Friday, 1 August 2014

I should have bent you over that armchair

I'm a bit behind sharing with you our little London trip which was a few weeks ago. Well I wrote it but looked at it and decided it was too meandering even by my sometimes standards so I cut it down and here it is and even now it seems a bit long but there is a bit of spanking in it though not as much as I could have handled. Sigh. I marked the spanking bits in red so you can skip the mush if you like, good aren't I:)

It wasn't a business trip, just pleasure, we had some tickets to the Tate which one of our son's friends passed on free, there were a couple of interesting eateries we'd read about, I wanted to have lunch at Jamie's near St Paul's, do a bit of shopping, I even suggested to P we took a look round the Houses of Parliament which he didn't fancy but I've always wanted to do. We were going to stay in London originally but last minute decided to book into a country place a short train ride from Piccadilly; it was a large manor house with restaurant, bars, reception, bedrooms etc and 4 other smaller lodges in the grounds providing additional accommodation.

The country place was seriously nice, I won't name it but it's set in grounds running alongside the River Thames and with its own cricket pitch, outdoor swimming, boats, cycles and putting green, in fact we had a quick game after brunch in their river view restaurant and it was fun and I lost, on a wager too, and had to buy a round of drinks later. The weather was great on the Friday but torrentially wet the following day, ah well that's the UK. We got the train into London early afternoon, did the Tate, or as much as we wanted to, then I said let's walk to Jamie's and have a drink there, it's supposed to have wonderful views, well it seemed half London must have known about them because they had  a queue a mile long! We didn't wait, P doesn't like queues, so instead we sat in a small bar near St Paul's and had a soft drink while we decided where to eat. It was either Japanese near Westminster or steak at Hawksmoor near Regent Street, we decided on steak at the Hawksmoor (my picture didn't take so this is off Google)

because it isn't ordinary steak (apparently), it's the best you can get (really), aged 51 days and all that sort of palaver, anyway P wanted to try it and I was happy because they had plenty of fresh fish on offer and reputedly did nice cocktails. It was actually scrummy with good but relaxed service, overpriced of course (P's opinion but he always says that:)) and when we left we enjoyed meandering with the rest of the tourists, had a couple of drinks then headed back for the train, it was late but still warm.

The hotel bar was closed when we got back, it was after midnight so we retired for the night, I must have been tired as I didn't even suggest a bit of hanky panky and was out like a light when my head touched the pillow.

(sex) Saturday morning I woke early, for a minute I forgot where I was. P mumbled something about breakfast and who wanted the shower first. Nooooo.. nobody yet, I said and snuggled closer, hand straying to see if he had a morning bulge, if he didn't I thought I would arrange one.  Naughty girl, he said and put his hand on my leg and told me what he'd like to do is give me a good spanking but it was too noisy we had people in the room next door.  He said he should have done it last night, I'd certainly deserved it. Really P? He can be so enigmatic at times, but he had his hand on my thigh as he said it and I could feel a bulge developing in his pants which I liked so I played along, I didn't even protest and ask him what I'd allegedly done. Instead said I knew I'd deserved a spanking and that I'd deserved it on purpose, knowing he wouldn't be able to do it.

I said it with challenge in my voice. It didn't ruffle him at all, he continued at his own pace, in his own reassuring tone but with his hand working its way teasingly closer to where I was willing it to be. 

"Those trousers you wore last night were far too tight......pause...... I didn't realise it until we were in the bar after we'd eaten and I saw a couple of guys looking our way and then realised who they were looking at."

"Really P, which ones were they, were they the two nice looking ones who smiled at me when I had to wiggle my bum to get past them?" I know how to play these games.

"I should have bent you over that armchair the minute we got back in, were it not for the other guests, and taught you a lesson."

"What lesson would that have been, P?" His hand was between my legs now making my panties dampen.

"A lesson about wearing overly tight trousers to flaunt yourself to men, a lesson that would have made your bottom so sore and swollen you wouldn't be able to get back into such tight trousers."

"Oh gosh P, how hard would you have spanked me to make that happen?" I asked.

"Hard enough to guarantee you wouldn't........." I didn't hear any more because his head went under the duvet and his mouth and tongue took over from his fingers and it only took a few seconds to make me cum like cumming was going out of business. I had to clamp my hand over my mouth and my ears popped with the strain of trying to scream and stifle at the same time.

Then P went for a shower, I didn't get to finish what I'd planned for his bulge, never mind he'd be that much keener later.

Saturday was a full day but not so lucky weather-wise. After breakfast I went to reception to let them know we had no shower gel left in the bathroom. The receptionist took our room number then said she was due to call anyway to offer us a room in the main building if we wanted, it would save us walking to and fro in the rain, she'd done the same for the other guests staying in our lodge and they'd agreed, so we were the only two left. She said the rooms were bigger too. I almost said yes like an idiot, then said 'Oh no it's fine and the view over the river is lovely.'  

Woohoo! I didn't mention it to P.

The rest of the day was back into London, a long overdue trip around our Houses of Parliament which we had tickets for and P managed to sweet-talk us an earlier slot because it was absolutely teeming down, then dodging between showers we were going to do the London Eye but we wouldn't have seen much, it would have been like a fog with the rain, lunch, shopping and more shopping because shops are dry and London that day was wet although it cheered up later. We tried to get tickets for a show but couldn't get the ones we wanted so decided to go back to the manor and have a nice dinner for two in the stately splendour of their dining room. P called them to make sure we could get a table, otherwise we'd have dined in London, he seemed pleased after he'd spoken with them. I asked if we were ok, he said 'Oh yes, very ok'.

(spanking) We had about an hour before our table booking when we got back, I took a shower, I thought about putting those tight RL jeans on again and maybe this time I really would get spanked. When I walked into the bedroom after my shower P was sitting on the bed, I had a towel wrapped round me and nothing else, he our 'bogey paddle' next to him on the bed. My eyes widened.

"Shower's free," I announced brightly, even though it was obvious, I tried not to look at the paddle.

"I have a little job to do first," said my husband. Firstly the matter of those those tight jeans you wore last night......and then, I didn't mention it earlier but when I spoke with reception earlier to book our table, I found out we'd been offered a room swap but you'd declined it without telling me." 

"So we didn't want to move into the big house, eh, staying over here all on our own, are we.."  As he was saying this he was pulling me towards him by my towel.  

"I forgot to tell you," I lied, "we're not really all alone in this lodge are we?" I said it in a girlish voice, my stomach was fluttering, my towel came off, a second later I was across my husband's lap my upper body on the bed, his right leg wrapping across the backs of mine and he started spanking me with his hand.

Then the paddle came into play, have I ever told you how ferocious Bogey's paddle is? Well I lied, it's better than ferocious. And a freshly showered bottom amplifies the effect.

My husband spanked me in the manner he'd suggested I needed to teach me a lesson about flaunting myself (I hadn't really been flaunting but my RL's are tight), with no-one else in the lodge and being a 3-4 minute walk from the main house I felt at liberty to express verbally just how effective the lesson was. I really hoped there were no gardeners around, I doubted it on a Saturday.

When he presumably thought I'd learned my lesson, he stopped. His leg didn't release though so I knew it wasn't over.

"So were you going to tell me you'd fixed it for us to be all on our own, or were you keeping it as  a surprise?"

"I was going to tell you later, honestly, probably over dinner." I said.

"I see. Well you should have told me earlier, I like to know what's going on, not kept in the dark." His restraining leg tightened further. "So a little further lesson about keeping your husband informed won't do you any harm at all."

SPANK...SPANK... SPANK ....  "And furthermore after I've finished with you..."...SPANK... SPANK... SPANK..."you're going to squeeze into those trousers again..."....SPLAT....SPLAT...SPLAT...SPLAT..."and wear them to dinner with a nice top..."...SMACK... SMACK...SMACK...."and if I catch you bending or twisting or trying to catch the eye of any gentlemen or waiters..."...SPANK... SPANK... SPANK..."I shall bring you back to our room and give you a sound caning. Is that clearly understood?"

Christ I could hardly get words out, he must have brought a cane with him although I hadn't seen it, I just said yes it was clear and I was sorry I'd been naughty and all that sort of stuff. He loosed his grip on me and I let myself slide off his lap, my face rested on his knee. I wondered. My backside was smouldering, I love giving blowjobs when it's like that but P took the decision out of my hands and went for a shower.

We had a lovely meal and I squiggled appropriately and made little noises when I moved about on my seat, all for my husband's benefit not other men, we got talking to some Scottish guests afterwards in the bar and they were good fun, they said they didn't give a monkeys about independence.

(more spanking) When we went back to our room in the lodge it was drizzling and we borrowed a hotel brolly, P had his spare hand on my bum all the way. He said he was going to spank me again for making him walk in the rain but he didn't do it, instead I gave him a blowjob which made him bellow and certainly took the wind out of his sails. In the morning I heard him get up and leave the room, I was too cosy to care why, then he returned and the duvet was pulled back and he stood there with a bloody cane in his hand, he must have been out to the car. He made me turn over onto my tummy, pulled my knickers down and gave me a dozen strokes which made me yelp, especially after last night's paddling, although they weren't really all that hard. He said he owed me for making him walk in the rain. Then he joined me on the bed and we fucked and it was nice and noisy and urgent

and when he came he really filled me and I was surprised after the mouthful I'd had before we went to bed. I told him so after as we lay there recovering, he said it must be the air and the good food. I thought it was more likely the tight jeans and the cane:)

Have a fun weekend.



Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Smile of the Day


Let me know if picture is yours.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Spanking new film, same old nonsense

Comment on the Fifty Shades trailer by Matt Rudd in yesterday's Sunday Times, not favourable, but didn't really expect it to be.

Within 24 hours of its release on YouTube, more than 7m perverts — sorry, film buffs — had watched the first trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey, and most of them would have been disappointed.
No spanking. No handcuffs. Just two minutes of Twilight-style romancing, face-palm dialogue and a random helicopter, all set to Beyoncé croaking Crazy For You. It has put me off cheese for the whole weekend.
What did you expect though? You’ve read the book. It’s got philosophy: “Why is anyone the way they are? That’s kind of hard to answer. Why do some people like cheese and other people hate it? Do you like cheese?”
It’s got wit: “Some boy scout he must have been to learn these knots.”
It’s got alarming medical issues: “My insides practically contort with potent, needy, liquid desire.” But it’s about as erotic as a Tupperware party (which, to be clear, people of Wolverhampton, is not erotic at all).
The unreadable book was always going to make an unwatchable film. One star.

Chross has the trailer if you haven't seen it.

Anyone considering going to see the film?
Have a good week.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Discount Jodhpurs

I shall be popping into my nearest Aldi this weekend, apparently they are targeting the 'horsey set' as the Daily Mail headline puts it. They are launching their own cut-price equestrian clothing range to kit out horse riders for no more than £50 (god, I'm sure I paid more than that for just jodhpurs in the past). They don't say whether their range will include ancillaries such as crops or whips.

Equestrian Life magazine editor Zoe Molesworth described Aldi's move as 'fantastic' and added 'Riding, whether for competition or leisure, is at an all time high in the UK'.  I wonder if leisure would broadly include my particular interest.

It occurred to me Aldi is German owned, right, so they're bound to be decent quality. And as for crops well German riding instructors are noted for their strictness aren't they 

or have I just been having dreams again.

Have a fun weekend.


Picture from British Spanking Mags.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Smile of the Day

Heard that a few times - bet you have as well.


Monday, 21 July 2014

Saddle Sore....I Wish

Those who read here know I have a love of all equestrian and my fantasy to be spanked in a stable.

I would have to be correctly attired and so would he, I would have failed to impress in some way, or been disobedient or lazy not tending to my horse properly, something along those lines. It would perhaps have been a repeat offence for which I'd been warned and now I'd gone too far. He would deal with me firmly in the stable, bending me over a saddle and giving me a good cropping.

so when I spotted this on eBay.....

I was tempted, very tempted but then I came to my senses and passed as I would need the stable as well to make my fantasy work.

Oh well, I'll keep dreaming.

SG's been spanked over a saddle - lucky girl.

Have a good week. 


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