Friday, 27 May 2016

Voluptuous bottom got me caned

There were three vacant offices in our little building. Now there are only two. One has been filled by a company selling baby foods, they don't actually stock or distribute from the office but they have three people working there, including the boss, so they must be busy doing something right. Anyway it is their boss, and I suppose attractive woman in her late twenties, who has what I can only describe as a voluptuous bottom, at least that has been my impression from the few occasions I've seen her. She has always had on jeans, faded and fake old but no doubt expensive, and close fitting enough to separate the cheeks of her full bottom. That bottom got me into trouble.

If my old friend Gail had still been at the office she would have filled me in on everything that was going on in the building but, sadly, she has left and her replacement is nowhere near as informative nor friendly, I might add, although that could partly be because I'm not in there as often as I used to be so we haven't really got to know each other. Still, she was able to tell me a bit about the new tenants and, the particular bit I found interesting, that my husband had helped them sort out their networking when they moved their equipment in. My husband hadn't told me that.

I asked him about it and he just casually said "Oh yeah, they couldn't get their computers online so I took a look and got lucky and they're working fine." So how come they'd asked P for assistance, I mean he doesn't look technical or nerdy and there are plenty of other tenants, and why didn't any of them know how to get online. He told me it wasn't actually a case of 'them' on the day in question, it was just Julie who owns the business, and the reason he'd got involved was because she'd knocked the office door and told him Reception had said we had our own system separate from the communal broadband system and might be able to help her. Simple as that, and P had helped. I asked him how long it had taken and he said not long at all, less than an hour he thought. Ha! My husband doesn't give up an hour so easily and how come he only thought, how come he didn't remember and what was the exact problem anyway, I asked. He told me it was just a mistake with the router password but she'd made him a coffee which he couldn't really refuse so that slowed him down a bit as she was chatting too.

"I bet she was." I said, "So you know her name and what they do, then. And who else works with her, is her husband in the business?"

"She isn't married actually," he said.

"Oh, how come you know that?"

"Because in the same way you just asked me if her husband was in the business, just polite conversation, I asked her the same thing and that was her answer. What's the problem?"

P was getting irritated by my questions, I could tell that. I said she was quite attractive from what I'd seen of her, wasn't she, and I asked him if she always wore jeans. I mean men don't notice that sort of thing unless their attention has been caught. He told me he had no idea whether she always wore them as she'd only been there a short time but yes she did seem to wear jeans quite a lot now that I mentioned it. Oh yes, he'd noticed alright, no doubt about it.

"And was she wearing them the day you helped her out?" I asked. "Maybe that would account for how long you were with her, I bet she threw in the odd wiggle, she could hardly help it as her jeans are so ridiculously tight. Perhaps I'll revert to coming in more often."

"Perhaps you should and perhaps then you'd get to know her and you could make your own mind up instead of beating about the bush asking me ridiculous questions. If you're asking me if I noticed she's got a nice arse the answer's yes, if you're asking if I fancy her the answer's no, if you're asking if she was flaunting herself in any way the answer's don't be so bloody ridiculous. She seems just a nice girl with a young business, trying to expand it, no airs and graces, she dresses how she's comfortable. End of."

P then got up from his desk, put the snib on the office door and turned off the light. I asked him what on earth he was doing and he said something he hadn't done enough of lately, being as I was so infrequently in the office these days and when I was there it wasn't usually for long. Then he got his school cane from under the lip of his desk top. I told him oh no he couldn't do that, not today, I wasn't meant to be staying at all, I'd only popped in for some bags from upstairs. He told me what he was about to do wouldn't take long and he marched me across to my own desk, the top of which was clear, and bent me across it. I had jeans on myself as it happened and his hands reached round for the stud and zipper and pulled them down to my thighs.

"If it's just a bit of attention you need, you're about to get it and you'll be more focused on your own backside than the girl down the corridor's, I can assure you. And if this doesn't nip your nonsense in the bud then you'll get another dose at home tonight, do you understand?"

"Yes P," I mumbled just as the first stroke landed across my cheeks.

I got twelve strokes and couldn't cry out because the offices either side were working. The strokes came fast because P wanted it over quickly, short sharp shock to bring me back to reality, he told me afterwards. Also because anyone who did hear anything would hardly have time to adjust their ears and try to figure out what was going on before it was all over. He told me to get up and pull up my jeans. I just lay there I didn't want him to see my face. He said I better get up because he was switching the light back on and taking the snib off the door. I got up quick enough then, grimacing as my jeans slid over my caned bottom. The light went on. I pouted and got a wet wipe out of my handbag and put it to my cheeks, I hadn't been crying but he needn't know that. I sniffled and asked him why he'd turned the light off, he said so that anyone passing would think we were out. I looked at the office door, I hadn't even noticed that the little porthole window in it had had its covering removed and now showed light to the other side. 

P came across and patted my bottom. "Any more silly questions?" He asked.

"No, I'm sorry," I said and pecked him on the cheek. I left because I had stuff to dispatch and I didn't want to start getting horny, which I could feel coming on in spite of the burning in my backside. P had been right, my attention had certainly been re-focused:)

Have a fun weekend.


Wednesday, 25 May 2016

A Smile for Today


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Monday, 23 May 2016

In with the New - Another May Edition

Hello to you all. I bring you more lovely blogs for your reading pleasure. Now please don't forget to stop by and give these bloggers a warm welcome.

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If you have a new spanking orientated blog or spot one please let me know and send me the link.

Have a good week.


Thanks to Hermione for her input.
Picture from Red over at Consensual Spanking.

Friday, 20 May 2016

I've got a Competitor

It's another woman. Not trying to steal my husband, I hasten to point out, but trying to steal my business or at least part of it. The bitch. I mean if it was some minx trying to get P's attention it would be so much easier, I'd find her, rip her eyes out and that would be an end to it. But this is some eBay would-be entrepreneur hiding behind some fake name no doubt stealing my customers!  

Now I could be a real bitch myself and ask loads of people to please buy a minimum order from her (if she really is a 'her', I mean you never really know on eBay) and then post rotten comments about her goods and service but that's not something I'd want to get involved in really. I told P about it a few weeks ago and he said the first thing to do was buy some of her stuff and find out if it's any good, then decide how to react either by strengthening my product descriptions if there's a clear quality gap or lowering my prices to match hers if that's what has to be done. He thought it was funny but it's not funny to me!

Anyway I did buy from her and her service was fast but the items she sent me were rubbish compared to mine. They were made in China, the stitching was pulling out and they were using lower quality materials. Mine are made in Spain with good materials, and they don't fall apart even after a lot of use. But on eBay people buy on price and her prices are lower than mine, she includes carriage too. The bitch! It's really getting to me.

P has helped. He tugged one of her items in his hands and it literally came apart, it was ridiculous. He helped me beef up my descriptions, he said I was under selling myself and the quality, reliability and trust aspect with thousands of positive customer feedbacks. I asked him if perhaps I could add 'WHEN YOU'VE BEEN STIFFED BY SOMEONE SELLING AN INFERIOR PRODUCT AND NEED A PROPER ONE, COME TO ME AND SEE THE DIFFERENCE' but he told me that wasn't a good idea. I'd been joking actually, or trying to even though I don't regard it as funny.

Anyway I've whinged on and off about my competitor and it's been getting on my husband's nerves and on Wednesday he told me so and he said he had the answer. My ears pricked up but his answer wasn't how to stop the competitor, it was how to stop me whingeing. He told me I needed a bloody good spanking, he wanted a whinge-free evening, only positive sensible actions would improve the situation not whingeing.

So he took me upstairs and gave me something to whinge about. I got my backside tanned, completely out of the blue, and it was delicious and each time I squealed and protested he told me to stop whingeing and spanked harder which made me squeal more. He wouldn't stop until I'd promised not to mention it again or at least not with a childish pathetic whine in my voice, or I'd be across his knee again. I got up red faced and said I was sorry and thanked him for helping me...with his advice not the spanking:)

Have a fun weekend.


Wednesday, 18 May 2016

A Smile for Today


Picture from Glenmore's Adult Spanking

Monday, 16 May 2016

Good for the Aussies - songsters and spankos

They came second in the Eurovision, not sure how come they got into the 'Euro' competition anyway but it's all good fun so here's to the Aussies.

They're also celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Sexpo this weekend, according to an article in the Daily Mail which google sent me. It's apparently the world's longest running sexuality and lifestyle exhibition, One of the exhibitors, see photo below, is conducting a rope bondage showcase, she earns up to AUS$ 400/hr whipping, tying and spanking people, from a wide age range 20-60, mostly university educated and with high IQ's so the article says. So it's double cheers to the Aussies.

Always thought spankos have high IQ's, not sure about the fashion sense though:)

Have a good week.


Friday, 13 May 2016

She so much wanted...

She'd done what she thought he'd like, gone down on him and taken all he gave, and now all he wanted was a cigarette.

And all she wanted was a sound spanking to release her emotions.
It couldn't be too much to ask. Some nights she wept in despair of ever getting what she really wanted. What she really craved was to cry herself to sleep after a sound spanking. 

Why didn't men understand.

Busy week so haven't been round blogland much or time to write but hopefully have more time next week.

Have a fun weekend


Wednesday, 11 May 2016

A Smile for Today

She seems to have a very precise job in mind and I don't think her man will be sitting too comfortably after that.


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Monday, 9 May 2016

In with the New - May Tumblr Edition

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Happily married to a wonderful man who takes care of my naughty backside as needed. 

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Blogs, Tumblrs - any new spanking orientated ones out there? Email me with the link if you spot one. Thanks.

Have a good week.


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Friday, 6 May 2016

The Hand

....The touch of someone else’s hand on your bottom. Good old Over-The-Knee spanking, I mean. There’s plenty of implements one can use, but for that real human touch, I like to feel that hand. Besides, there’s so much more tactile feedback by the top when they have to really make contact. It’s sensual. It adds to the naughtiness of it all and that just makes it even more erotic.

The sound and feel are altered by the merest change of the hand shape. As I’ve said before, the human body, from the brain to all its bits, is one of the best toys around. Give your partner a good spanking today! (Or get one) and do both yourselves a favour.

A reader sent me the above so I'm sharing exactly as it came to me. She can't remember where she found this piece so please let me know if it's yours and or the pictures.

The hand is a favourite of mine when I'm OTK,  it's a powerful and versatile implement with additional instant feedback for the spanker in as much that their own hand feels the impact too. But if over-used, like most things, could become monotonous I suppose, well I think so, but I don't actually get the chance to find out because P rations it:)  What about you?

Have a fun weekend.