Monday, 4 April 2016


My husband, that is. He's never been interested in cheerleaders or schoolgirls, or so he's always said but on the weekend I wore a pair of navy blue school-type knickers, full fitting and unattractive, in plain cotton. They weren't the real thing but they were as close as I could find in MandS. They got me such a spanking, followed by a very hard rogering, that I have to confess if that's what is in men's minds (read my husband's), a naughty older schoolgirl should get then there's going to be one in our house more often.

Now to be clear about this, there is no question of P lusting after 'schoolgirls' as such, I don't want the Old Bill knocking on our door thank you, I have never ever seen him cast so much as a glance at one not even the older ones, of which there are many, not far from us, and attractive too. I'm talking about 'mature' schoolgirls who haven't quite grown up and need bringing into line with the help of some good old fashioned discipline, outlawed in our schools for ages of course and rightly so, but perhaps not from men's minds.

 The whole thing came about because I'd 'casually' dropped out a few references to spanking, which I hadn't had for way too long (a week's a long time in spanking:)) and there were a few articles Google had sent me during the week, one about a North Carolina school spanking and one about a pastor in Surrey who has been given a short prison term for spanking members of his congregation, mothers and daughters alike. Can you believe that, prison time at taxpayer expense, for spanking a few gullible women and their daughters? Anyway I digress. I wanted P's comments and I got them and, somehow, we got round to the spanking of girls and P said well why not, if they'd deserved it... and to illustrate his point said that there were some extremely badly behaved girls on the loose, we walked past bunches of them sometimes on an evening in town and their language and antics were beyond the pale to put it mildly. He opined that some firm parental discipline, or even third party blue uniform discipline, would probably cure a lot of them.

 So on Saturday I acquired the knickers, then yesterday I wore them and in the car, on the way into Birmingham, I put my left hand between my legs and made out like I was stimulating myself. My right hand was on my husband's thigh and I started talking about feeling horny. I told him I'd had a dream that I'd been back at school and had gotten into trouble over something or other, I couldn't remember what, but I'd been sent to the headmaster's office, we didn't even have a headmaster but I was ad-libbing and it sounded better. I'd received a dressing down but muttered some foul language under my breath which he'd overheard and it changed my predicament in an instant and he told me he was going to cane me, to which I'd said 'you and whose army'. Of course things can happen in dreams which couldn't possibly happen in real life. Anyway, P told me to stop or he'd pull into a side road on one of the industrial estates, which were deserted on a Sunday, and give me a good spanking. I could see from the bulge in his trousers that my behaviour was having a wonderful effect and I knew the likelihood of him really pulling into a side road and spanking me was remote, but I toned it down anyway and removed my hand from his thigh. Road safety, driver concentration and all that.

 We completed our business, which was shopping for me, in Birmingham and returned home by early afternoon. We'd hardly got through the door when P told me to dump the shopping bags and come upstairs with him. He took me into our home office and closed the door, he told me he was going to give me a damned good spanking, I richly deserved it after my behaviour in the car and a dreamy trip to the headmaster's office was nothing compared to what I was going to get. I mumbled 'promises, promises' loud enough for him to hear. He unbelted and unzipped my jeans and told me to take them off and get across his lap. He sat on the futon waiting and that was when he saw the knickers, not my normal underwear, he knew that, he didn't say anything but I knew he'd seen. I pulled the waist of my knickers high, then wiggled as realised they exposed me and I tried to adjust them to cover my cheeks, I did it self consciously as I imagined a schoolgirl might have. I also pulled my top down as far as it would go even though I knew its elasticity and my bending would hoist it back up. My husband was, I think, getting the message.

 "Stop prevaricating, young lady and get across my lap this minute if you know what's good for you," he barked. The voice was perfect and I emitted a tiny frightened squeal as I obeyed.

 "I won't tolerate the sort of behaviour I've witnessed today from a girl in my charge, you're a young woman now with all the charms that entails but none of the common sense and good manners to go with it. You're a rude, provocative and very naughty girl and I'm going to teach you a lesson you won't forget!" P was also ad-libbing, it was perfect for my mood and I felt my new 'school knickers' dampening. God I hoped they might get damp enough for him to notice and respond very strictly accordingly.

 He spanked my knickered bottom for nowhere near long enough, berating me as he went and then suddenly told me to get up. I was disappointed until he said "Get over the desk" whereupon I thought he was going to cane me and I actually whimpered "Please not the cane, Sir..." which is a very difficult thing for me to say but he didn't do that. Instead he moved close behind me and I heard him undo his zip, then felt his cock rock hard against the knicker fabric stretched across my burning buttocks. I shuffled and let out an "Oh Sir, surely..." and then my knickers were pulled roughly aside and he told me I was going to find out what really naughty girls got as well as being spanked...and it was going to be hard. I let out an almighty gasp as he penetrated me with one powerful thrust. I couldn't take him in one it was too sudden, I had to move forward on the desk, I'm sure my eyes were nearly popping out of my head, I hadn't felt him so hard so fast for ages and I loved it as he rogered me with brutal urgency over our little desk and when he spurted into me I came for England. He fell forward breathing heavily onto me and I just lay there crushed by his weight feeling his spunk running down the inside of my thigh as his cock gradually retracted and I squeezed to try and keep him in as long as possible.

 "I hope that's taught you a lesson, young lady," he told me.

Oh fuck, P, it certainly had, I thought. I wondered who was the pervert me or him:)

Have a good week.



Eric51 Amy49 said...

What a fun story! I've got a Catholic school girl skirt hiding in our closet right now, knowing full well that Eric has been fantasizing about a naughty school girl for some time now. Maybe I'll start the ball rolling by having him read your story. :) Nice way to get the week off the ground. Thanks for sharing. Amy

Cat said...

LOL P taught you a lesson on how to get a good spanking and a hard rogering. :)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Michael M said...

Nothing like those knickers to elicit an instant response from a spanko.
Hope they get lots of outings. Funny how full bottomed knickers are making a cumback.

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie, well that was worth the trip to M and S, might have to go myself! Glad you had fun,
love Jan, xx

Roz said...

LoL Ronnie, always love reading about your antics. You always seem to find a way to elicit a spanking out of P lol. Glad it paid off and that you had fun :)


lindy thomas said...

Ronnie what a fun way to get a spanking. Hope there are plenty more school girl/head master spanks coming your way.
Hugs Lindy

PK Corey said...

Oh my, that certainly woke me up this morning. What a great weekend for you!

Our Bottoms Burn said...

If they gave awards or ribbons for teasing, I am sure you would have them all.

abby said...

You sure do know how to get P in a spanking mood. This was fun to read....hugs abby

Fondles said...

Fun Fun Fun! *runs off to look for schoolgirl-esque knickers in the drawer*

Hermione said...

I've got to find a pair of schoolgirl knickers like those. We called them "bloomers" and wore them in the winter to keep warm when i was in primary school.


Leigh Smith said...

Wow, you are the queen of getting exactly what you want. You and P are a perfect pair.

ronnie said...

Eric/Amy - I think you should get that skirt out and give it an airing:) Thanks.

Cat - He did that and it was great though I would have liked a longer spanking but hey I can't complain. Thanks.

Michael - I love full bottom knickers Retro type. Thank you.

Jan - Get a pair ready. Thanks.

Roz - Thank you. We did have fun.

Lindy - This girl had to do something to get spanked. Thanks.

PK - Happy to hear that. Hope your legs aren't giving you too much trouble. Thanks.

OBB - Thank you. I do have my moments.

Abby - Thanks. I know what ticks his boxes:(

Fondles - I'm sure you'll find them:) Thanks.

Hermione - I hope you find a pair:) Same here primary ones were thick and green. Thanks.

SG - Not all the time but I do get my fair share:) Thanks.


MrJ said...

Exactly - that is the question that forced itself to my mind already by the end of this post's first para.

Enzo said...

Hi Ronnie -

Great story - loved it! Thanks for sharing your adventures!

Best always,

Rosie Jones said...

Fun story Ronnie, thanks for sharing. Not sure I'd like to wear the ghastly navy knickers again, even for a spanking.
Rosie xx

Red said...

Absolutely delightful. Seems like Cindy and I may have been missing something by not moving into fantasy scenarios. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful adventure.
bottoms up

Minelle Labraun said...

You are wonderful at building Ps anticipation! It's so much fun to hear how you two have fun together!

Baxter said...

what a great spanking adventure. I don't think either of you a pervert, rather folks who really get into spanking and sex. if it is consensual, then what the heck.


Maggie Jordan said...

Oh my Ronnie, you are GOOD!! I haven't had the "cahones " to put on any school uniform or part thereof yet. Lol. With that reaction's got me thinking!

ronnie said...

Enzo - My pleasure. Thank you.

Rosie - They weren't the most comfortable of knickers. Thanks.

Red - Never too late. Thank you.

Minelle - Can't let the young ones have all the fun. Thanks.

Baxter - Consensual indeed and a a lot of fun. Thank you.

Maggie - You know's until you try:) Thanks.


Ella said...

Clever you, Ronnie! Save that post for your next book. That's a keeper, for sure. I have tried the little skirt before, but never the cotton panties.
No Marks and Spencer here, so will have to investigate a few stores.

Loved this one!

ronnie said...

Ella - Thanks so much for saying. You need the knickers as well:)


Katie said...

LOL Ronnie! :) I always LOVE reading what you and P are up to! you sure do knwo how to entice him! Very fun!

It's all about the knickers, is it? I just answered a question about knickers that you asked me during March Q&A last year. I may have to add a little variety here and there, if it will land me some good spanking fun. We have never tried role play. something to think more about... Thanks for sharing! Clever you! Many hugs,

<3 Katie

Elenita XXX said...
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poured out said...

A simply delicious read!

Terpsichore said...

You certainly have a way of getting what you want in the most fun of ways! And that make the best of stories :-) Hugs

ronnie said...

Katie - You should try a little role play fun fun. Thanks.

Poured Out. :) Thank you.

Terps - I know what pushes his button. Thanks.