He smiled and nodded to the lady behind us who probably thought he had a bloody cheek until it became clear we were together.

"To cane your arse," he whispered back still smiling. "Just buy it."

"I'm not having my bottom caned with that thing," I said when we'd paid and were out of earshot of anyone. "I can't believe you've just done that, you never wave flags, I can't imagine you sitting in front of the TV with it. Who's it for?"

It had to be for a kid, it just had to be. Aside from anything, it wasn't long enough to give a decent caning anyway and I'd run a mile before giving in to getting caned with an England flag. Then he explained himself, devious smart man that he is.

"I'm taking it to Portugal," he said, "after I've removed the plastic pole and fitted the flag onto a nice straight handle cane, maximum hand baggage size, 55cm I believe. If I'm stopped at airport security it will just look like I'm a football fan. Simple. Once we're there the flag can go, I shall have other uses for the 'pole' though."

I was relieved on two counts, one I shall likely be getting my backside warmed whilst in warmer climes and two my husband hasn't suddenly become a flag waver. Oh and not forgetting the price....99p:)

Have a good week.


Friday, 15 June 2018

In with the New - Word Cup Edition

Here we are again with another lovely mix. Please try and find time to stop by.

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Thanks to Bonnie for her contribution.

Good luck to England and to all the other countries - may the best team win, hopefully that'll be England:)

Have a fun weekend.


Wednesday, 13 June 2018


What a rotter. My husband has disappointed me, he's sold the wrong car. Well in my honest opinion anyway. No more heated seats, no slide back roof, just sticking to the road stuff for boys.

A couple of months ago a German car (which is getting bad press at the moment) found its way onto our drive, I was told it was going to be re-sold, yeah yeah, for a profit. I was suspicious, you see P had a lovely Japanese car which was roomy and quiet and with about all the extras you could think of, he bought it with clients in mind when he had to meet greet and that sort of stuff but it was just excellent. He's been running them both but favouring the German for several weeks now, then last week he announced he'd got a buyer for the Japanese car. He's since collected it so it's gone.

We had words about it, I mean he's getting older not younger, why does he want speed. He says he doesn't, (maybe not when I'm with him in it) but I don't see what else it can be. The damned thing is even a nuisance to get into it's so low on the road. We didn't exactly argue but I shall re-make my point periodically until such time as he comes to his senses and changes it, even if I get spanked along the way...which, unusually for me, is not something I will be manipulating for...I just really don't like the bloody car.


Monday, 11 June 2018

What a palaver

In out, in out, shake it all about....that's how it feels and it's Jack's fault. You see I've got this deal with Jack, he's selling some of my canes and some of his own on Etsy. Well he might be, we'll see how it goes. But what a fuss, first he's OK to call them Ronnie's canes then it's SimplyCaning, now it's Jacks Canes. I took my link down last week but now it's up again, he's a nice guy but talk about indecisive. I told him I was going to make a little post about him, give him a verbal spanking (yes I actually joked that) and he said it was okay.
I'm also negotiating with an Indian gentlemen about importing leather floggers and paddles but goodness me it's slow going, I'm still awaiting samples from nearly two weeks ago. He assures me they've been sent, I hope a neighbour hasn't signed for them. If they haven't arrived by mid week he'll re-send, he doesn't sound too happy about it as he's already supplying to the UK and doesn't really see why I should want samples first but there's no way I would buy without seeing and touching, and yes of course a little practical demonstration for which I shall require my husband's assistance.
Hard work selling spanking implements, handbags and the like are a lot easier, I think I need a holiday:)

Have a good week.


Friday, 8 June 2018

A Smile for Today

Have a fun weekend.


Thursday, 7 June 2018

Throw Back Thursday

This happened ages ago even before I posted it in 2010.

I'd popped into the office down the corridor from us to drop off a letter which had been mixed up in our mail (we're in large office building with multiple different bushiness) and there was Margaret and two girls her boss always uses from a temp agency when he needs extra office help huddled around one of the computers.

''Haven't you got any work to do,'' I quipped. I went over and sat on the desk and took a look at what they were amusing themselves with, there were several tabs running, the one they were looking at was a spanking site (I didn't know it), I couldn't believe it. Then Margaret said she'd gone onto the Internet to see if she could find an article that appeared in the local journal about a local lady who'd been providing - ahem - disciplinary services (totally true, I'd read it myself) not so far away from us because Helen and Carol (who are not local) said they didn't believe her. I don't know if they found what they'd been looking for but they certainly found this spanking site.

Then Margaret totally stunned me and said she'd visited a shop with a girlfriend once which supplied discipline and bondage gear and that it was quite exciting although she didn't do that kind of thing herself, her husband would think she'd gone mad if she ever suggested it. But she went on to say her friend told her there were lots of women who were into bondage and some even get spanked but it's something that's never mentioned and that her friend told her she gets spanked by her husband. How true that is I don't know, I just couldn't believe what I was hearing, that she would even mention such a thing or even know somebody who was into spanking. I was totally speechless.

From the look on their faces the two temp girls were totally shocked and told Margaret not to be silly and to stop joking, how could anybody allow their husbands to do that. One of the girls turned to me and said what did I think, could it be true, would you let your husband do that to you, now what could I say, I'm sure I must have gone red but luckily at that point my phone went, it was a business call and I left their office to take it outside. After the call I started thinking hold on, what if Margaret starts clicking on some more spanking sites or maybe she has even by some slim chance found me and that was why she was mentioning it to see my reaction, to see what I would say. Then I thought what if she could trace my blog back to our office address because I've often posted from here.

I flew back to our office and said that's it I'm finished, have we got proper security here, I'm not writing again, or coming to the office again for that matter - of course P didn't know what I was on about but then, amused when I told him, he came over and put his arm round me and told me not to worry my cover couldn't be blown, he reckoned it was millions to one against and she wouldn't be sure of anything, no way.

Phew! so I wont be outed. He said maybe she even bookmarked me or even commented under a different name, wouldn't that be amusing and neither side would know it.

Margaret's left now and has in fact moved away from the area, her boss has also moved offices. So with P's endorsement I posted it with a few cosmetic changes but in essence it's actually what happened.

I know protecting identity is of great concern to all of us and I'm no different. and of course not because I see TTWD as wrong, just people in our offices wouldn't be ready for the real me. They would be totally stunned.


Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Too hot to get spanked

It's what I said to my husband last week when I saw the razor strop lying on the desk in our little office. He was already in the office but not standing waiting for me and, in fairness, he hadn't 'summoned' me. He was sitting on the futon with his laptop on his lap engrossed in something or other, I later learnt it was to do with our LAN which is malfunctioning. So I suppose I was jumping the gun a bit when I said what I said.

"Who said anything about spanking?" He asked. I told him seeing the razor strop

just made me know.

"Ah well, it's not there for that reason, it's there because I pulled it when I moved the desk to retrieve the operator guide for the printer which had fallen down the back. I loosened the hook which I need to re-fix which I'll do after I've got the printer online again (we've been having a few tech problems)." Then he added, "But it's never to hot for a spanking. If I decide one's necessary one happens regardless of the weather."

"Oh I see," I said, both disappointed and relieved. It really was hot, not that I'm complaining, shorts and t-shirt weather suits me. Anyway emboldened by his explanation I stuck my bottom out and wiggled it a bit. I think if he hadn't been hell bent on getting to the bottom of the printer's refusal to talk with my ipad, he probably would have spanked me for being cheeky, a friendly spanking you understand, as he was in quite a chirpy mood considering he hates tech problems.

So I went back downstairs. Five minutes later I heard his drill so he was presumably making a deeper fixing for the little brass wall hook. Five minutes after that he came downstairs too. He announced that our printer was crap, it's a Canon and it prints great but it isn't air print enabled so no amount of tinkering will let me use my ipad on it and for some reason my laptop has lost its ability to communicate with it since P put a new router in last week. It talks with his laptop but not mine. Crazy. He said we'll replace it but I said why not replace my laptop as it's getting a bit old.

"That's the trouble with devices," he said, "you get something malfunctioning then fix it but if you've introduced something new and something else doesn't like it, another problem can show up which didn't exist previously and so on. Frustrating."

"I'm sure a big strong man like you will be able to sort it out," I said. "...Eventually," I added for good measure. He knew I was teasing him.

"You know what, I think I'll borrow another laptop and just test it and if that works then maybe we will replace yours. So if you need printing done use mine. But for right now, as you're clearly taking the matter lightly and making a bit of fun at my efforts, I'll take a little break and have a bit of fun of my own."

He sat next to me on the sofa, dragged me across his knee, pulled my shorts down and spanked me. It was several minutes before he stopped and not before he'd made me squeal.

"Still too hot to get spanked?" He asked, sounding pleased with himself.

I rolled toward his hips pressing my left buttock against his cock which was rigid.

"You mustn't have heard me correctly, P, you were so engaged with that nasty technical stuff upstairs," I said smiling, "didn't you hear the 'never' bit?" I was lying of course but that didn't matter. Then I added, "It's never too hot for a fucking either."

I got one, over the back of the sofa, with a few more slaps for good measure and it was a hot one indeed and I was struggling frantically even as I was coming, to pull my shorts back up as far as I could to to catch the mess. See how a woman's mind works even in the throes of ecstasy:)


Monday, 4 June 2018

Poldark's tits

No I'm not being crude, it was in the Sunday Times. Camilla Long in fact, rabbiting on about the picture of its male star, naked from the waist up, which appeared on the front pages of all the popular papers in the week. Of course it was a publicity week in advance of the new Poldark series starting soon.

Now Camilla is an intelligent journalist, I don't always agree with what she says but I respect her and she does have a way with words. But I'd say, from her past writings, that she was staunchly feminist, absolutely against using women as objects and all for equality between the sexes. If she'd been around in Pankhurst's day she would certainly have been a prominent fighter for the cause.

So how come she seemed to approve a man being objectified, saw nothing wrong with a bit of titillation for the girl readers (or some of the boys too) and even referred to his pecs and nipples in a sexual manner. If it had been a picture of his co-start Demelza topless on some beach would her response have been the same, I wonder. And wouldn't it have brought an outcry from women all over the place? I suspect it would have.

Have a good week.