Monday, 1 May 2017

In with the New - May Day Edition

Hello one and all. Some tasty Blogs/Tumblrs for your pleasure. Don't forget to stop by.

Sexy Spanking Sphere
Naughty girls, smacked bottoms, kinky consequences and pleasant punishment! 

Spanking and Cornertime Punishments
A naughty arena full of bad boys and girls who have been naughty and therefore spanked and punished.

Just a Princess in a Spanking World
Miss PB, a 20-something middle age regression submissive.  This Tumblr is all all spanking and cute stuff she likes.

Confesiones de una Spankee
Confesiones de una Spankee] El proposito de este blog es compartir experiencias, relatos, reflexiones de lo que se me pasa por la cabeza, ya sea Spanking o simplemente la vida vainilla. 

Domestic discipline stories.

Sophie 1085 -
Bottom bruising beauty.

When a Naughty Girl's Punished
A 29-year-old wife is practicing Christian domestic discipline with her husband.

Anna Reilly Spanking Romance
A place for Anna Reilly to muse about all things spanking.  She also posts ebooks that she authors in the spanking genre.

Christian Domestic Discipline
A blog run by a small group of women who are involved in traditional “domestic discipline” relationships.

Wilhelmina Dreams
Romantic and erotic stories with a side of kink.

Women spanking naughty men.

The Spanked Wife 
A place to explore the Christian Domestic Discipline lifestyle.

The Spanking of Your Life
A spanko blog of the most delicious public domain content on the web. 

Fessée Spanking   
Lessons learned the hard way.

Jasmine China
To be spanked. To be loved.

Pretty Spanking Annamaria
A gallery of spanking photographs.

The CDD Life 
This is how God might want men to handle their disobedient, disrespectful wives.

Life N Times of Sue Vilcans
I'm a mother of 3 and a business owner. I strive to focus on the positive in life and my spirituality to find the most fulfillment life has to offer.

Alyx Rancher
F/F all its flavours

A spanking photo gallery curated by a 24 year old male from Boston.    

Have a good week.


Thanks to Bonnie and Hermione for their contribution to this May Day 'In with the New'.


Roz said...

Thank you for bringing us more blogs Ronnie, hope you have a great week. Welcome to blogland everyone :)


Hermione said...

A good variety of blogs here - I shall pay my respects to them later today.


Leigh Smith said...

Thank you ladies for yourhard work. Welome everyone.

ronnie said...

Thank you ladies.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog here, Ronnie. Much appreciated. I've added your site to mine.

I must say I love that you have your own line of canes and enjoyed reading the caning tips very informative. Hope that goes well for you.


ronnie said...

Mina - hello. My pleasure. It was Hermione who spotted you and gave me your link. I appreciate the best wishes on selling my cane:) Thank you.