Friday, 6 May 2016

The Hand

....The touch of someone else’s hand on your bottom. Good old Over-The-Knee spanking, I mean. There’s plenty of implements one can use, but for that real human touch, I like to feel that hand. Besides, there’s so much more tactile feedback by the top when they have to really make contact. It’s sensual. It adds to the naughtiness of it all and that just makes it even more erotic.

The sound and feel are altered by the merest change of the hand shape. As I’ve said before, the human body, from the brain to all its bits, is one of the best toys around. Give your partner a good spanking today! (Or get one) and do both yourselves a favour.

A reader sent me the above so I'm sharing exactly as it came to me. She can't remember where she found this piece so please let me know if it's yours and or the pictures.

The hand is a favourite of mine when I'm OTK,  it's a powerful and versatile implement with additional instant feedback for the spanker in as much that their own hand feels the impact too. But if over-used, like most things, could become monotonous I suppose, well I think so, but I don't actually get the chance to find out because P rations it:)  What about you?

Have a fun weekend.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

A Smile for Today


Picture found here.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Dysons don't break

Well they do as far as I'm concerned. I'm not complaining, I've had it for years but it's started getting noisy, really noisy and in my opinion no longer sucks the dirt up like it used to. So, as my husband tells me, all things have a reasonable life expectancy at which point they have paid their way and anything beyond that is a bonus. Well I'm sure I was in bonus territory so when it starts going wobbly you replace it and start again. So I ordered one from JL and it arrived on Friday. I didn't open it, it sat in its packaging in the hall.

When P came home Friday evening he saw it and asked me who it was for, he thought I might have accepted a delivery for one of our neighbours, we do that between us so it's not unusual. I told him it was mine I just hadn't had time to open it. Oh dear, I thought, I should have made time and just put it away and it would never have been noticed. Instead I got questioned on what was wrong with mine, Dysons didn't break, every part was replaceable, it had to be something simple, I should have told him etc etc. Anyway he told me not to open the new one until he'd had a look at mine, he'd sort it out no problem, he'd do it in the morning. I told him the new one was mine now and my old one was in the garage and could be dumped at the skip next time he was going that way. He wasn't amused and repeated his instruction not to open it, it could go back to JL after he'd fixed ours, yes 'ours' he was calling my noisy ancient Dyson now, making it more personal. I told him I'd be using it in the morning. He told me I damned well better not or I'd get have a sore backside.

Saturday morning his habit is to go into the office for a few hours, I usually lay in until I hear the front door open and shut. I was dozing waiting for that signal but it didn't happen. What did happen was I suddenly heard my old Dyson roar into life, like a helicopter engine, it sounded loud even from the bedroom. I smiled to myself, I bet it shocked him when it fired up, I don't think he's ever used it and probably never even heard it for that matter so he wouldn't really know what to expect but common sense would tell him it wasn't right. Well I heard it re-start several times after that, with gaps in between, and I heard the sound change position so he was obviously shoving it around. I got up and had my shower, his car was still on the drive when I came out so I knew he must still be down there trying to fathom out what was causing the problem. When I went downstairs, he had his toolbox out but there weren't any tools in use, he had the attachment flex lying on the floor, he looked up and told me the suction was very good, he'd checked it over. I just said "Switch it on, P, does it sound right?" He said he hadn't got down to that yet but he didn't switch it on. I thought so what has he been doing for forty minutes.

I made myself breakfast and a mug of coffee for the technician. I wasn't smug but I knew he couldn't fix it. I suggested "Why don't we open the new one, fire it up and compare the difference and if it's no better I'll re-package it and take it back to JL, they're very good they'll take it back no problem." 

"I was just about to do that," he lied.

So I did it while I was eating some toast, he sat and drank his coffee. The new machine was like a Rolls Royce purring alongside an old diesel taxi. P was defeated and, fair play to him, he admitted it and said keep it out, might as well use it later if I needed to, he'd put the old one in the boot and the packaging from the new one and take it with him to the office, there's an industrial waste skip there, he'd throw it in.

So that was that, a fuss about nothing. If I'd had my wits about me I could have turned it into a spanking.....I think I must be getting old:)

Bank Holiday here in the UK and were out for the day. 

Have a good week.


Friday, 29 April 2016

Best Seafood in Alicante

I don't know if we ate the best seafood in Alicante last week. That was what we'd been promised by our host but I've no way of gauging whether it was true or not because I haven't eaten enough seafood there to make any kind of comparison. All I will say is that it was very very nice, our host was gracious, his family warm and friendly and even Miss Slutpants (I must stop calling here that) was nice and as she speaks great English I found myself chatting with her quite a bit, much to the approval of my husband.

I got spanked there too, I didn't think it was going to happen and it was nothing to with Miss Must-stop-calling-her-that at all. It was because I forgot to put some sun cream in P's carry bag the second day of our trip when we climbed up to the local castle, as you do, and he got a bit burned. But he didn't even know it until we were back at the hotel and he wouldn't have known it then if I hadn't mentioned it, so why the spanking? Well the sun cream wasn't what really caused it but it was what gave me the opportunity to be a bit sassy and tell P not to be such a baby and he should have checked himself, he was a big boy. I offered him some of my moisturiser, I said the top of his head where he's receding a bit was looking red, but he wasn't impressed, he told me I'd best save it because I'd be needing it more than him very shortly and it was only a travel pack.

I laughed and told him he was very funny and went to take a shower, we'd both been sweating it had been a long walk/climb in quite hot sun. We should have done it in the cool of early morning not waited till after midday but P had wanted to visit the local market first to get some chorizo and ham to take back with us, some local olives too, and that took time. I insisted on popping into a Spanish Zara after the market too, which took more time (they have better stuff than we do back home!), we didn't bother with El Corte Ingles but P said we could later. Anyway I digress.

When I came out of the bathroom with a bath towel wrapped around me and my hair dripping, P was sitting on my bed, I say mine because twins were all they had left. I told him the shower was nice I'd needed that and I'd left enough gel for him. He didn't move. Instead he called me over to him and told me he was going to spank me. I asked him what for, I hadn't done anything wrong, he told me he'd seen the top of his head in the mirror and it was red indeed but not to feel sorry for him because shortly my backside was going to be the reddest thing in the room. He pulled me across his lap and then realised he couldn't pull the towel off me because I'd crossed it at the front and it was wedged against his thighs. He had to ask me to lift my hips up so that he could free it, it made me giggle a bit but not for long once he started spanking my bare bottom. It always hurts more fresh from the shower, I could smell the cheap hotel shower gel mingled with P's body sweat as his strong hand rained down against my tender cheeks, I guessed he wouldn't risk going on at this pace for too long because of the noise but he certainly kept at it for two or three minutes which always seems longer at the time. I couldn't shout but I wriggled a lot and when he eventually let me up I was relieved and no doubt red face as well as red arsed. He sat me next to him on the bed then he stood up, lowered his chinos and told me to suck him, he was sweaty, I could taste and smell it, his cock hardened quickly and I tasted precum and faint shellfish and I feasted on it as my backside burned beneath me. He didn't spurt into me though god knows I wanted him to, instead he went for his shower.

I dried my hair while he was in the bathroom and lay flat on my tummy on the bed. My bottom was bright red, I'd looked in the mirror, I put my moisturiser on the bedside table. When my husband came out of the bathroom he had an enormous hard on and nothing else, it made me salivate. I meekly asked him if he'd mind rubbing some cream into my bottom, it  was hurting so much, I made my voice almost whimper. P was happy to oblige but not for long, he got about thirty seconds worth of moisturising my bottom done when his basic instincts got the better of him and he was on the bed with his cock at my slit which didn't need any moisturising at all. And then he was fucking me and I was fucking him back for all I was worth and the single bed we were abusing was banging against the wall. I couldn't shout or scream but I wanted to and I wanted it to stop because of the noise but I didn't because I wanted the orgasm. I felt P spurt into me and I was on the edge but not over it and his body collapsed against me before I could come. Lucky girl that I am my husband knew I hadn't made it and, after recovering his breath, turned me over and finished me with his mouth. I pulled the pillow over my head, like they do on the movies when they need to shoot someone without a silencer. I don't think it stopped all the noise I made but it muffled it.

On the evening we were on our own. We visited El Corte Ingles, I didn't buy anything, we ate tapas in a traditional bodega, I showed the picture in a previous post, and we drifted around the old town stopping once for a beer and to watch a street performer. We finished the evening late, sitting outside next to a flame heater in one of the plazas where the Sleepy Hollow trees (that's what they remind me of) grow, 

They are ficus trees

me sipping Ribera del Duero and P with espresso and Soberano Spanish brandy, chatting to another couple who were in the retail clothing business.

I would have liked to stay one more day, I liked the town, but we couldn't, a deals a deal.

Have a fun weekend.


Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Who said Divorce!

Made me smile.

1907 postcard found on ebay


Monday, 25 April 2016

Alicante Trip

I was intending to write about our little Alicante trip this weekend but that didn't happen as friends dropped by at short notice Saturday and went on and on and eventually we went out with them to dinner although we were a bit short of options because we hadn't booked.  
Sunday son and girlfriend wanted us to take a look at the house they are buying and we again went out to eat, I thought I'd done enough eating for a whole week in Alicante and here I am tucking in again, well it's not my fault these things happen! (no disrespect to our local restaurants but I know where I most enjoyed the eating:))

The things you can see hanging up from the rafters are up to 28 year aged hams, unfortunately with prices up to €340 per kilo, P wasn't inclined to order plate loads but he did order 100grm of one of them which we shared with some other stuff.

Anyway, barring unforeseens, I will tell you about our little trip later this week.

Have a good one.


Friday, 22 April 2016

Bottom Whopper...

...for Unruly Husbands

and Nagging Wives

Spotted on ebay

Have a fun weekend.


Wednesday, 20 April 2016

A Smile for Today

Art work by The Glenmore.


Picture found at Edmonton Spanking Enthusiast.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Temper Tantrums

I'm too old for temper tantrums. That's what my brain tells me anyway and I honestly am not aware of them even if they really happen, which my husband tells me is the case. I mean don't sense stressful feelings creeping up on me or anything like that because if I did I'd stop them, obviously, before they became a tantrum. A real tantrum not a manufactured one

Anyway I threw a tantrum, apparently, yesterday morning and I got what any tantrummy girl should get and I got it hard and fast with my knickers down, no messing no discussing and no answer-back. And five minutes later I sat in the car, still red faced, on the way into town and mumbled an apology for my outburst and I think my face got even redder when my husband made me say it again but look at him when I said it, not out of the side window.

It was a build up of things that caused the tantrum, I'm quite busy at the moment, lots to do and I'm out of the country for a few days this week and I've got to get myself organised and I'm out to dinner Tuesday night and Miss Slutpants (it's a long story) will be amongst the guests and I have to look good, I mean appropriately dressed, for the confrontation occasion and it all builds up, you know. And then I checked the weather forecast for Tuesday in Alicante and it's pretty warm and I decided I want to wear sandals but some stylish raised strappy ones, none of the ones I've got. P told me I had several pairs which looked great and were good for walking in. I told him I'd be taking some of those too but I needed some for restaurant wear. He wasn't amused, men don't understand. He told me I often wear sandals in restaurants and then it came out.. the Miss Slutpants thing. I wasn't going to wear ordinary bloody sandals with her in the party. We had a few words, he told me to wear a shoe not a sandal, I'd got enough to choose from, I said I knew best what to wear not him, I wasn't going to look dowdy next to that little slut (she's not), my voice was raised so I was told later. So P took me into our little office and spanked me and read the riot act to me while he was doing it.

I was still in my dressing gown, which was hoisted up to my waist and my knickers pulled down to my thighs. He spanked me really hard for several minutes and I resisted like hell and told him to fuck off and I wasn't going to Alicante, he could cancel, or go on his bloody own and sit next to Miss bloody Slutpants. He didn't get angry, he spanked me till I thought I was going to start crying because of what he was saying about growing up and it being my supplier in Alicante not his, and it would be a nice few days and I better get myself together and stop all this nonsense. And then he stopped, he could hear me sniffling, not crying! He told me to get up and get dressed we were going into town in five minutes. I said I couldn't possibly do that but he told me to do it or I'd be over his knee again.

Well I did do it and that's how I came to be sitting red faced in the car. P wouldn't let me discuss what had just happened and he wouldn't tell me why he was taking me into town, instead he changed the subject completely to our son's new house, well in the process, and only when we parked in town did he tell me he was coming to choose some sandals with me. I got a really nice pair from House of Fraser and then we had a sandwich lunch in one of the coffee shops. Only then would he discuss what had transpired earlier, he could see from my face that all the stress was gone.

"You'll look good against Miss Slutpants, as you call her, whatever you wear," he said, "but if the new sandals makes you feel happier then I guess it matters." I glowed and resolved to make no more fuss. I hoped we'd find time for some make up later in the day. We did.

Not a lot of Internet time today and early flight tomorrow. Have scheduled posts.

Thanks to those who have already bought my Volume II.

Have a good week.


Saturday, 16 April 2016

Us Authors:)

So I've been making my way through Maestra, I'm way behind, only about half way through, not because it doesn't get my does. But I've had to do extra work over the past couple of weeks plus we've had some family matters to attend to. Then I had to make some last minute amendments to my own book (yes, sorry, there's another one) so there are my excuses. As for the book so far, well I've seen other people's reviews and I agree with some and not others; it's well written, a bit rich on fashion and place name dropping but that's the nature of the world the heroine inhabits, a fair amount of sex not particularly gratuitous in my opinion, a spanking (of an obscenely overweight and obscenely rich gentleman) and an accidental killing, which the girls cover up. It's racy and I like it and don't mind the bits that are overdone.

Now, I have to modestly mention another book which has caught my attention recently. It doesn't use long words or fashion icons, it doesn't get anywhere glamorous unless you class Majorca and South Africa as glamorous, and it doesn't kill anyone. But there are lots of spankings and plenty of sex. It's Volume 2 of my diary extracts, plainly written welts warts and all...oh and it's true, but I'm not allowed to say that.

Thanks to everyone who bought and reviewed Volume 1.