Monday, 21 March 2016

Maestra got me spanked

There's a 'fairly' new book out, the 'thinking woman's' Fifty Shades. It's called Maestra (you may remember me posting about it) and it launched on Thursday 10th March, I intended to download it but to be honest forgot. Anyway I got it on Friday, a bit late, and read a few chapters that evening so too early to pass comment. But...the good got me spanked. Not because I downloaded it, P doesn't mind or even know what I download, but because I found a link to ITV's morning chat show, the one that's hosted by Philip Schofield and his co-presenter Holly Willoughby; they were reviewing the book and they had a woman reading excerpts from it.

I had the volume up on my iPad and P heard an excerpt, I played it twice. It referred to a swimming pool scene where the girls were lounging around and referred to a particular male needing a good spanking. I was amused, P asked me why, did I think it was funny that they were chewing over males and making such comments? He said they should know their place (he was joking) and he asked me if the book was full of that sort of thing and, if so, should I really be reading it. "It sounds as if the author's batting for the wrong team," he said. "Got her wires crossed."

"No I don't think so, P, it's just she's independent minded, nothing wrong with that...and I should definitely be reading it, I'll read what I like." I wasn't being funny and I thought that was an end to it.

Then on Saturday morning my husband woke me, well I was already half awake really it was just after 7am and he usually gets up and showers around then and leaves me dozing. He told me he'd been thinking about that book and my attitude. What attitude was that, darling, I asked him and snuggled a bit closer. I slid my hand across to see if he had a morning bulge, he did, and asked provocatively, "Did it make you feel insecure hearing a woman suggest that a man needed his little bottom spanking?". I felt his bulge stiffen. Was it my hand or my words or both. I was fully awake now, never look a gift horse in the mouth. 
"No insecurity on my part," said my dearest, "and it was your attitude to reading what you like that I was referring to, it sounded like a challenge, as if you'd defy me if I put my foot down."

"Aw, there there, poor baby, bit of a challenge to your authority then, did you think I might be turning into a maestra some time soon and spanking your little bottom?" I was playing. His cock stiffened some more. "Ooh, that seemed to strike a note."

P reached under his side of the mattress and brought Bogey's paddle out, it's an evil compact stinger. He sat against the headboard, pushed the duvet back and pulled me across his thighs and laid into my bare bottom alternating between sides. My cheek was being rewarded. Both of them actually. I struggled between gasps and squeals to assure him I'd only been joking, I knew my place and all that sort of nonsense, there was no way I could ever challenge his authority not while he spanked so manfully...the spanking stopped...Oh dear..."But I was sure I noticed your cock stiffening just a moment ago, must have been mistaken." That did it, the spanking resumed with a vengeance and two or three minutes later he moved me off his lap and he went for his shower, leaving a sore arsed cheeky girl to have her Saturday morning lie-in harbouring naughty thoughts.

When he came out of the shower he asked me if I'd learned my lesson. I said I had and would he please come back to bed and I'd convince him, but he didn't, he went to make a mug of coffee instead and by the time I got up his car had gone.

Have a good week.



Michael M said...

I have bought a copy of Maestra for my wife for Easter, along with other things of course. We will have to see if she thinks it is any better written than Fifty. I hope your weekend went well after the good start.

lindy thomas said...

What a fun way to start your morning Ronnie. Pity P didn't return to bed so you could show your appreciation. Hopefully next time.
Hugs Lindy

an English Rose said...

Hi Ronnie,I didn't fancy this book, maybe I better read it anyway!
love Jan, xx

MrJ said...

I guess the book eventually fulfilled its proper function.

Rosie Jones said...

Sounds as though you've had your money's worth from the book, whether it's a good read or not.
Rosie xx

abby said...

As Master says...any excuse is a good excuse. Lovely way to start your day..
hugs abby

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Since you are so adapt at teasing him, good to know the paddle is close at hand.

Ella said...

I love this little dance we play where we start out teasing one another and it ends with a spanking. Ronnie, I think you are quite good at this game. Does the Bogey paddle always stay under the mattress, or did P decide the night before that an attitude adjustment would be needed the next morning?

Hugs Across the Pond,

Hermione said...

I wondered how P could pass up the chance for some morning loving after that spanking. I hope he made up for it that evening.


Leigh Smith said...

I'd forgotten about that, actually I should check I though i pre-ordered the book when you last mentioned it being available soon. Anyway, P does need his bottom warmed for leaving you in such a state. You should remind him of that latter, it might be good for another trip over his knee.

Good Day Ronnie

Red said...

delightful start to the day, but to pass up the opportunity for making love.... As Hermione stated: "Hope you made up for the opportunity missed in the evening..." Remember, when you are both ninety, you will wish you had not missed opportunities earlier in life.
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Michael - Be interested to hear what your wife thinks of it (I haven't read FSOG) Not sure if I'll finish it. Thank you.

Lindy - A spanking to start the morning I like. Thanks.

Jan - I'd read some of the reviews first. As I said to Michael that I'm not sure if I'll finish it. Thanks.

MrJ - LOL. It did. Thank you.

Rosie - Yes you could say that. Thanks

Abby - You Master is right. Thanks.

OBB - It's one of his favourite toys. Thank you.

Ella - I've had years of practice teasing P. He likes to keep his favourites under his side of the mattress. Thank.

Hermione - We did on Sunday:) Thanks.

SG - Be interested to hear what you think of it. She does drop a lot of designer names. Thanks.

Red - We don't always spank and then have sex but yes he made up for it by the end of the weekend:) Thank you.


Cat said...

Thanks for the reminder Ronnie...I forgot about the book also. Sheesh...P does like to tease doesn't he. Wonder what would happen if you pulled out the paddle and tried spanking him for leaving you 'wanting'. LOL

Hugs and blessings...Cat

ronnie said...

Cat - We did try switching once when we first started TTWD but not for us. Maybe I should try it again:)