Friday, 12 February 2016

In with the New - Valentine's Weekend

I hope you will find time this weekend to stop by and say hello to these bloggers.

Jane Henry 
Passion, Prose, and a Little Hanky Spanky
Writer of romance with a d/s twist.

The Irish Spankee
His wife lets him spank her, and post the pictures of her sexy pink ass on the Internet.

Everything Spanking
Females spanking males tumblr.

Life long married male spanko's search for all things spanking related. 

The Shadows Play

Stories dealing with discipline of the domestic kind. 

Strict and Sensible
A spanko blog.

Luscious Lime the Submissive
Follow Rane on the adventure of Emily and Blake, based on events from her own life.

Beck's Coordinates

Beck is a female switch with an interest in f/f discipline.  She has just started to try her hand at writing.

Lovingly Sadistic

A collection of photo from San Fransisco based lover of spanking and curvy women.

Fessée et Autres Punitions
Fantasies of spankings, corporal punishment, nudity, and corner time.

Bare Bottom Spankings
Sexy bare bottom spanking pics images and photos of naughty girls getting big bottom spankings.

In Detention Again
A gallery of school and domestic punishment pictures.

Just A Collection
Photos and videos depicting spanking, corporal punishment. 

Sara Fields - Diary of an Erotic Spanko Writer
The real story behind writing the fantasies that bounce around in Sara's head.

Just a Spanko

Vignettes from spanking lives.

Male Spanker

Love to spank bare female bottoms.

Spank 'O Phile
A bunch of video cuts and pictures. 

Don't forget - if you spot or have a new spanking orientated blog please email me or leave a comment with the link and I'll add it to my next 'In with the New' edition.

Have a fun weekend.


Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The Smile


Picture found at Our Bottom Burns.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Amazon First Review

Woohoo! I got my first Amazon review and they didn't hate it. If it was someone who knows me, just being kind, please don't tell me:)

click writing for larger image.

Sunnygirl left a lovely review on LSF. Thank you SG.


Sunday, 7 February 2016


I have a confession to make not a bad confession and it won't get me spanked.

It's quite exciting actually.
I've published a book. Well I haven't, LSF Publications have. And my husband knows about it so it isn't just me, I've been encouraged to. And I'm weak.

So what's this book about, you're wondering. Go on have a guess, I bet you won't be far wrong:) 

Yes you guessed it. The cover says it all.
It's a collection of spankings from my diary, some of which have appeared on my blog in the past. I'll be opening up my diary and publishing more spankings which have never previously been shared.

I've put up a little banner for those who might want to buy:) LSF sent me a nice one with a rose paddle on it which I love.


Friday, 5 February 2016

3 iPad minis

I'm a cheat. Official. My husband said so. You see for a few days I'm the possessor of 3 iPad minis. I don't need 3, I barely use one all that much. One of them will be going back to its sender within days though, and one of them has a cracked screen which works OK but it bugs me every time I open it.

I dropped my original on a ceramic tile floor in Cyprus and the screen cracked, in fact it partially shattered near the bottom. I've been using it ever since but unbeknown to me P put a claim in for the damage and the insurance company coughed up minus a standard excess. So P said he'd order me a new one, well two actually because he wanted to check which was best and he'd send the other one back. I told him he couldn't do that but he assured me he could and would .. and in fact had already ordered.

I must be naive in these matters because I asked him shouldn't I just get the screen repaired. He laughed and said it costs virtually as much as a new iPad if Apple do it and cut price outfits were unreliable. So should I send mine to the insurance company or something, I asked. No, he said, not at all, don't send it anywhere just keep it as a spare, they're not interested in it. As for sending an iPad back after he'd played around with it he said don't worry about that either, just cheat a bit, everybody else does. Well I'm not sure about that and I don't like cheating anyway but I didn't argue, I shall regard my husband as the cheat and I'll just be the recipient of the benefit of the cheating. I suppose that's as bad but I'll get over it.

Have a fun weekend.


Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Sometimes Submission....

Sometimes submission has nothing to do with collars and crops. 

Sometimes there are no chains, no ropes. 

There are no leather straps involved. 

Sometimes you are not on your knees or spread wide across a bed. 

Sometimes submission is a gentle surrender to a man who at times needs love as much as you.

Sent to me by a reader who found it at DeeforDesire


Monday, 1 February 2016

Sorry no half spankings

I like to report on Mondays, any other time too actually, about spankings or any other thing that's happened of significance particularly over the weekend, press stories count too if they're funny or a bit weird and spanking related. Well this past week I've been preoccupied with my face as you know, which got damaged in a fall, and it's healing pretty well with the dark bruising now much diminished but a yellowish hue almost covering my right cheek which is less outstanding so I don't feel so self conscious. My knee still hurts but it's getting better.

Anyway on Friday we went to see The Revenant, which we both enjoyed even though Leo seemed to have more lives than a cat. P commented that was what you call bruising never mind the teeny little experience I'd had, he was joking of course. We stopped in town and had a nice pasta on the way back. P told me he thought I could do with a good spanking after all I'd been through without really moaning and groaning too much, it was said as an observation but it was question too, inviting a response but not demanding one. I gave one anyway, best not to let opportunities slip by.

"Do you do half measures?" I asked. We were still in the Italian and the tables are fairly close so I had to watch my words.

"Sorry no half spankings." P answered. I'm sure my face went from yellow to red although there was so much hubbub going on I doubt anyone picked up on it, no heads turned at least.

Then my husband asked we what I meant by half measures anyway, did I mean half as long or half as hard. I said I hadn't really thought about it, perhaps a bit of both. He said he'd think about it and get back to me, he squeezed my knee under the table though so I knew he was playing. He got the unbruised one too, which was a relief.

Saturday morning we were both awake early, it had been a squally night with a lot of heavy rain and wind, neither of us slept through but it was warm and snugly in bed and I was happy dozing. P's hand found its way onto my thigh and he told me he'd been thinking about the half measure spanking I'd asked about last night. He got my attention although I didn't move. Then he didn't say anything. Don't do that, P, I'm bloody awake, I thought, and I moved my thigh nearer him so that he'd know it. He continued.

"Yep, I've decided I can't really give you a half spanking," he said as his fingers played on the inside of my thigh. "It might set a precedent, I don't think it would be a good thing." Then he was quiet again, his fingers still stroked though. "I think we'll wait till you're fully fit and then sort you out." Oh no, bloody bastard, don't say that not now you've got my attention and I can feel my knickers moistening. 

"P, I think I'm well enough to take, er, you know, whatever you thought was right," I purred meekly as I half turned and snuggled against him. I slid my hand down to his groin and purred again when I felt his erection. Oh goody, he could spank the arse off me to be honest especially if I was due some of that too. 

My husband took charge. He sat up straight legged with his back against the headboard and told me to get across his thighs, I could see the state of his cock which was trying to pop out of the waistband of his underpants and I whimpered as I got across him. He started patting me over my knickers, I wanted to slide down his thighs a bit so I could get a knee to grind on but he wouldn't let me, the pats continued and I wriggled my backside but in frustration not pain. "What, is that too hard?" My husband mocked, he knew full well what was really happening. "No it's not I'm all right, P, I mean go on, my knee's not hurting ... or anything else for that matter." Well a girl has to make her case and I was horny as hell.

So he spanked me hard. He took my knickers down to my thighs and spanked my bare bottom until I squealed with joy. He was enjoying himself I'm sure, seeing the reaction he was causing and he kept asking me if he'd been too harsh and if he should go easier and I said 'please don't you dare' because that's how it is when your sex is stirred up as much as mine was. P stopped spanking me after several minutes and put his finger into me, it was sopping wet and he told me I was a naughty girl I must have been having thoughts. Too bloody right I had been and still was.

"So are you going to carry on spanking me or fuck me?" I panted.

"Do you think you're well enough to take a fucking too?" I was asked but I didn't reply. I just got up out of position and pulled his waistband down to lick my husband's cock which was seeping invitingly. He groaned. Neither of us would take long. I  got up on all fours then put my hands on the top of the bedhead and asked my husband if he'd care to relieve himself in this particularly naughty girl. I think it was an offer he couldn't refuse and he quickly positioned himself behind me and I gasped as I felt his slippery cock head first at my backdoor then at my pussy and I shouted "Go on do it .. PLEASE!"

"Are you sure your knee's OK?" Oh he must have been bloody joking! I didn't even answer, just thrust by bottom back hard into his groin so that his cock speared me and then nature took its course. He told me to hold on but I said he better hold on himself, it was unbridled lust and it was lovely and when we lay together getting our breath back P asked me if he'd got things about right. Oh you did P, you most certainly did

Have a good week.