Monday, 24 November 2014


Can't resist a meme so borrowing this from Erica.  As Erica said they are a fun way to learn stuff about people.

What's your favorite kind of pie?
I'm not a savoury pie person but I do like fruit pies and my favourite is apple and rhubarb.

Who's your favorite band/singer?
As I like a lot of different types of music, Motown, Classical, Rock, Jazz I can't pick a favourite.

Favorite fruit?
Strawberries, blueberries, melon (all varieties)

Favorite sport?
Tennis and Athletics (field and track)

Favorite color?
oh you didn't mean on my bottom, then its blue.

Favorite accessories? 
A watch P bought me yonks ago.

Do you collect anything?
I used to collect orchids and unusual chess pieces but nothing now.

Do you read?  
Every day.

Are you sad about Michael Jackson's death?

Shocked he had died and sad for his family.

Do you go on YouTube?
Not often.

Can you apply mascara with your mouth closed?
LOL. No I can't (had to check before answering)

Have you ever broken a bone? If so, how many?
Surprisingly no broken bones.

Do you text people often?
I'd rather text than speak on the phone.

Have you ever been to a concert? 
Oh yes but not recently. Last big one was Macca.

Are you a runner?
Sadly not any more, my knees can't handle it.

Would you ever get a tattoo? 
I have often thought about getting one but probably not now. 

What's the song that describes your life most? 

Don't think there is one or if there is I haven't heard it yet.

Have you ever been heartbroken? 
Yes and I hated it.

What do you wish to accomplish before you die? 
Wouldn't say accomplish just hopefully to live my remaining years healthy, true to myself and helping others.

Are you afraid of death?
I think I'm more afraid of being old and living with dementia than death.

Are you having a good year?
Can't complain.

Do you forget things easily?
Wouldn't say easily.

Are you overly truthful?
I say it like it is but I have told white lies to save hurt feelings.

Do you like the heat?
Oh yes, I'd love to live where it's warm for most of the year so we can go walking on the beach.

Have you ever met a celebrity? 
A few.

Fun meme.

Have a good week.



Friday, 21 November 2014

What's good for the goose

Is good for the gander, so they say. Well perhaps it applies to some circumstances, possibly even most being as the saying has been around a long time and there's no smoke without fire (should I be qualifying one idiom by using another), but definitely not all. You see quite a while ago I came across knowledge about something called a 'ruined orgasm' which, when applied skilfully to males, can extend their attention period in a certain way even though it might temporarily, ahem, frustrate them. I did an exploratory test on P but he was aghast and thought I'd gone mad.

Anyway he must have retained something from the experience and, inquisitive fellow that he is, found out more about them and their purpose and, whether through his own thinking or by stuff he read online, decided it would be interesting to test the procedure on me. What it meant in practice was that he worked me into a condition very close to orgasm but then, right at the tipping point when that lovely wave starts gushing through me, he pulled the plug. Withdrew orgasm support. The bastard. He hadn't penetrated me, he'd been spanking me (not punishment) and he'd touched places which get me off but refused to actually masturbate me even though I wanted it and begged him to. I tried to get my hand between my legs but he pinned it back, I couldn't use the other one because it was supporting me. I pleaded, I promised him the best blowjob ever if he would please just do it. But he didn't.

Instead, he resumed spanking me. He told me the only way I'd get off would be from the spanking I was getting. He wouldn't let me rub where I needed to and he wouldn't do it for me, only my bottom would get attention and I better make the most of it because it was all I'd be getting. And he'd still make me give him a blowjob after. And the funny thing was, the more he told me what I wouldn't be getting the more I wanted it and I wriggled and bucked on his knee not from the sting of the spanking but because I was so desperate to get a feel of his thigh or knee to grind against. P knew what I was doing and as my urgency built up he gripped me tighter and made sure I couldn't get the contact I wanted, I was grinding air. At the same time he told me what a spectacle I was making of myself and he was going to spank my bottom harder if I didn't stop wriggling and struggling. And I said 'Well do it then, DO IT, do it fucking hard because I'm not going to stop' and then I started moaning and then I felt it start washing over me and I cried out and P increased the spanking, I don't know where he found it but the force was enormous and I wanted to scream and come and get spanked even harder all at the same time. And I couldn't, I bloody well couldn't. I got so close, I got lovely little ripples, I was soaking wet but I didn't get what I wanted. Then he made me do you know what to him which made me start building hope all over again only to have it dashed when he told me to pull my knickers and jeans up, that was it.

Well for the rest of the day I was needy indeed and P made it worse by touching me, brushing against me, patting my bum etc but no sign of finishing me off. I was like a cat on a hot tin roof and it was awful and lovely and I started to see how it must be for males who get the same treatment, I mean as near as you can get to the same. It could run on and on, in fact I've read that it does with some couples.

Not for me though, well I sodding well hope not, I think I'd have to take up furtive masturbating in the shower, or anywhere else for that matter. And if I got caught and spanked for it well........that would be a bonus:) 

Have a fun weekend.


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Smile of the Day


Monday, 17 November 2014

Ancient Art or Modern Lust

"A magazine shoot of Kim Kardashian naked has caused a sensation. It echoes classical depictions of the female form, but far from celebrating women, it panders to male fantasy, writes our chief art critic Waldemar Januszczak" ran the headline in yesterday's Sunday Times.

The article is very well written and at one point says."I reckon what we are witnessing here is a power struggle that is now being enacted in US culture — a buttock-grab — between the scrawny white Caucasian hindquarters, tucked neatly into some slacks from Saks, and the billowing, bulging buns sported and preferred by more recent arrivals to the American dream" mentions J-Lo amongst others. It  also refers to Freud's explanations about male sexual fantasies and traces butt fascination back to ancient times and cultures.

After five minutes reading and a further five trying to digest the article to make some sense of it, I gave up and told my husband about it hoping he'd read it and have something meaningful to say. He said he wasn't going to read it, no need, he said he had no interest in Ms Kardashian per se but he'd long since identified the importance of the female backside and predicted its rise to prominence and it didn't need any highfalutin article to over complicate it. There was a pause while I waited for his further enlightenment.

"It's there to be spanked, simple," he said, "the West has temporarily lost its way with politically correct feminist movements etc and asses have taken back stage but they're on their way back, you'll see, and spankings with them."

"Really, P, you're so knowledgeable," I said tongue in cheek, making a mental note to double check my jeans in the mirror later to make sure I was displaying prominently enough.

Have a good week.


Friday, 14 November 2014

Aldi Convert

So I'm an Aldi shopper. Official and not shy to say it. Funny isn't it, my husband has often told people we get this or that from Aldi (their steaks and beef are great amongst other things) but I've always kept quiet about it, not sure why really........P always revels in getting good value cheap, always has, but I've always been the opposite. Anyway that's changed now at least as far as Aldi goes. Maybe it's because I see people in there now with Waitrose bags:) 

So I'm a modern disloyal shopper now. I use Tesco (yuk) for convenience and limited items, Sainsbury, Waitrose, Aldi and recently Lidl where P has been checking out the wines and declaring them interesting and good value. 

I don't do a big shop any more, just what I want when I want it and I look for the best quality at the right price, don't care about loyalty points and all that stuff.

My only complaint about them which you may remember me telling you......they trumpeted that they were stocking a full range of riding gear and I never managed to spot any of it in either of the two stores near us. Not saying I'd have bought any but I can look, touch and imagine can't I.

Love our Lurkers

Thanks to everyone who stopped by here Wednesday/Thursday and commented and a big thank you to Hermione for hosting it this year.
Have a fun weekend.


Thursday, 13 November 2014

Hello and Welcome

Today is our ninth annual Love Our Lurkes day organised for the first time by our good friend Hermione. 

A day for you my dear lurkers.

Love our Lurkers day is special and one I really enjoy. This will be my 6th LOL day that I've had the privilege of participating in. I was a lurker once, yes really, I read and enjoyed but never left a comment. Didn't feel as though I should, and then one day I took the plunge and left one. I had such a lovely reply back that I continued to read and comment and that eventually led me to starting my own blog.

I know I have more readers than 'commenters' and I really do appreciate those of you who read but may not want to comment or don’t have anything to add, that’s fine too but today is a great day to let me know you are there. Of course you're more than welcome to stop by here anytime and hang out without leaving a comment, that's no problem but it would make my day if you did leave one.

Go on don't be shy, no names needed just a hello.

Now go say hello to Hermione she has a list of bloggers who'd be more than happy to hear from you.