Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Smile of the Day

Why had they lost? They shouldn't have, they'd had all the time and training a team could need.

It was unacceptable, there was only one thing for it, smacked bottoms for the whole team and the cane for the captain. They would perform better next time!


Monday, 23 November 2015

A spanking, ethical example to us all

Madam Cyn, aka Cynthia Payne, died last week aged 82 and the above heading was part of the heading of what read almost like an obituary to the infamous London madam who caned and spanked her way through a long list of judges, politicians, lawyers, company directors and several vicars according to the article, which appeared in the Sunday Times.

The journalist, who seemed to have a soft spot for Madam Payne, was Sarah Baxter, whose articles I often read. Anyway this one caught my attention because it contained the word 'spanking' and Ronnie's eyes are as quick as a google search in spotting that and related words even from the crowded double spread of a broadsheet. Cynthia 'did time' for her so called brothel-keeping, none of her clients were ever named although their names are known. She was a celebrity much loved and the custodial sentence she received was ridiculous in my opinion, the establishment putting on an act in its usual hypocritical way.

Apparently the day she was released from prison she was met by a gleaming Rolls Royce, supplied by one of her grateful clients, to chauffeur her to the BBC studios for a Newsnight interview that evening. When asked why she wouldn't name any of her clients, the down to earth Cynthia answered  "Well, me morals is low. But me ethics is high." I had to laugh when I read it, I bet not many of her clients would have been able to say the same, the ethics part I mean:)

Anyway a colourful character, a part of British spanking history really, is no longer with us. I wonder how long before they screen the film Personal Services, with the excellent Julie Walters, again on TV.

So long, Madam Cyn, a spanking, ethical example to us all.

Have a good week.


Friday, 20 November 2015

In with the New - Getting Ready for Thanksgiving Edition

A mixed selection of blogs for your enjoyment.

I know everyone is busy especially our American cousins who are getting everything ready for Thanksgiving but I hope you will find time to stop by and say hello to these bloggers.

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Any new Spanking orientated blogs out there? Let me know if you spot one or if you've started one yourself. Leave a comment or email me with the link.

Have a fun weekend.



Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Semen Facials

Could it be true, I honestly don't know but the article caught my attention, it was on the Huffington Post  yes a beauty blogger recommends the use of it, as per the link. Now they got some scientist to opine on it and apparently ingredients wouldn't serve any useful purpose when applied to the face, well what do scientists know anyway. I kind of liked the article and told my husband about it and asked him if he'd mind doing it a bit more often and also if he'd be offended if I let some spray onto my face as well as into my throat. I was joking you understand. Well partly.

My husband laughed then said it seemed like a good idea, he would give it a go but he wouldn't be very pleased if I stopped half way and started adjusting him mid spurt to where I wanted it, I suppose he had a point. He then said he thought it probably worked on bottoms too he'd heard that some girls liked getting spunked over their bottoms. I corrected him and said 'No, P, I don't think that's because they think it's a beauty treatment, it's just because they like having their bottoms spunked on'.

'Ah, ok,' was all he said, I had rather hoped he might show a bit more interest.


Monday, 16 November 2015

Ralph Lauren might get me spanked

Ok not directly, but my title isn't as tenuous as it might seem. You see my husband has a sweater with the famous emblem on it (he doesn't usually like emblems on things but this is small), nothing special but it's a conservative grey which he likes and he wears it over a proper shirt sometimes on a cold day, he says its comfortable but still smart. Anyway he spilled what looks like coffee on it, presumably last winter because he hasn't worn it recently, and hadn't told me about it but he did fish it out a couple of days ago and asked me if I could drop it into the cleaners next time I went.

I checked the label and it was washable so I washed it instead, a woollens wash, and put it outside to dry while the weather was good. Unfortunately I didn't quite follow the label guide of laying flat to dry which takes ages, I just treated it as normal, (like many other jumpers I've washed over time) but it's gone a bit funny, maybe it didn't like spinning, it looks like it's shrunk a bit and it isn't as soft as it was. Ok it was my fault, I accept that, and if I'd taken it to the cleaners and same had happened then it would have been their fault and compensation would have been in order, but I didn't follow husband's or the label's.

I have choices, I can own up right away, apologise and say I'll buy him a new one or I can say the cleaners ruined it and I'm making a claim against them which they've already accepted, which would be a lie and might get found out. And why tell a lie anyway, it's my husband for gods sake, he knows accidents happen and he'll understand that I thought I was doing what was best. But there's an opportunity here, depending how I deliver the bad news, to get spanked:) and not an entirely playful one if I show at least some level of deceit or couldn't care attitude (which actually wouldn't be true). I've put it in his wardrobe amongst other stuff, saying nothing for now, maybe he'll put it on and think it's ok but I doubt it, I suppose a bit of deceit is already evident, I'm just buying time though really, whether to mention it or wait till he comes to wear it, It'll come to me, I'll probably try for the spanking option depending on circumstances at the time.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by for LOL days, especially my lurkers who left comments and course a big thank you to Hermione

Have a good week.

Friday, 13 November 2015

We Love our Lurkers and a Smile

Can't believe it's the 10th Love our Lurkers Day and my 7th.

So many people pass through my blog from different parts of the world and leave comments and I thank each and everyone one of you but I know I have many readers who, for one reason or another never leave a comment. I know how hard it is to leave that first one.  I was a lurker once, (yes even Ronnie was:))

Of course you're more than welcome to stop by here any time and hang out without leaving a comment, that's no problem as I am grateful for your visit and appreciate the time you spend reading my blog.

But today is your day so I ask my lurkers to leave a comment.  Please, don't be bashful, no names needed no long story just a simple hello would be lovely. 

So go on make my day and leave me a comment.

Thanks for visiting.

Sharing his picture that made me smile.

Now why don't you pop over to Hermione's blog - she has a list of wonderful blogs for you to visit.

Have a fun weekend.


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